Ghoulia starts a contagious dance craze that leaves the Monster High student bodies dancing in the haunted hallways.


At work in the Mad Science Lab with no one around
Ghoulia creates a condition that is truly profound
It sentences her to a dance no creature danced before
A cadaverous cadence that clamors for more

So, out of the lab she dances to Slo Mo's locker
Where both zombies are in for a follow-up shocker
Ghoulia's moves propagate faster than even cooties could have
Spreading to him the discipline of the dance of death

The next twosome to become infected are Venus and Rochelle
A situation that to the other students does not bode well
The rhythmic quartet thrashes through the doors of the creepateria
And soon all of the school is tainted with mass dance hysteria

With staff and students all taken in by the Zombie Shake
There is obviously but one thing they can undertake
A zombie-themed dance at the cemetery fits moodwise
Because at Monster High, the party never dies

Though a bash to remember with grins and delight
Ghoulia thereafter proceeds to make things back right
Returned to the Mad Science Lab she soon concocts a cure
"The Vampire Shuffle, you say? Alright, sure!"


  1. Ghoulia Yelps
  2. Sloman Mortavitch
  3. Scarah Screams
  4. Buzz Wingman
  5. Draculaura
  6. Howleen Wolf
  7. Spectra Vondergeist
  8. Rochelle Goyle
  9. Venus McFlytrap
  10. Quill Talyntino
  11. Heath Burns
  12. Hoodude Voodoo
  13. Gilda Goldstag
  14. Perfect Guy
  15. Jackson Jekyll
  16. Frankie Stein
  17. Cleo de Nile
  18. Clawdeen Wolf
  19. Lagoona Blue
  20. Eyera
  21. Meowlody
  22. Purrsephone
  23. Manny Taur
  24. Deuce Gorgon
  25. Clawd Wolf
  26. Bram Devein
  27. Brocko
  28. Nightmare
  29. Ms. Bloodgood
  30. Dee O'Gee
  31. Romulus
  32. Invisi Billy
  33. Holt Hyde
  34. Don of the Dead
  35. Kind Campaign founder
  36. Robecca Steam
  37. Iris Clops
  38. Skelita Calaveras
  39. Catrine DeMew



  • This webisode was part of the A Night in Scare-adise: Prom 2014 event. It was uploaded twice, once on May 28th, after which it was taken down just before it was re-uploaded on June 13th.
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