The ghouls try to teach Ghoulia how to relax and have fun. But will it turn out like they hoped?


After winning the Gloom Beach tournament, the girls take their time to relax on the beach. The same is true for Ghoulia, who arrives with a large amount of books she intends to gain knowledge from. Cleo is appalled by this, certain that her friend does not know how to have a good time. As such, she and the rest of the girls organize a day of fun for Ghoulia, despite Ghoulia's insistence she already was having fun.

First of, the girls get Ghoulia dressed in appropriate beach attire. Next, the girls go on to build sand castles. Ghoulia starts work on a sturdy, real-life scale castle of sand, but her design stand is knocked over by Heath. Next, Frankie and Cleo take Ghoulia aside for some archery practice. Slo Mo and Don watch as Ghoulia prepares her bow, upon which Cleo takes off Ghoulia's glasses to make her look prettier. As a result, Ghoulia misses the target and accidentally hits Hoodude, whose pain is transmitted to Heath.

Distraught about the depressing experiences, Ghoulia walks off to cry. Cleo and the girls come after her, and Cleo apologizes for insisting that Ghoulia has fun their way instead of her own. Ghoulia accepts the apology and goes back with the others. First, Ghoulia completes her sand castle, which all of the girls find fun. Next, she tries archery again, but this time with her glasses on, and hits the bullseye. As the others are cheering, Cleo admits that Ghoulia's definition of fun is pretty fun.


  1. Iris Clops
  2. Gillington Webber
  3. Heath Burns
  4. Lagoona Blue
  5. Draculaura
  6. Frankie Stein
  7. Clawdeen Wolf
  8. Cleo de Nile
  9. Ghoulia Yelps
  10. Don of the Dead
  11. Sloman Mortavitch
  12. Hoodude Voodoo
  13. Clawd Wolf



  • The archery activity the girls engage in is a reference to the store carrying the Gloom Beach 5-pack: Target.



  • As revealed in "Road to Monster Mashionals", Clawd didn't go to Gloom Beach, yet in this webisode he is present there.
  • Hoodude can't be at Gloom Beach either because he didn't exist until "HooDoo You Like?", which occurred long after the events at Gloom Beach.


  • This webisode was made to advertise the Gloom Beach 5-pack exclusive to Target.
  • This is the first and only webisode to show that the De Niles can either talk with scarabs like Draculaura can with bats, or have scarabs as servants.
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