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We Are Monster High is a series of five dolls released as one 5-pack that hit stores in July of 2014. The assortment's five characters represent the student disembodied council. The series includes Cleo de Nile, Social Chair, Gilda Goldstag, Treasurer, Sloman "Slo Mo" Mortavitch, President, Scarah Screams, Secretary, and Lagoona Blue, Vice-President.


We Are Monster High was filed for trademark on September 20, 2013. It shares its name with the 2013-2014 We Are Monster High promotion, which includes a song and a webisode.


We Are Monster High is part of the wave of doll lines consisting of a single multipack that hit the doll lineup in 2014. As Target-exclusive, it follows in a long line of 5-packs and succeeds the Dance Class 5-pack. It is the first ever Monster High 5-pack to only include unique dolls, if with some reused accessories. The line debuts Gilda Goldstag and features Sloman "Slo Mo" Mortavitch in his default outfit.




Doll stockphotography - We Are Monster High 5-pack.jpg
Sloman Mortavitch, Lagoona Blue, Cleo de Nile, Gilda Goldstag, & Scarah Screams