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Verizhe is a 2010-introduced and prose-only character. He is an invisible man and a teacher at Monster High. He is one of the Physical Deaducation teachers, along with Igor.



Nothing is known at the moment about Mr. Verizhe's personality.


He wears a baseball cap, a whistle, and a plain t-shirt.   

Classic Monster

Claude Rains as the Invisible Man(1933)

As several other Monster High characters, Mr. Vherize is based on the invisible man from the The Invisible Man novel by H.G. Wells and its 1933 film adaption by Universal Studios.

In the story, the invisible man is called Dr. Griffin (Dr. Jack Griffin in the film), and he used himself as guinea pig in an experiment to alter the refractive index of living bodies to that of air, so that light would no longer be absorbed or reflected and the subjects therefore would be invisible. It didn't take him long to abuse his power, eventually resulting in his demise. Upon death, his body became visible again.


  • Mr. Verizhe's name is a homophonic play on "Where is he?".
  • There is another physical deaducation teacher named Coach Igor. Strangely, Verizhe's favorite quote is the same one as depicted on Igor's notes on the website.
  • There is another invisible teacher named Mr. Where. Strangely, Mr. Where is referred to as Mr. Verizhe in Clawdeen's Cram Fest!.
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