Merchandise statistics

That's very kind of you to offer, but the thing is that I have this huge excel document with all the dolls and release dates in it that I use to keep track of the statistics. So, I am the only one who can adjust them as I am the only one who has the material to do so. It's not overly bad though - the practice is to only update on January 1st and July 1st. Any new doll shifts the relative statistics, so more regular updates would cause a lot of extra work that doesn't pay off. The current dates are chosen as half year-marks to keep some rhythm and in periods that are low in releases, so that's the best balance between relevance and elevated workload. Parrotbeak (talk) 22:05, April 27, 2015 (UTC)


Not to be a bother, but could you perhaps focus a little more on quality than quantity. There's some recurring problems with pages you create, one of which leads me to believe you edit in Visual, which I strongly recommend against. I would appreciate if you could ensure a page you make is up to standards before going on to another. There's also the matter of image name rules which I'd like you to read up on. You can find a link in the pink navigation bar on top. Parrotbeak (talk) 11:37, May 14, 2015 (UTC)


Ok. I'll then check some of my edits and fill in the gaps and change things to give it more quality. Also sorry, I just read the Merchandise Statistics part now, I had no idea these edits were only to be done at July 1st... I'll stop then, to cause less extra work or confusion that might arise because of this and will therefore focus now on the quality of the edits. Thank You.

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