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Hello Monster High Fandom Wikia users, it’s me Ultily here also known as yorogota and I just want to first start off this blog post with wishing a happy 6 years since the movie Haunted released!

The movie is known for its beautiful animation and backgrounds, as well as its fun and interesting characters respectively. It follows the story of Spectra Vondergheist, but to avoid spoiling the movie for new fans and older fans who just didn’t watch it yet I won’t go any further. If you have any opinions on Haunted leave it in the comments below, though make sure to put a spoiler warning if you’ll talk about any major events in the movie.

To view the wikia page for Haunted, visit here.

The poster for the Haunted movie, visit the wikia page about this film here.

Alright here is some news for the 2022 reboot, and then we’ll end off this blogpost with simple updates on the wikia and pages were improving/making.

These pictures are from a Q&A (question and answer) from the official Monster High Instagram page.

Monster High Q&A Start.png
Monster High Q&A 1.png
Monster High Q&A 2.png
Monster High Q&A 3.png

Not much, but this is still really good! What monsters do you want to see in this reboot and who do you want to see back? The goal is to be as diverse as possible so the possibilities are endless!

Monster High 2022 Logo (1).png

To end off this short post of updates, I’m currently working on writing and making the (2022 Reboot) page. It will be where I’ll now post updates about the 2022 reboot instead of making announcements.

Announcements will be not used once this page is made, for big announcements such as when the collector dolls release later this year, or more information comes out such as an official air date, characters, and plot of the new series or movie.

We are also fixing up some pages, such as finishing the merchandise pages, cleaning up some, doing the Dolls/2017 description and making pages for the doll lines that don’t have one, etc.

Both me and Skullgirls1 want to thank all the users for supporting us, and we are so happy to be the administrators of this wikia. I couldn’t be more happy to work on this project, knowing how hard the creators worked on Monster High and how proud of it they are. Garret Sander (creator of Monster High) never gave up or talked bad about the wikia and he actually helped the users.

We hope you all have an amazing night/day, bye!