Do anyone else think monster high should have maybe went in a more darker direction?

Since most original monster high fans are older now, do you think monster high could have made more money if it mostly stayed to same, but tried to have more darker themes.

Generation 2 went more in the childish direction, and the dolls aren't as good as they used to be. I know some people like generation 2, but for those who don't do you think monster high could have went in a more mature direction?

Like for example Cleo's backstory was always a bit dark given how most of her family was betrayed mummified and trapped in a tomb for 5000 years. And the fact being that bring trapped in a tomb caused Cleo's fear of the dark and that Cleo's mother was in another tomb far away from her it's pretty sad. And the fact that Amanita found a way out and yet left Cleo and her family behind is pretty messed up.

In Dracluara's Collector's Edition diary, it's confirmed that her birth father was killed in war, and her mother died of sickness, and so Dracluara wouldn't suffer the same fate Dracula turns her into a vampire.

In "Freaky Fusion", Victor Frankenstein confirms in one line that he has no problem getting his hands on human organs, it's left to you to think about how he does this so most people who watch the movie forget about this line.

The fact that their are still monster hunters around in generation 1 could have lead to way more possibilities in general, not just in a more dark direction.

In "Fright on!", there is also mentioned an actual war between vampires and werewolves, but it's not mentioned much if ever again outside of that movie.

It just makes me think about the direction the series could have gone, but I would like to know other peoples thoughts on the topic. I know that monster high was always meant for young kids and young teenagers, but now that a lot of monster high fans are older maybe instead of generation 2 being childish it could have maybe went for more for an older teenager audience. To be fair as a young adult I'm still a huge fan of the original monster high.

But what do you think should monster high go in a darker direction, but still keep true to the original? Or just go back to how generation 1 was like?

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