aka Kelsey R Singh

  • I live in Springfield, IL
  • I was born on May 9
  • My occupation is Entrepreneur
  • I am Female
  • MonsterLover858

    Ok so just as I said united in numbers if we build monster high dolls in a 3D printer and design new ones we can sell them on Etsy and build interest back from Mattel. We can get Monster High rebooted in real fashion.

    Area 51 is doing they can't stop us all, well if we all collaborate and do polls for new dolls and new designs we can make a Monster High for the fans!

    We don't need patents and all their stuff if we just make new dolls? Yeah, it'd be copy-righting but they are either going to have us reboot or shut us down in that case; we'll just change the name to Spooky School

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  • MonsterLover858

    I can't believe this I lost guys collection of over 200 dolls in a fire last night, I had some for the very begining and now it's just ash and melted plastic. I even had vinyls and accessories. All gone, I'm completely devastated.

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  • MonsterLover858


    January 12, 2019 by MonsterLover858

    What if we brought Monster High back, there's an entire fandom dying because of bad writing. What if we did the crossover of EAH and MH; that was always rightfully deserved. We petition and raise money to buy it from Matel. I mean we love that franchise and the writers ruined it; and not just MH, Ever After High too. We restart everything, from the begining; the very begining and stay true to the stories and body styles. We are an entire community of fans who can be very cabale of bringing it back, we can be stronger together, WE ARE MONSTER HIGH.

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