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  • I live in United Kingdom

Welcome guys and ghouls to the lair of despair: home to UnluckyThirteenth, and a whole lot of pointless trivia :D

About Me Us

As of 07/07/2011, this account is now shared between both members of What-Where-How-Much: "Touché", the original UnluckyThirteenth, and also her fiancé, "Random".

Shared Information

  • We first discovered Monster High in May 2011 when Random picked up a Deuce Gorgon Friends Plush in our local Toys 'R' Us
  • We visited the MH website and started watching the webisodes on May 5th, the day that "Queen of the Scammed" (episode 13) was released
  • May 5th 2011 was also the 3rd anniversary of our first date
  • We both know the ghoul's cheer from "Road to Monster Mashionals" by heart
  • And join in... every time (yes, both of us)
  • We are currently working together to make a giant MH collage to go on the wall (see above pic)
  • Although the MH wall has been put on hold, Random has recently been mass producing Powerpuff Monster High artwork on his Deviantart page
  • We are both British
  • We both join in with character speech while we're watching the episodes
  • We both voted for Scarah Screams as the new doll for 2012 - Backgrounders need more love! :D
  • We HATE the European boxes that Mattel gives to the UK. Just give us the USA ones - WE SPEAK THE SAME LANGUAGE!

Trivia de Touché

  • I'm always making Monster High webisode screenshots into MSN icons
  • I cut our Gloom Beach Jackson's hair because it was really puffy and it annoyed me :|
  • I'm concidering doing a Jackson Jekyll cosplay, because normies need more love
  • Although I don't want to cosplay Jackson any more, I've formed a strange habit of buying greeny yellow buttondowns and sweatervests...
  • I automatically spell "considering" with a c, which is wrong :P
  • Concidering Considering Dr. Jekyll's story origins, I think Jackson should have been British (like us)
  • ... I seem to be talking about Jackson Jekyll alot on here...
  • But I voted for Deuce Gorgon in the favourite guy poll, because he's just epically awesome
  • I have a fondness of Greek Myths and have done since I was about 7
  • I am also considering a Cleo de Nile cosplay, possibly in her School's Out outfit
  • I currently cosplay Cleo de Nile, abeit in AU outfits. I'm literally sat dressed as her as I type this.
  • My Cleo cosplay is not for the purpose of dating Deuce (although Random will make a lovely Deuce)
  • It's because she's my favourite female character - in both the webisodes and the dolls
  • If all goes well, I may also cosplay Nefera de Nile, just because :)
  • ... Or having seen now how short her skirt is, maybe not :P
  • I would also like to cosplay Ghoulia Yelps, because I love her outfit and apparently her doll looks like me
  • I join in with the voices of Jackson Jekyll, Cleo de Nile, Nefera de Nile, Spectra Vondergeist, Toralei Stripe and Clawd Wolf (yes, I did just say Clawd Wolf)
  • And now as of 25/08/11 (dd/mm/yy) also Abbey Bominable. I am having a fun time with the learning of her accent :D
  • I'm getting pretty good at copying my characters' voices, je pense que
  • I have a habit of randomly using French or Olde English phrases when I talk
  • Spectra's creeper-whisper reminds me of Mattel's Baby Secret Doll from 1965
  • I am thinking that Abbey Bominable's accent of the speaking is being the cute that is scary
  • I also am thinking that Abbey is needing to begin the ritual of the dating with Heath Burns
  • In Soviet Russia, Fire think Ice is hot...
  • ... I suck at 'In Soviet Russia' jokes
  • I am hoping to be also performing the ritual of the cosplaying as Abbey Bominable
  • I would find what vandals have to say funny... If it were posted on their own page, not all over the wiki
  • I'm a vegetarian, as of January 2010 (Thanks to Random)
  • I'm 20 and still love Monster High
  • If you see this username editing on the wiki, it's most likely me
  • I stalk the "Recent Activity" page hourly...

Random's Random Trivia

  • Our icon was my idea, after clicking pause on "Screech to the Beach".
  • There's a sequel from "Varsity Boos" that says "The puppy did GOOD!"
  • Our signature is also my saying. I'm always telling everyone to have an awesome day
  • I'm extremely impatient
  • Especially whilst waiting for online orders to arrive :P
  • I join in to webisodes as Heath Burns, Holt Hyde, Deuce Gorgon, Manny Taur and (for a laugh) Draculaura and Gil Webber
  • I'm pretty good at Heath's voice now, but it's surprisingly difficult to get just right
  • I voted for Heath in the favourite guy poll on my home IP address
  • I'll probably end up doing a Deuce Gorgon cosplay to date Touché's Cleo de Nile
  • I also really want to cosplay Heath Burns. Then he can date Touché's Abbey Bominable
  • I've been saying that Heath needed to get with Abbey Bominable since before her doll showed up online
  • ... Repeatedly
  • I have a passion for Heath Burns (lol)
  • I've loved Ancient Egypt since I was about 7 or 8
  • Yet my favourite female character in the webisodes is Draculaura (and Abbey :D), not Cleo
  • ... And my favourite female in the dolls is Ghoulia
  • ... Which is funny, because I honestly thought I'd hate her dolls :P
  • Since buying and unboxing Spectra on 12/07/2011 (dd/mm/yyyy), she is now my favourite female doll :D
  • As of 27/07/2011 (dd/mm/yyyy), Abbey Bominable is now my favourite female doll :D :D
  • And Ghoulia's back in the favourites list, because I <3 her Deadfast cosplay :)
  • And while Heath Burns is out of commission, my favourite male doll is Deuce Gorgon's Dawn of the Dance
  • Sorry Deuce, but your spot got stolen by Jackson Jekyll's basic doll on 16/05/2012 (dd/mm/yyyy)
  • I've been a vegetarian since late September 2009
  • I'm an 20-year-old male and I still love Monster High
  • I will probably never do any editing on this site myself, I just wanted my own trivia section :D
  • I don't like mushy peas


Have an awesome day! :D ~ UnluckyThirteenth 21:26, October 6, 2011 (UTC)

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