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Hey mansters and ghouls, it's me SPECTRA VONDERGHEIST, bringing you the hot juicy gossip from the depths and the corners from behhind the walls in my dear old school..


follow the Gory Gazette as I spill the tea and tell whats happening in the Mattel Headquarters!

Name: Spectra Vondergheist

Age: 16- in monster years.


Favorite Movies: IT 2, The Shining, and Haunted! Boo York, Way Too Wonderland, Sweet 1600, Scaris, Frights Camera Action, Spring Unsprung, Coraline

Favorite Doll: My picture day one was cute, but the original is always better. RIGHT REBOOT? I still cant believe they replaced me with that Ari Hauntington girl, thats super sad.

Best Ghoulfriend(s): I love Frankie, shes so kind! Oh and Kiyomi shes bootiful! Though looks don't matter shes just an amazing ghoulfriend, Clawdeen and Sirena!

Favorite Game: Skulltimate Roller Maze, but Danganronpa is an awesome franchise!

Favorite Doll Brands: Bratz, EAH, MH, Barbie (sometimes), Bratzillaz, Novi Stars, Moxie Girlz, Hello Kitty & Friends, Rainbow High, LOL OMG!, My Scene Pretty much anything mainstream, but Flavaz was a good underground doll brand!

Favorite Lines (MH): Picture Day, Basic, Freak Du Chic, Howling Hoodies, Shriekwrecked, Sweet 1600, Gloom Beach, Beach Beasties, 13 Wishes, Power Ghouls, Dead Tired, SDCC

Favorite Lines (EAH): Basic - Royals, Basic - Rebels, SDCC, Royally Ever After, Getting Fairest, Tri-Castle On, Legacy Day, Way Too Wonderland, Spring Unsprung, Hat-Tastic Party, Thronecroming.