Urbance - Amy

Can't wait for Urbance to air. Amy is perfect! Please check it out and help spread the word! The series still needs financing.

Instruction Guide to Parrotbeak

As admin, I mostly concern myself with keeping the wiki up to date, clean, and user-friendly. You won't see me engage with the community often and chances are that if I do, that is to intervene rather than participate. I am strict, but not unreasonable, so if you disagree with my decisions, feel free to speak up.

Furthermore, you can:

  • Ask me for any information regarding the wiki's content (though I'd rather you'd read the articles first).
  • Ask me for help with any technical issues (I might have to redirect you to Community Central in some cases though).
  • Ask me for the reasons behind some of the rules on the Monster High Wiki.
  • Ask me about the reasons behind a ban (use your user page, please) and for it to be removed in case of a first-time, small reason.
  • Ask me to update or fix something.

Keep in mind there's only 24 hours in a day and I've got things to do in real-life too. I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can, but that doesn't mean I get back to you soon. (You can already significantly make things easier for me by not forgetting to sign your post.) If I don't at all, message me again. Between the Ever After High Wiki and the Monster High Wiki, I tend to be preoccupied.

ADDENDUM: Alright, this should go without saying, but I find people to ignore this time and time again. I edit wikis for fun. I love collecting and arranging information and I get really happy when I see that my work has been useful to someone. However, nothing that is fun is fun when it is an obligation. I am not a program or a machine and I don't get paid for my work here. There's only so much time and energy I can invest and I want to invest that as I choose. So, no, I won't 'get to know you' before I tell you to stop doing something that harms the wiki, and no, I won't edit something because you passive-aggressively demand it of me.


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