About me

I love to dance and sing. Like I sometimes dance around my room with the door closed. I'm only shy when I perform. I sing alot. I already memorized the song diamonds by rihannah. I don't know if I'm good or not. My mom says I am but you know she's my mom, she can't crush my dreams. That what Simon Cowell does. Any way I'm an only child. I have 5 BFFs to fill the gaps. Ashley is my closest even though I only Know her for 3 years. She's so goofy! Same with alex though i knew her since kindergarten.Trinity's knew at my school. She's a good person. Pepper as she calls herself I call her pep has an obbession with ice cream. She always makes me laf. Mia's pretty hysterical. She lafs at the dumest things. Anyway I draw alot. When I get the chance I'm gonna post my art up. I game too. Also a huge Bowser fan. I don't care if he's evill he's awesome. :)

Why I Like Monster High/Favorite Character

Monster high is just so different from every thing else. They're not like barbie who gives the message be perfect they say be different and be proud. my fav character is Abbey.

If I Was a Monster Movie Character, I Would Be...

The girl who survives in the group

one more thing.......

heres a little something for you guys.:)

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