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For the most part, 2013 was a continuation of 2012 for the Monster High Tumblr account. Articles continued to be written as if for the Gory Gazette and during April and May the Dear Draculaura feature was livened up by a temporary change of host to Twyla. There was a drop in intensity soon though: after January, with one exception in May, webisode notifications returned to being general plot outlines instead of offering additional information. Fanart and fanphotos continued to be used as inspiration for articles for as long as they were reblogged, the last time of which occurred in October. October also marked the last big month of posts, with the last two months of 2013 being decidedly less filled. The April Fools' Day joke reopened the "could Deuce leave Cleo for Rochelle" plotline in relation to the upcoming release of Ghoulfriends Just Want to Have Fun, which broke up Rochelle and Garrott.


2013: Don't Fear the Year

January 01, 2013

Don't let the fear of the upcoming year turn your plans upside down. 2013 promises to be an UHH-mazing year full of friends, fun and some sinister screams come true. The Gory Gazette is already planning a series of exposes, delving deeper into the fangtastic screams of our favorite Monster High student bodies.

"Monsters are screaming big this year," said Cleo. "My scream will obvi be the biggest and beast, but I am encouraging all of my loyal followers to reach for the scarabs!"

If you don't yet know what you're screaming for this year, don't fret! Even Frankie hasn't totally pieced together her final plans for 2013. "I recently learned that part of the fun is not knowing what voltageous adventures await me!" She told the MHGG. "I'm just sparking to see what comes my way this year."

Student Bodies' Screams & Wishes for 2013

Tumblr - 2013 banner
January 02, 2013

The feeling of potential comes in the form of a crisp January chill as the ghouls scheme up plans for 2013. MHGG staffers caught up with student bodies to dig up what they are howling for in the Boo Year.

"I hope to take the first steps toward making my fashion empire screams a reality," said Clawdeen, with freaky-fierce conviction. "I've spent winter break studying the business behind fashion and believe that 2013 is the year to make things happen!"

Meanwhile, other ghouls had personal, rather than professional, ambitions.

"My goal for 2013? I need to housetrain Shiver. I am sick of the picking up after her. Also, will be attempting to break own record in snowman building!" shared Abbey. Draculaura didn't hesitate to chime in with her hopes. "I just want this to be the most fangtastic year ever! I'm so happy to have Clawd by my side, and I have the beast ghoulfriends a vamp could ask for. Cheers to 2013!" What are your screams for the Boo Year? Reblog and comment!

Sugar Skulls with Skelita

January 10, 2013

Dying to get involved in a new extra-curricular activity this screamester? New ghoul Skelita is offering a creeperific way to spend time with your favorites after the final bell tolls each day. "I really wanted to meet new monsters and offer a new way to de-stress and have fun!"

Skelita is using her after-school time to teach guys and ghouls how to make her favorite reminder of home, sugar skulls. "The skulls really are an art form where I am from. Monsters study under master artists for years and recipes and molds are often kept secret and handed down between generations." So far, Skelita has hosted two meetings and hopes more student bodies will join in the weeks to come.

Sign ups will be posted outside of the Home Ick room for the remainder of the week.

Freaky-Fab Fashion with Frankie

January 10, 2013

A picture is worth a thousand screams, or so they say, at least. Recently, my friends and I were horrified to learn that we had only one evening to come up with the most voltageous picture day outfits ever! I mean, these would be the pictures that represented us in the fearbook for, like, an eternity! They had to be just right. Luckily, I was able to rely on my freaky-fab beasties to pull together the most magnetic outfit I've seen in centuries (my ghouls lurked pretty amazing, too). If you're dying to piece together the perfect picture day outfit, consider following these sinister style tips:

  • Wear colors that flatter you! Every guy and ghoul has a different color pallette that flatters. I gravitate toward blues and greens while Draculaura totally hearts pink and black.
  • Don't rely on anything too trendy. As quick as something is in, it can be so out so keep the trendy items and accessories to a minimum. Remember your picture lasts forever, so wear something classic and timeless.
  • Trust your ghouls when they tell you how freaky-fab you look! A slumber party fashion show really is the beast way to get a group of trusted opinions on your new outfit.

But most important is to always remember to Be Yourself. Be Unique. Be a Monster. The most important opinion about your style is yours! Be the fangtastic ghoul you know you are and your school picture will be voltage time and time again.

Catching a Scream with Clawdeen

2013 screams - Clawdeen Wolf
January 14, 2013

We recently tracked down school monsterista and budding fashion designer Clawdeen Wolf to capture an in-depth lurk at her epic plans for 2013. What we unearthed certainly did not disappoint.

We found Clawdeen sitting alone at the Coffin Bean, furiously drawing in her designer sketchpad. "I take this thing with me wherever I go," she said. "You never know when inspiration will strike!" When asked about her UHH-litmate inspiration, Clawdeen was chomping at the bit to tell us more about her freaky-fierce fashion icon Mme. Moanatella Ghostier. "I've been following her work since I was the runt of the pack. She is the most furrrocious designer ever and I would die (just die) if I ever had an opportunity to work with her. That's really my biggest scream right now. The opportunity to work with my idol and inspiration." We think a ghoul with this kind of talent and ambition is likely to do freaky-fab things in 2013. The MHGG wishes you the beast of luck in making all of your screams come true Clawdeen!

Spectra Speculates on SKRM Season

Diorama - five SKRM skates
January 14, 2013

Spectra here with a juicy bit of breaking gossip! With Robecca back in playing mode, the school's spirits for the next SKRM season have never been higher. I managed to capture a glimpse at the top secret Season Roster (being a ghost does come in handy), so I've ranked my beast bets below:

Frankie: This electrifying ghoul can spark her way to the top – easily!

Abbey: This cool princess is fast on ice, proving she has no problem with speed.

Heath: His fire-y side will be a red-hot asset to gain top position in this competition.

Robecca: She has the experience and the speed to put herself above her competitors!

Clawdeen: This fierce ghoul has the smarts and agility to be a fighting contender.

Lagoona: Like a fish in water, she was born to play sports.

Who do you think will skate his or her way to the top of the roster this year? Reblog and comment! -Spectra

New Chapter of the IMC Established at Monster High

January 16, 2013

New ghouls unite! Being the new ghoul at school is never easy, but these freaky-fab student bodies have quickly banned together to form some serious friendships on campus. "When I first arrived at Monster High, everyone was so kind," said Rochelle Goyle. "I just knew I had to do the same for these ghouls."

Rochelle, eager to make all international monsters feel as at home as possible, has started the Monster High chapter of the IMC (the International Monsters Club). "The club focuses on how monsterfique it is to explore your heritage! We are lucky enough to have student bodies from around the world, why not benefit from their knowledge and learn more about different cultures," she told the MHGG. The club has been a purrfect way to get student bodies talking about their Gore-ography [we were previously using "Ge-ogre-phy" spelling in various media] class assignments as well, with each monster having to report on a different city in the monster world. "Rochelle is doing voltage things here," friend Frankie said. "I can't wait to see what creeperific things the IMC does for Monster High!"

Abbey Teaches Trek Lessons in Ge-ogre-phy

Diorama - Abbey revealed
January 19, 2013

Students were practically packing their parkas and snowshoes after a Ge-ogre-phy presentation on the Himalayas by none other than Ms. Abbey Bominable. The mountains she calls home make up some of the tallest peaks in the world. The word Himalayas means “abode of snow,” which is one of the reasons the Bominable family calls it home.

Abbey offered up some dead-on tips for trekking to this majestic place. Here are just a freaky-fab few:

  • Weather is a big factor in timing a trip to this mountain range - ideal seasons are spring and fall because conditions are less extreme.
  • Even during the mild season, don't leave home without a good yak jacket and snow boots! Throw on an extra warm hat and gloves to ward off any winter chills.
  • Enjoy the gorgeous Bhutanese temples and villages, with awe-inspiring architecture
  • The climate may be cold in this area but the food is quite spicy
  • Make sure to keep your eyes open for snow leopard and red panda sightings
  • Though only very experienced climbers can make it to the top of Mount Everest, everyone should at least aspire to capture its height in photos.

Lagoona Fishes for Love Advice

Profile art - C.A. Cupid
January 22, 2013

Lagoona here with special guest, C. A. Cupid, who's agreed to answer a few questions about what she knows beast: love! So let's get started:

Lagoona: Thanks for chatting with me, Cupid!
Cupid: It's my pleasure to be here!
Lagoona: First things first, how do you get over first date fishes swimming in your stomach?
Cupid: I love taking the time to pamper myself while getting ready, and remember to just be your unique self on the date. Being nervous is expected, but a first date is really just an opportunity for two people to get to know each other better.
Lagoona: Great advice, mate! What do you think are the most important things to make a relationship successful?
Cupid: Every relationship is different, but I think the two most important things are communication and caring. It's important to be open about how you're feeling, to listen to your boyfriend/ghoulfriend and to show them how much you care. Little things, like a piece of chocolate left in a locker or holding books, go a long way!
Lagoona: That makes a lot of sense. Now, I have a more personal question. What is a ghoul to do when the parents of the boy she's crushing on disapprove of her?
Cupid: That's a really tough situation. You don't want to overstep boundaries, but true love is true love. Patience is really important when you're facing something like this.
Lagoona: Thanks, ghoulfriend. How do you know it's true love?
Cupid: I think it's true love when someone can still give you butterflies in your stomach and also be that person you feel comfortable telling your deepest secrets to.

Wise advice, indeed. What do you think, ghouls? Reblog and comment!

- Lagoona

Sunglasses Make an Epic Comeback This Winter

January 24, 2013

With the sun lurking to peek its head out behind the cloudy winter sky, "it ghouls" are flocking to mauls everywhere in search of the next big thing in winter accessories: sunglasses. For a freak-peek into this creeperific new craze, Draculaura and Abbey agreed to show off their favorite new trends during a recent shopping spree.

"These pink and black glasses are totes retro," Draculaura said, modeling a pair. "I instantly think of Operetta when I see these, but I think I can rock them, too. Maybe I'll get her a pair as well. Twinsies!" Abbey's picks were a touch more practical. "When it come to glasses, I need pair that blocks harsh rays from all angles. Sun reflects off snow and blinds while snowboarding. These are great for the bright mountain snow days, but still stylish enough for regular use."

Monster thanks to these great ghouls for sharing their sinister style tips for this season's epic new trends.

Gil's Tips for Swimming Rough Waters

January 24, 2013

Sometimes it can be treacherous swimming the rough surf between parents and significant others who don't see eye to eye. But that doesn't mean you can't find a way to make it work. Here are just a few tips for navigating this murky situation:

  1. You may not agree with your parents, but they still deserve your respect. If they can't see how fintastic your ghoulfriend/boyfriend is, try explaining all of the reasons why you like the other person.
  2. Invite your ghoulfriend/boyfriend over for some quality family time. If your parents can see what you see, perhaps they'll come around.
  3. Always keep the lines of communication open. Always be as honest with your parents and your significant other as possible. And remember, always Be Yourself. Be Unique. Be a Monster!

Robecca Promises SKRM Title for Monster High

Profile art - Robecca Steam
February 01, 2013

Excited to get the skates rolling on the upcoming SKRM season, Robecca has made a pledge to the student bodies of Monster High to make this year her beast year on the course yet. Spirits are expected to soar now that she’s back in the maze and ready to take on the competition. In preparation for the upcoming matches, she recently released this statement to the MHGG:

While my internal clock may keep me from being as punctual as I might prefer, I do know time well enough to know that a consecutive Skultimate Roller Maze Championship title is long overdue for the students of Monster High. In 2013, I have vowed to help launch my teammates into a new era of SKRM domination, an era where Monster High stands consistently victorious on the maze. My scream for this year is to win that championship title and to play my very beast. I am filled with excitement over the promise that my teammates are already showing. You have my word, Monster High. This year will be the beast year yet for our fangtastic SKRM team! -Robecca

MH Boys Dish Dirt on V-Day Surprises

February 05, 2013

With Valentine's Day just 9 freaky-fab days away, the halls are abuzz with monsters lurking for the beast treat to surprise their special ghouls. Always on the haunt for the inside scoop, Spectra took some time to ask the guys how they plan to make monsters’ hearts flutter this year.

"I stick with the classics, like a bouquet of water lilies," said Gil.

And for those monsters whose tastes are more food inclined? "A nice dinner at the new, trendy and vegan-friendly Thai restaurant," said Clawd, who added that he let his date pick the destination.

In fact, food seems to be a theme this year: "I'll be cooking a candlelight dinner for two. I think the effort that goes into it makes it more special," said Deuce. "And I'll also have a piece of gold jewelry in my pocket as an extra surprise!"

Lurks like some monsters are in for a very yummy holiday! Who do you think has the beast idea?

The MH Environmental Club Works its Magic

February 06, 2013

If you've been dreading another dreary evening, fear not! The MH Environmental Club, helmed by the one-and-only Venus McFlytrap, has an epic solution to end your winter woes. "It's never too early to start preparing for spring," Venus told the MHGG when asked about the club's push for new members. "We're lurking for guys and ghouls who are dying to make a difference."

If you feel out of your element signing up for this club, don't! The group is all-inclusive and promises to find projects that will make any monster's green thumb thrive. "Don't just sit there like a potted plant! Get up, get active and get growing!"

Venus tells us a club info table will be rooted outside of the Mad Sciences Lab all next week, so make sure to sign up!

Chinese New Year with Jinafire Long

Profile art - Jinafire Long
February 12, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year, ghouls! To help us all celebrate in style, MHGG caught up with the newest ghoul in town, Jinafire Long, who happens to be a Chinese dragon (and also happens to be scarily stylish!).

MHGG: Hi Jinafire! Thanks for meeting with us; we know you are still recovering from the celebration.
Jinafire: It's true! I was running around like a dragon that got its tail stuck in a mousetrap! It's a big night for my family. At midnight we made quite a racket; lighting fireworks, bamboo sticks and fire crackers to ward off any bad spirits in the New Year.
MHGG: That sounds like a big party! Why is red the official color of the New Year?
Jinafire: Well, I think red complements my scales and it’s one of my favorite colors to use in my fashion designs. But we also hang red lanterns and scrolls in our windows to ward off the legendary Nián.
MHGG: Wait, tell us more, what it that?
Jinafire: Well, you mean "who"! Nián is a mythical beast that used to harass villagers on the first day of the New Year. They would put food on their doorsteps to appease the monster, but eventually someone discovered he was afraid of the color red, and well, you get the picture. After that Nián didn’t bother the village.
MHGG: Wow, who knew!
Jinafire: Well I did, obviously. (Smoke smolders out of Jin's nostrils)
MHGG: Of course. So what about new screams and wishes for 2013?
Jinafire: For starters, I'm always looking for new fashion design inspiration! I'd also like to keep my temper from flaring up. It's so embarrassing to confess, but there was a moment last year when I got so frustrated with a dress I was sewing, I almost tore it to shreds!
MHGG: Sounds terrifying!
Jinafire: It could have been a nightmare. Luckily, my ghouls in the fashion club helped me cool off and the piece was saved. I've been working hard to keep calm and carry on since then.
MHGG: Well you certainly have a flair for fashion. We see big things headed your way in 2013.
Jinafire: Thanks. And thanks for spreading the love on one of my freaky-fave howlidays! Happy Chinese New Year!

SKRM first game! Friday Night Frights

Diorama - SKRM quintet v-formation
February 12, 2013

Months of frightful practice have finally all lead to one fateful night – the start of the SKRM season and the first epic inter-district match! The ghouls have been training hard, accumulating coffin loads of scrapes and bruises along the way, but luckily their spirits couldn't be higher. Tonight's bout matches the MH Nightmares against the 12,000 Leagues Stingers, a team known for their speed (though rumors have been circulating that their defense is a tadpole weak).

When stopped for a comment before the match, team Captain Clawd Wolf howled the ghouls' praises. "We are ready, and ready to win! The Stingers better be watching their backs, cause they've come barking up the wrong tree."

Mere moments ago, Robecca was spotted steaming though the halls preparing for the game, which is set to start in just 10 short minutes. With her mad SKRM skills promising to make MH a strong competitor, we certainly hope she makes it to the starting line on time!

Do you think these ghouls will be victorious - or left in the dust? Reblog and comment, the Gory Gazette wants to know!

Monster High Safety Update

February 13, 2013

If you think getting beyond a bridge troll is tough, try sneaking anything past reigning MH Hall Monitor, Rochelle Goyle. "It is my duty to make sure the student bodies at Monster High remain safe and fangtastique!" Rochelle told the MHGG when asked about her impeccable record. "I certainly leave no stone unturned when it comes to the safety of my charges." Indeed, since Ms. Goyle took her post last year, in-school injuries have plummeted to record low numbers. When questioned about the success of the Hall Monitor program, Headless Headmisstress Bloodgood simply gushed over her protégé. "We could not do it without her. I am extremely proud of Rochelle's success and foresee her guarding these halls for many creeperific years to come."

Love is a Many Scary-Sweet Thing

Tumblr - Cupid's heartfelt skullette
February 14, 2013

In honor of Valentine’s Day, today we bring you a special op-ed from Monster High's Love specialist, Cupid.

"What is love? Am I loved? How do I love?"

Well, the short answer is love is tricky. But the truth is that love is real! You are loved! And you love by giving your all. The case and point is Monster High's most popular mis-but-oh-so-perfectly-matched couple, Draculaura and Clawd. Last year they faced the love challenge of a lifetime when Valentine came and tried and win Draculaura back. Thankfully, nothing can beat the power of true love and Draculaura and Clawd prevailed!

As you spend time with your sweetie today, take a moment and think back to all the challenges you had and what you did to make sure you kept your relationship on target. Love is a powerful thing!

- Cupid

February 20

2013 screams - Spectra Vondergeist
February 20, 2013

2012 was a big year for the Ghostly Gossip, but my scream for 2013 is for it to become even more popular! I can only imagine what surprises I'll dig up this year and can't wait to let you in on all the behind the screams info. Sometimes it's tough being the only ghoul in the know, but someone has got to do it. - Spectra

Draculaura Screams of Ghouls' Trip for Spring Break

February 21, 2013

With Spring Break looming just around the corner, Draculaura has taken it upon herself to start planning a ghouls only, cross country road trip! When asked about the plans, everyone's favorite advice columnist couldn't stop gushing about her love of the open road. "I could drive for days without batting an eyelash! The ghouls are going to, like, die when they see the trip I'm planning." Though the final itinerary isn't set in tombstone, Draculaura insists it will be a transformative trip. "So many epic places to see and so many fangtastic things to do! I totes don't know how to choose between them all!"

One thing's for sure, her two-seat roadster certainly won’t hold her coffin loads of close ghoulfriends. Perhaps daddy will loan her the family hearse for a little more legroom this time around?

Unsolved: Robecca's Anatomy

Profile art - Robecca Steam
February 25, 2013

With the SKRM season in full swing the whole school can't stop cheering on Robecca as she steadily climbs the ranks to become the top SKRM player in the league!

But coffin loads of whispers in the hall are leading student bodies to wonder, "How does Robecca do it?"

Recently, a cryptic package was delivered to the Gory Gazette office with details about a mysterious shape near Robecca's heart. Perhaps this is what's steaming her over the finish line? We tried to get the full scoop from the one and only ghoul who rebuilt Robecca (Ghoulia, of corpse), but all she had to say was "UHHHH!" Translation? "No comment!"

The Gory Gazette is never one to leave any stone unturned! Rest assured, more information will be shared as the murky details finally creep into view.

"Flashion Mob" Possesses Monster High

Tumblr - four fashionable flowers
February 28, 2013

Oh.M.Gore! MH Student bodies received a big surprise this week when a Flashion Mob spontaneously haunted the halls and brought everyone roaring to life! It's no secret that Monster High's resident fashionistas have been huddling together in the creepeteria all week long, and now we know what they were conspiring about.

Aspiring fashion designer Clawdeen Wolf was the Wolf-in-Chief behind this clawesome event. She rallied other fashion-forward ghouls Rochelle, Catrine, Skelita and Jinafire to flaunt her one-of-a-kind ensembles, which we hear took Clawdeen an entire week to make!

But... how did they pull it off?

They hid their boo-tiful fashions under plain trench coats and stood in position at various locations in the main hall. Holt Hyde snuck into Headmistress's office and at 12pm MST, (Monster Standard Time) and hit "play" on the ghouls' theme song "Furrrociously Fierce." As soon as the music started, the ghouls shed their coats and began to strut down their makeshift runway in sync!

The outfits and choreography mesmerized guys and ghouls alike, including the hard to please Cleo De Nile who couldn't resist demanding her own custom-made dress from Clawdeen once the show was over. Like Cleo, we're just dying to see what styles this monsterista conjures up next!

Getting Catty with Catrine

March 04, 2013

In case you haven't purred, another werecat has clawed her way into town and this new kitty’s got a special flavor: Scarisian. The purrfection-obsessed Catrine DeMew took a few moments out of her busy portrait schedule to discuss a few of her favorite things with our staff writer:

Gory Gazette: So, how did you meet the ghouls?
Catrine: In Scaris, of course. Clawdeen was on a noble mission to become a world famous fashion designer. Not my cup of tea, I prefer fine arts, but I'm hopeful she achieves her hopes and screams.
Gory Gazette: Rumor has it you’re obsessed with purrfection.
Catrine: No rumor, 'tis true. Why do less than your very beast? My sketches must be purrfect!
Gory Gazette: Achievement is very important and a true cornertomb of Monster High, but how do you know when you've done the beast you can do?
Catrine: When my whiskers start twitching I know it might be time to move on... but, oh, it is so très difficile! I'd rather keep at my sketches furever. Oh well, c'est la vie.
Gory Gazette: Recently, the creepateria started experimenting in Scarisian cuisine, so we're dying to know which protein you prefer as a staple: fish or chicken?
Catrine: I'll beat the monster with a baguette who makes me choose! Trop difficile. I do enjoy a steaming bowl of Bouillabaisse, but I've been known to purr over Coq au Vin. But dearie, I would just die without my favorite desserts. If you're nice in the rest of this interview perhaps I may give you my grandmew’s recipe for mille-feuille, the most delightful puff dessert I've ever licked.
Gory Gazette: Really?!
Catrine: Oui!
Gory Gazette: Perhaps we should end now?
Catrine: Oui, I do really need to get back to my latest sketch. Headmistress Bloodgood has commissioned me to paint a portrait of her nightmare for her office!
Gory Gazette: Well, Catrine, it's been a delight. Thanks for perching with us and we can't wait to see your latest works of art.
Catrine: My pleaspurr.

Casketball Madness Possesses Monster High

Tumblr - Varsity 13
March 05, 2013

The ghouls and guys of Monster High are warming up for coffin loads of Casketball Madness this month! Team captain Deuce Gorgon has been doubling up on practices and starting the team on a strict regimen in preparation for the month long casketball tournament. There can only be one final winner and team member Clawd Wolf hungers for victory against last year's champions, the Vampires!

Fear squad captain (and Deuce's main ghoul) Cleo is also devoting her time to making her everlasting mark this season. Rumors of another pyramid scheme attempt have been haunting the halls this week.

All student bodies are advised to stay tuned; this year's Casketball Madness is guaranteed to make MH sports hiss-tory.

Wish for New Student Bodies Granted

Diorama - Gigi's nod
March 13, 2013

With epic rumors beginning to circulate about Monster High's newest student body, the MHGG decided it was time to nail down an exclusive interview with new ghoul and Daughter of the Genie, Gigi Grant. Thank gore we caught up with the renowned world traveler before she had to fly off and help another ghoul check wishes off her list.

Gory Gazette: Gigi, we hear you've got quite the penchant for travel.
Gigi: That's the creeperific part about what I do – any monster wish is my command and lots of ghouls scream of world travel!
Gory Gazette: How UHHH-mazing. Any freaky fave locales?
Gigi: I'm obsessed with wide open spaces, so deserts are at the top of my list. The Scarehara and Moanhave are two all-time faves.
Gory Gazette: Any advice you'd want to give to our travel hungry readers?
Gigi: Don't be in a hurry! The whole point of experiencing new frights and sounds is to make memories that will last an unlife time. Enjoy yourself and don't be in a rush to just check something off your list.
Gory Gazette: Creeperific! Rumor has it your after school job keeps you pretty busy. Can you tell us more about it?
Gigi: My family has always been in the wish granting business; we are genies after all. 13 wishes for any monster that finds my lantern, but be warned – I never fall for that "wish for more wishes" nonsense. Oldest trick in the book.

Lagoona Dishes Dirt on Popular Spring Break Haunts

Profile art - Lagoona Blue wide
March 14, 2013

G'day mates! Lagoona Blue here to bring you this year’s most fintastic Spring Break destinations. After a monsterously long winter, the MH guys and ghouls are screaming for some rest, sun, and oceans of fun. Luckily, I’ve got the scoop on the hottest locales for the scary-coolest student bodies around!

  1. The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is the most spooktacular place to take in the ocean's natural wonders, and always my first choice in destinations! Between the magnificent coral masterpieces and colorful sea creatures (screamhorses are total beauts), you’ll never get bored.

  1. Hexico

If heading down under is a tadpole too far, than Hexico may be the place for you. Skelita raves about the pristine beaches and warm culture in her home country and definitely recommends the fintastic local cuisine. Al-bone-digas and Mole En-chill-adas are two of her top faves. Sounds totally freaky-fab!

  1. Scaris and New Orleans

After asking around the halls, it seems that many monsters are basing their travel plans on their personal passions. Scaris is a popular vacation spot this year for fashion savvy ghouls, but music fanatics may want to join Operetta in New Orleans. Lurks like she’s dying to see some of her favorite musicians at Jazz Fest.

No matter where you and your blokes swim of off to this vacay, remember to always be safe and have a terrorific good time.

- Lagoona

Deuce Determined Just to Fang Out

2013 screams - Deuce Gorgon
March 18, 2013

Could Monster High's most royal couple be double, double toil in trouble?

Since January 1, the student body has been bubbling over with hopes and screams for 2013. When questioned on his UHH-ltimate wish for the new year, Deuce made no hesitation to share his deepest thoughts, (which some ghouls think might have been better kept to himself):

"Fanging out more with my bros is my newest priority. Cleo and I are doing great, but sometimes I just need to hiss back and relax with my monsters," he shared. "Cleo totally understands!" he quickly added.


Everyone's dying to know, what does Scream Queen Cleo really think of this haunting revelation? As of print, the MHGG was unable to reach her for official comment.

How To Look Furrocious On Vacation 101

Profile art - SCoF Clawdeen
March 19, 2013

It's that time of year again, ghouls! School is officially out and one of my most freaky-fave events, spring break, is howling to get going.

If you're like me, every thing you pack must be freaky FIERCE! This list has all the necessities to make sure you're lurking drop-dead gorgeous all vacation long:

  1. A fierce dress to bring you from a day at the beach to howling at the moon.
  2. A pair of sassy sandals for walking around during the day, but some creeperific heels for night.
  3. Sunglasses and hat, to ward off any ghastly sunburns.
  4. Freaky-fab makeup that will bring your skin to life!
  5. From Justin Biter to Ri-uhhh-nna, a killer playlist is a must!
  6. A furrociously big tote, to carry it all! And of course, don't forget your iCoffin to capture all the deets. Like every vacation you'll want to remember it for the rest of your un-dead life!

Howl at ya soon,


MH Mystery: Who Hacked Spectra's Blog?

Profile art - Spectra Vondergeist away
March 25, 2013

Headless Headmisstress Bloodgood is on the hunt for the guy or ghoul responsible for hacking into Spectra's blog. Spectra claims to have floated upon a juicy bit of gossip, and was mere hours away from posting it when her server mysteriously crashed without warning!

H.H. Bloodgood found that Hall Monitor Rochelle Goyle had spotted a few furry monsters sneaking around the computer lounge just before the server crash. Rochelle thought the activity was strange, but before she could examine further she was drawn away by a loud crash at the other end of the hall. Upon her return, a thin tail was seen disappearing around the corner.

"Perhaps a certain feline wanted to keep one of her many secrets locked away in le coffin?" suggested Rochelle, who looked as serious as stone.

Stay tuned as we continue to follow this late breaking story!

SKRM Electrifies School Spirit

March 26, 2013

There's never been a better time to be a voltageous fan of the MH Nightmares. I'm totally proud of our guys and ghouls and everything they've accomplished this screamester, so let's get charged up to see the team win against Graveyard Prep on Friday! See you on the track, Monster High!

– Frankie Stein

Secret Dance Party Ignites in Creepeteria

March 27, 2013

O.M.Gore ghouls! MH's resident master of celebration, Holt Hyde, added a touch of heat to lunch yesterday with a sizzling surprise that no monster saw coming. As student bodies began pouring into the creepeteria the scary-sweet sounds of rock and roll began to fill the air, sparking unlife into an otherwise dull day.

With his turntable front and center, Holt was able to get guys and ghouls alike up out of their seats and onto the makeshift dance floor. The party lasted the entire lunch hour, and rumor has it Headless Headmistress Bloodgood was in on the whole thing!

March 31

Profile art - Toralei Stripe
March 31, 2013

Even Sunday, a day off from school, couldn't keep monsters from haunting the halls of Monster High today! Activities included a special Easter egg hunt, which was planned to keep school spirits high and get monsters involved in a few new extra curricular activities. Arranged entirely by the administration, Headless Headmistress Bloodgood enlisted the trolls, who are notoriously good at squirreling things away, to hide over 500 dragon eggs throughout the school grounds. Each egg was hand painted by Catrine and other members of the artistic MH community to form an extra special keepsake for the winners of today’s haunt.

From the moment they set claw on campus this morning, many monsters' competitive sides kicked into high gear. Toralei and Cleo raced around the halls collecting eggs at a feverish pace, but in the end Toralei's natural tracking instincts put her on top with 226 eggs! Cleo came in second with 27. "Cheaters!" exclaimed Cleo once the winner was announced.

Toralei was later seen smirking mischievously as she accepted the Uhhh-ltimate prize: a giant milk chocolate rabbit.

Spectra's Blog Unearths Scandal

April 01, 2013

You could cut the tension with a cleaver in Mr. Hackington's 1st period Mad Science lab this morning. Student bodies squirmed in their seats as each pondered how Rochelle could scare up so much drama between Deuce Gorgon and Cleo de Nile. The news of the boo d'état broke late last night on Spectra's blog: "Gorgon drops Scream Queen and makes room in heart for Gargoyle," read the headline that rocked monsters to their core. She was only confirming what everyone had been speculating for weeks. "Rochelle and Deuce have definitely been growing closer ever since they were paired up in Home Ick at the beginning of the scaremester," reported Frankie Stein, "But this news is totally shocking!"

Or is it?

The Gory Gazette reported back in mid-March that something might be brewing between the creeperific friends. Did we correctly predict the end of Cleo and Deuce, Monster High's reigning royal couple? Only time will tell.

Until then, stay tuned for up to the minute info on this late breaking story.

Spectra to MH - "Blog Article a Hoax!"

April 01, 2013

It turns out the student bodies of Monster High have plenty to groan about this April Fools' Day! We reported earlier on the relationship demise of former MH Beast Couple winners, Cleo and Deuce. After reports surfaced late last night of their breakup, we couldn't help but dish the dirt to our readers first thing this morning.

The source of the story, which was originally posted on the Ghostly Gossip blog, was apparently just an elaborate April Fools joke planned by our resident gossip queen, Spectra Vondergeist. "I never screamed it would cause such an uproar," Spectra reported when asked about the prank.

To those of you still squirming over the unfortunate news, rest assured – Cleo and Deuce have not parted ways. "This rumor is just that," Cleo commented, "Deuce and I are closer than ever."

Despite initial fears, it appears all three monsters are staying cool. "Rochelle is a rock solid ghoul," Deuce said. "I'm lucky to have a friend like her in my corner." Even Rochelle, a normally soft-spoken ghoul, couldn't stop howling Deuce's praises. "This was undoubtedly an unfortunate misunderstanding, but I cannot deny what is true – it would totally erode my heart without his freaky-fab friendship."

While news of the epic joke has gone viral, some student bodies can't help but wonder... is a Deuce/Rochelle relationship actually brewing just below the surface?

"If you ask me, Rochelle looks pretty wistful when Deuce walks by," shared a monster who asked to remain anonymous. "This joke strikes kind of close to home."

Any scream is possible in 2013!

Robecca Loses Steam

April 08, 2013

Robecca has been the undisputed top player of the 2013 SKRM season, promising the student bodies of Monster High to help bring home the UHHH-ltimate championship title. However, it seems that Robecca's steam might finally be coming to a screeching halt after Friday's harrowing match. Monsters watched in terror as Robecca limped off the course and fled deep into the catacombs. Reports have surfaced that Ghoulia was spotted slowly creeping down after her with a large package, rumored to be a programing enhancement that will increase the speed of Robecca's rocket boots.

Will Ghoulia be able to complete the restoration in time for Robecca to join her team for the upcoming match? Only time will tell.

The Holt Sessions: Graveyard Smash Exclusive Interview

April 10, 2013

It's not everyday a monster scores a sit down with one of the hottest musical groups to haunt the charts for centuries! When I found out I nabbed an interview with the epically awesome Graveyard Smash, I couldn't help but flame out (just a little):

HH: HUGE thanks for agreeing to this sit down, guys! I have to admit; I'm a pretty epic Smash-head.
GS: That's great, Holt. We're more than happy to oblige. It's not every century we meet a die-hard fan like you, especially one so young.
HH: So most of your fans are older... like, ancient older?
GS: When you've been around the graveyard as many times as we have, you end up with an interesting population of monster followers, young and old.
HH: You have a coffin load of fans at Monster High! Your creeperific music is always on fire at every school dance!
GS: Well that's freakishly brilliant then, isn't it? What song gets them moving most?
HH: Mosh Mash is a pretty hot request. Can you explain the story behind it?
GS: We wrote that song eons ago... back when we were still fresh corpses on the scene. It's really a quite simple song about falling in love with music at your very first concert.
HH: It's scorchin' – definitely one of my all-time favorites! Tell me, do you listen to any new acts on the charts today?
GS: That DJ Death Breath is rather deadlightful, I'd say. We listen to his music on the bus between gigs.
HH: HOTT! If I gave you some sizzling new jams by an up-and-coming new artist, would you be willing to listen?
GS: Who's the bloke?
HH: Holt Hyde, baby! If this music doesn't make you want to partaay, I don't know what will get you moving!
GS: For one of our biggest Smash-heads? Anything.

Ula D Revamps Column for New Student Body

Diorama - Twyla's closeup
April 12, 2013

Ula D here with a very special edition of Dear Draculaura! Word around the catacombs is you're dying to find out more about our newest student body Twyla, daughter of the Boogie Man. She's a little shy (but totes scary-sweet) so I'm going to help her introduce herself! Just submit your questions for Twyla here, she'll be answering questions via my column!

Smooches! Ula D (and Twyla)

Howleen's Heart Stopping New Lurks

Diorama - Howleen's beatnik look
April 19, 2013

The genie is out of the bottle and we love the surprises around every corner! This week, the halls are totally abuzz over the fierce new look that Gigi has granted to Howleen! Reblog with your predictions of what magical transformations will take place next, ghouls.

Earth Day Love Sprouts, Thanks to Venus

Diorama - Venus arrives
April 22, 2013

Monster High celebrated Earth Day in an epically big way thanks to student body and Environmental Club president, Venus McFlytrap. For weeks she's been canvassing the MH campus with flyers (on recycled paper, naturally) begging monsters everywhere to drop their empty plastic bottles into the recycle bin.

Turns out, her hard work was worth the effort! She collected over 5,000 bottles... that's enough to fill the entire screamatorium floor! Instead of doing that however, she's enlisted the help of beast ghoulfriends Rochelle and Robecca to help build an enormous flower sculpture!

The boo-tiful work of art, which has grown over 30 feet tall, was revealed today on the front lawn. The environmental crusader delivered an impassioned speech highlighting reasons for reducing our dependency on non-renewable resources. Even Catrine was impressed, and the Musée du Boovre is rumored to be interested in using it for their newest exhibit. As Venus says, green is always en vogue!

On Air: All New Cupid

Website - Radio Cupid
April 24, 2013

With the smell of spring still fresh in the air, every ghoul at Monster High seems to have been struck by l'amour. But never fear, for Cupid's radio show is here! Back from her spring break at Mt. Olympus, MH's love specialist will be dishing her beast advice... from the freaky-fiercest date outfit to the trendiest spooktacular hangout spots. Don't forget to tune in every week to Cupid's Radio Show for the answers to all of your most monstrous relationship questions.

Substitute Creature Causes #MHGiveaway Uproar

April 25, 2013

Student bodies were shocked this morning to find a star substitute creature haunting Mr. Hackington's Mad Science classroom.

"When I found out what was plaguing my colleague, I couldn't stand by and let his lessons go to waste," said Dr. Frankenstein. "Headmistress Bloodgood asked if I'd be willing to take over the class for a day, and I couldn't pass it up!"

To get monsters excited about the Mad Sciences, Frankie's father has brought a freaky fab Twitter giveaway to life.

"My dad has a voltageous way of getting students excited about his projects. I'm so proud of all the work he does!" she sparked.

Good luck, guys and ghouls!

Lagoona's Splashing New Fins

Diorama - Lagoona's freshwater look
April 25, 2013

‪Lagoona's new look is so fintastic the student bodies can't stop talking about it. Is Gigi Grant making more wishes come true?‬

Beware of False Stripes

April 26, 2013

Is she a werecat in sheep's clothing or has Toralei really changed her stripes? Ghouls are raving over the kitty's new meow, but many are wondering whether or not Toralei has a sinister plot scratching just below the surface. Anyone with news on what this werecat is up to is encouraged to comment below.

BNO: The Rules of Bro-hood

May 03, 2013

When it comes to BNO (Bro's Night Out, for the dudes still stuck in the catacombs) there are a few things Clawd wants every monster to remember:

  1. Ghouls are cool, but every guy needs time to do... well, guy stuff! Leave the ghoulfriend at home and don't forget to bring your "A" game.
  2. Dungeons and Gargoyles is a thing. And it's clawesome. Get on board before this fright train leaves the station.
  3. What happens at Bro's Night Out, stays at Bro's Night Out. Remember to always keep it locked in the coffin, dudes.

Lagoona and Gil Caught in Natural Elements

May 08, 2013

While some ghouls can't stop thinking about the latest freaky-fab spring trends to hit the hallways (fishtail braids are materializing everywhere these days), one ghoul is rumored to be focusing her efforts on her epic spring romance. Though the Ghostly Gossip has recently been reporting a fated demise, it lurks to us like Lagoona and Gil are tighter than fishing net.

Monsters Howl Over Fang Appreciation Day

May 10, 2013

Monster High just celebrated its first ever Fang Appreciation Day and student bodies couldn't be more spirited over the outcome. The vampire and werewolf populations of Monster High spent the day celebrating unity and tolerance for all monsters and from the lurks of things, the event was a total success! Even our tough-as-nails Headless Headmistress was rumored to have shed a tear (of happiness, of corpse) when she entered the creepateria.

Fang Appreciation Day was the brainchild of the Frightingale Society; Monster High's legacy, all-ghouls sorority dedicated to fostering friendships among all monsters. "I'm happy to see this phantom rivalry finally put to rest!" noted member Clawdeen Wolf. Ula-D also had plenty to say on the topic; "It just goes to show you can't ever judge a ghoul by her fangs, and tales about this feud really are ancient hiss-tory."

Mysterious Growth Spurt Ends Casketball Game in 3rd Quarter

May 11, 2013

Things certainly got ghastly during the third quarter of last Thursday's casketball game. If your ticket didn't grant you access to witness the mayhem, Deuce Gorgon outgrew the competition when he (literally) grew to a height of 20 feet, where he remained for approximately 15 minutes before shrinking back to his original size.

While tall casketball players usually have an advantage on the court, Deuce's suddenly sinister size ended the game early; "Monsters were fleeing in every direction, seeking cover from falling debris," one eye witness reported.

While The Gory Gazette prefers not to speculate, early word from the Ghostly Gossip pins the cause of the growth spurt on Gigi. Rumors are circulating that she was seen acting mysterious under the bleachers prior to the game. As of print, Gigi could not be located for comment.

MH Couple Vies for Top Spot

May 14, 2013

Sources close to MH's tightest couple confirm that Cleo and Deuce are plotting a viral campaign to win Beast Couple... again. Voting for this year's stand out students is taking place all next week so don't forget to cast your vote in the creepateria before the final bell tolls next Friday.

May 15

MC - Wydowna reveal
May 15, 2013

If we've learned anything from the halls of Monster High, it's that secrets can't stay locked in the coffin for long, ghouls.

Without further spin... Wydowna Spider as Power Ghoul (and epic arachne), Webarella!

Student Body Breathes New Life into Ancient Die-ner

Doll stockphotography - SSP Die-ner 1-I
May 20, 2013

If you've noticed an invasion of student bodies at Monster High's classic die-ning establishment, do not adjust your eyes... the place really has had a resurgence of unlife over the past few weeks! According to the owner, the vamptastic mobs started forming the minute Draculaura began work at the die-ner. Rumor has it she's working her fingers to the bone and saving up to take main squeeze Clawd to this summer's PlagueCoach Festival in Roachella Valley.

We encourage all student bodies to stop by for a sweat treat; we hear the boo-berry pie is to die for!

Sleep Soundly! New Ghoul In School Captures Your Nightmares

Diorama - Twyla's eyes
May 23, 2013

Word lurking the halls of Monster High is that new ghoul in school, Twyla is capturing all the student bodies dreadful nightmares! But unlike her dad, the Boogey Man, Twyla actually wants to help ghouls get their deadly sleep. Imagine that?

The way she works is simple. With her dust bunny by her side, Twyla shyly listens to nightmares. She keeps out the worst moments so monsters can sleep soundly, and dream of the freaky-fab things to come the following day! And the most fangtastic part? All nightmares are safe with her.

So, next time you see little Twyla UHHH-round the halls, be sure to thank her for making your scary-sweet dreams come true!

Three Beasties Make Monster Splash

May 25, 2013

Nothing is scary-sweeter than the love of a beastie. Draculaura, Frankie and Lagoona know... they've worked hard to keep their friendship fresh over the years. "Sometimes it can feel like you've known your ghouls for eons, so you have to remember to keep things unique," Lagoona told the MHGG. Draculaura couldn't agree more. Her advice for making a ghoulfriend feel special? "Remember to always tell her how much she means to you!"

Catty Noir Unearths New Single!

Profile art - Catty Noir
May 27, 2013

Break out your iCoffins, ghouls! Catty Noir's new single has finally unearthed itself and fangs to a few inside connections, the purrfectly-pitched singer agreed to sit down with our staff writer to cat up how she's feeling about her furrrocious new tunes.

Gory Gazette: The new single is to die for, Catty! Are you purring with excitement over how it turned out?
Catty Noir: Totally! It's been a killer journey so far, and I'm howling over what's looming on the horizon.
Gory Gazette: What's your inspiration behind this single?
Catty Noir: Purr-fect fashion! I love big, flashy, larger than unlife outfits because they are ghoulishly glitzy, creeporifically cool and fangsolutely fun! So I figured, why not bring those to my music!
Gory Gazette: What's your usual pre-concert meal?
Catty Noir: It's always the same... 7 chicken nuggets, 5 apple slices, and 1 strawscarry shake!
Gory Gazette: What is one pre-concert ritual that you'd never skip?
Catty Noir: I'm very superstitious, so I have to enter stage left under one ladder and exit stage right under another and finally, I always wear a piece of broken mirror when I'm on stage. I find it very unlucky if any of these things don't happen.
Gory Gazette: Word UHHH-round the halls is that you're already working on another new song... Is this true? What are your plans next?
Catty Noir: You'll have to stay tuned for the freaky fierce deets, GG!

A Birthday Reflection by Jackson Jekyll

May 30, 2013

Every birthday, remember to spend a moment to look at yourself with a keen eye – to really dissect what makes you... you! Accept every aspect of what makes you unique because that's what makes for an absolutely freaky-fab monster.

Clawd to Transform Bros Into Gentlemonsters

June 03, 2013

With a slew of formal events descending on Monster High, Clawd has taken it upon himself to teach a few bros how to be better boyfriends (and ghoulfriends everywhere are screaming with excitement). The newly added course, which already has nearly 13 students registered, is guaranteed to turn even the most brutish boys into fine young gentlemonsters. Signups for the class can be found outside of HH Bloodgood's office for the remainder of next week.

Tips for the Furrrociously Stylish Ghoul

Diorama - Howleen's here
June 03, 2013

With a stylish ghoul like Clawdeen as a big sister, I've found that carving out a place at Monster High can sometimes be a challenge, but by combining my easygoing attitude with some key items, I ve started to really find my own way. As a special this week, I've compiled some top tips so you too can steal my style.

Howleen's 5 Furrrocious Summer Must Haves

Whether you want to stand out, feel confident or if you're just looking for a few items to jazz up your wardrobe, these selections will make any occasion creeperific!

  1. As many bracelets as you can get your claws on - the bigger and brighter, the better
  2. A bright purse to clash fabulously with any outfit
  3. Bright eyeliner to accentuate those fierce wolf eyes
  4. A furrrociously patterned zip up hoodie
  5. A clawesome halter that all your ghoulfriends want to borrow

Spectra's Musings are Music to Student Bodies' Ears

June 04, 2013

Monster High's resident spectulator has been acting extremely mysterious as of late! The gossip ghoul was seen haunting the MH halls, or rather bumping into them, with her eyes completely glued to her iCoffin and mumbling something about song lyrics.

As any Gory Gazette reporter knows, this is a tell-tale sign that the ghoul has some juicy gossip brewing. Last week, Spectra received the break of her unlife when she met popstar Catty Noir in the fur. Known for her flashy outfits, and even flashier nine lives, Catty is quite cozy with many music industry heavy hitters.

Is it possible she scored something even more melodious than the famous Werecat's autograph? Stay tuned as we investigate this phantastic lead.

Catty Noir: The Pop Sensation with a Monster Purr

Facebook - Catty's last concert
June 05, 2013

The ghouls of Monster High are going mad over rising pop sensation, Catty Noir!

Catty's Werecat scaritage is just one reason for her fierce cat-walk across the stage and furrrocious voice, a talent that makes guys and ghouls scream in deadlight. Her epic purr-formances and freaky-fab style are consistently hot topics of conversation in the halls of Monster High.

Purr-forming is a passion for Catty Noir. It not only lets her share her unique talent with guys and ghouls, it helps her show off her pride and confidence in her freaky-flaws. Another reason Monster High students love Catty is her down to earth attitude (despite her rising popularity). Catty recently told the MHGG that her fave pastime is reading mail from her fans.

"I love curling up by the fire and reading fan mail. It helps me feel connected to them, which is really important to me... Without their support I wouldn't be here." - Catty

One creeperific fact that you may not know about Catty is that she's totally superstitious. Two hours before every concert, she has to eat exactly 7 chicken nuggets, 5 apple slices and 1 strawscarry shake. Also, if you ever see her perform, you'll notice that she always enters stage left under one ladder and exits stage right under another. Catty also wears a piece of broken mirror when she's rocking out on stage!

Catty is one cool ghoul whose music always adds a touch of sinister sparkle to the halls of Monster High!

New Ghouls Make Epic Entrance

June 11, 2013

If you've seen a few extra ghouls haunting the halls lately, don't fret. It's a Create-A-Monster takeover of epic proportions! The Create-A-Monster program has generated such buzz that Frankie is considering reassembling the welcoming committee to help introduce the throngs of new student bodies to Monster High. Anyone interested in joining her should sign up outside of the Home Ick classroom by Friday.

Twyla Pushes Aside Fear to Lead Summer Activity

June 20, 2013

Dreaming of a summer activity with an artistic flair? In an effort to combat her shyness, Twyla will be teaching a summer course in dream catcher weaving. Stop by the creepateria next Tuesday at 3p for your chance to capture a few dreams of your own.

Breaking: Catty Noir's New Romance

Profile art - Catty Noir
June 24, 2013

New ghoul, the furrrocious Catty Noir was seen at the Coffin Bean with a mysterious, unidentified monster this past weekend. According to on-lurkers, Catty was smiling from ear to ear and enjoying her favorite strawscarry shake. Her mysterious companion kept his hat on, shielding his face from public view. Rumor has it that Catty is secretly dating a monster she met on tour earlier this year. We're dying to know who he is! Stay tuned as we haunt for more info.

Ghoulia Preps for SDCC Takeover

July 08, 2013

July has finally dawned on the halls of Monster High and everyone knows what that means... Ghoulia's preparation for San Diego Comic-Con officially speeds up. The MHGG has learned that the first task on her epic to-do list is figuring out which UHHH-mazing outfits to pack for the trip.

Ghoulia Goes Mad for SDCC 2013

July 16, 2013

Look alive Monster High, San Diego Comic-Con excitement is about to go totally viral. Ghoulia has been spending the past few months prepping for the annual event and now she’s finally revealing to our reporters the freaky-fierce secrets she’s been keeping locked in the coffin! "I'm most excited to unearth my Power Ghouls comic for everyone to see," Ghoulia told the MHGG. "I will be setting up a booth right next to Monster High to sell my comic, sign autographs and meet my most UHHH-mazing fans!"

Sounds otherworldly, right? If you're dying to turn this nightmare into your creeperific reality, drag your bodies over to Facebook and find the entire weekend schedule. Monsters who are unable to attend this year's SDCC festivities in the flesh are also encouraged to follow along on Facebook, Twitter with the #PowerGhoulia and #SDCC hashtags. And of corpse right here on The Gory Gazette! Ghoulia will be guest reporting from the convention room floor each and every day.

The associated student bodies of Monster High wish Ghoulia the beast of luck in her adventurous endeavors at this year's San Diego Comic-Con!

Exclusive SDCC Q&A with Ghoulia Yelps

Diorama - SDCCI 2013 Ghoulia
July 18, 2013

Ula D here, and I am so totes excited to let my latest MHGG article out of the coffin. I recently sat down with one of my beasties to get the inside scoop on her transformation from the smartest student body at Monster High, to world renowned comic book creator and San Diego Comic-Con star!

Ula D: Fangs for sitting down with me, Ghoulia. I know your schedule must be cray as you gear up for your most important Comic-Con visit yet!
Ghoulia: Thank you for having me. I am thrilled beyond expression to have my story featured here on the Gory Gazette.
Ula D: Well, let's get right down to it, ghoul. How long has the idea behind Power Ghouls been brewing?
Ghoulia: To be completely honest, I think I have been mulling over the concept for centuries, but it was not until SDCC 2012 that I had the idea to incorporate my beast ghoulfriends into the storyline. I knew around this time last year that it was imperative that I finally get Power Ghouls out for the masses to see.
Ula D: So scary-smart! Remind us, which ghouls have you featured so far?
Ghoulia: Frankie as Voltageous, Spectra as Polterghoul, Clawdeen as Wonder Wolf and Toralei as Cat Tastrophe.
Ula D: So fangtastic! Do you have a freaky-fave?
Ghoulia: I could never pick just one. They all grasp at a distinctive place in my un-dead heart.
Ula D: So rumor has it you'll actually be selling your work at this year's Comic-Con in San Diego?
Ghoulia: Yes! I have accomplished a huge feat for any comic-enthusiast turned writer. I have conjured up a booth of my very own! Thank gore I won't have to travel too far outside of my comfort zone, as my booth will be uniquely positioned right next to my friends at Monster High!
Ula D: Anything you’re looking forward to doing while there?
Ghoulia: Honestly, I am most excited to meet my fans and obtain their crucial feedback on my foray into the comic world. They are the backbone to my success and I truly believe that I couldn't do any of this without them.
Ula D: That's so scary-sweet of you, ghoul! Personally, I can't wait to see you transform the convention room floor! SDCC is going to, like, totes adore you and all of the Power Ghouls you introduce to them!
Ghoulia: Thank you, Draculaura. This really is a scream come true for me.
Ula D: Well, I know you're a busy zombie these days, so I won't keep you any longer. Good luck and enjoy your trip to San Diego!

San Diego Comic-Con Screams to a Start

Diorama - SDCCI 2013 Ghoulia with comic Diorama - Jane within the SDCCI 2013 catacombs Diorama - two Sweet Screams faces Diorama - three pets within the SDCCI 2013 catacombs
July 18, 2013

By Ghoulia Yelps

Ghoulia here, reporting live from day one of San Diego Comic-Con 2013! Arriving on the convention room floor this morning was an absolute scream come true. Though I have been to SDCC a time or two before, this is the first year that I am able to take part as a writer/creator! Yes, guys and ghouls, this year I am unlucky enough to have my very own booth at SDCC (and what a thrill that it was placed right next to the official Monster High booth)! I have been preparing for this day for months, ensuring that everything be perfect for my debut as a comic book writer and designer. For those of you who perhaps have been locked in the catacombs studying all scaremester, I am the author and illustrator behind the epic new series sweeping Monster High. It's aptly named Power Ghouls and, of corpse, all of my beast ghoulfriends are the inspiration behind the empowering lead characters. I am beyond deadlighted to debut the comic here at SDCC 2013 and am itching to hear feedback from fans throughout the long weekend.

Upon arrival at my booth this morning, I found a welcome packet that left me gushing with emotion. I couldn't believe this was all finally happening! After an initial panic swept over me (even Power Ghouls experience nerves from time to time) I took a deep breath and welcomed my first UHHH-mazing visitor. Suffice to say, total chaos soon followed as the convention room filled with monsters and normies alike. I spent most of the day selling comics, signing autographs and meeting those who call themselves my fans! Can you believe it? I, Ghoulia Yelps, have a crowd of loyal followers. Cleo is most certainly going to freak!

It wasn't until late in the day that I was able to sneak away and grab a freak-peek at what my ghoulfriends over at the Monster High booth were up to. Let me tell you, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it. A full-scale remake of the Monster High halls, including a frightfully detailed map of the catacombs! I thought I was one of the few who had haunted every dark corner of the school, but it appears the Administration has done more digging than I could have ever imagined! Not only that, but they revealed the creatures from down below (Critter and Creeper) who have always lurked mysteriously in the Catacombs. Aren't they scary-cute? Speaking of cute, did you capture a look at the new Sweet Dreams Frankie and Draculaura that were revealed earlier today? The ghouls are going to die when they see these!

Well, that is about it for today. I am dead tired and am off to capture some much-needed beauty sleep. If you haven't already creep over to Twitter and follow @MonsterHigh for an UHHH-nbelievable Webarella #MHGiveaway.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's exciting installment of Live from San Diego Comic-Con; same scary time, same thrilling place!

Screams Come True at This Year's Comic-Con

Diorama - superhero student selfie Diorama - Catty's here Diorama - four Sweet Screams shoes Diorama - SDCCI 2013 Ghoulia sideways
July 19, 2013

By Ghoulia Yelps

Sometimes moving at a zombie's pace has it's pitfalls, I nearly missed my call time for day two at SDCC! What an absolute nightmare that would have been. Luckily, I made it just in time to meet a few of my UHHH-doring fans (at least, I think that is what Cleo would call them) before I had to dash off (metaphorically, of corpse) to an appearance by Madison Beer.

Madison is the voice behind my favorite song of the summer, "We Are Monster High." Seriously, I don’t think there is a more qualified ghoul out there to represent monster pride and MH school spirit to the normie community. She nailed the appearance like a coffin and looked totally drop dead gorgeous doing it.

Next up on my tour de Comic-Con? A quick stop in the Monster High music video booth, no doubt! In this booth, monsters and normies are all invited to dance, sing and show off their talents to the MH Community. What do they get as a prize? Well, they can be entered to win a part in the next official Monster High music video! After doing a zombie dance of my very own (and watching a few more spirited fans just for fun) I captured a glimpse of the next doll to be revealed at the Monster High booth. At first I thought my eyes were deceiving me. Could it really be... Catty Noir at Monster High? After quickly recapturing my breath, I discovered my hypothesis to be true! Catty Noir is indeed coming to Monster High, ghouls! It was most certainly one of the high points in the day. I must remember to head back soon for an autograph for Cleo (she'd have my head if she knew Catty was here and I did not capture an autograph for her).

Finally, I cannot end today's recap without a rather quick retelling of the fashion that is haunting SDCC this week. It is truly an unrivaled sight to see, ghouls. While I did not materialize here with a costume of my own, I did make sure to represent Deadfast with an UHHH-nbelievable custom made outfit stitched together by my dear friend, Smash. I am sure you have seen her work before as she has dressed my ghouls Rochelle, Frankie and Toralei in the past. I have assembled a Facebook album of all of the photos, should you desire a quick lurk.

And that about wraps up today's epic SDCC adventures. Come back tomorrow for another thrilling recap of all of my findings. Until then I leave you with this small piece of zombie comic advice... Remember to always explore where no monster has gone before.

SDCC Day 3, The UHHH-ltimate Scream

July 20, 2013

By Ghoulia Yelps

I am now well into my experience at San Diego Comic-Con 2013 and I can safely say that I wish it never had to end. So far, this has been the most deadlightful event of my short zombie unlife. I cannot thank the normies enough for allowing me to sell my comic, meet my fans and experience the fun of SDCC. I spent an unreal amount of time exploring the darkest corners of the convention room today and met mobs of scary-cool new friends. Would you believe I even came across a few ghouls who looked just like my friends from back home? Apparently, normies love to dress up as their favorite monsters (at this time, I am unsure as to why this ritual is so widely practiced, but I plan to investigate further and report back).

Today was especially exceptional because it included a monstrously exciting panel session that gave participants a behind-the-screams look at Monster High! The panel featured key creatures who work their fingers to the bone to make Monster High the most spirited school in the world. I was beyond thrilled to witness their Q&A session. Perhaps the most stimulating part was seeing the trailer for the new “13 Wishes” movie. It was clear everyone in the room had chills the moment Gigi Grant materialized on screen. I, for one, cannot wait to see what adventures are unearthed in the final feature. It was a great joy to see the audience screaming and applauding throughout. Such a mind blowing moment! By the end of the panel, I had even learned a few new freaky-fun facts myself (true story).

Well, tomorrow is my final day here and I imagine it will be utterly filled with closing day activities. Check back for my last recap tomorrow. Until then... to mad insanity and beyond!

Hidden Treasure Materializes at SDCC for #MHGiveaway

Diorama - superhero student survey
July 21, 2013

By Ghoulia Yelps

My beast ghoulfriends know that I am always on the haunt for the perfect blood red pen to sign my comic books (there never seems to be an OfficeAxe nearby when you need one, right?). But I digress. Upon my arrival at my San Diego Comic-Con booth (that still has such an UHHH-mazing ring to it), it was clear such a perfect pen color would not be simple to locate. Thus, Webarella and I set out on an adventure that would UHHH-ltimately lead us to a treasure that was beyond our wildest dreams. When setting out on our morning quest, we had no idea we would eventually come across a back room filled to the cauldron brim with what can only be described as Monster High Swag Bags. My hypothesis? Headless Headmistress Bloodgood left them there unattended after a mob of deadicated fans swarmed the Monster High booth yesterday in an attempt to capture the first look at the latest fresh blood doll reveal.

As it appears these bags have been abandoned (indeed puzzling given their inherent monetary and emotional value), I have decided to do the only reasonable thing I can think of... give them away to my own enthusiastic fans! Interested parties should drag their bodies over to Twitter now and follow @MonsterHigh. Many will enter, but only 5 fangtastic fans will win.

Good luck and may the corpse be with you.

The Final Bell Tolls on SDCC

Diorama - Slo Mo's here Diorama - Wydowna's SDCCI 2013 shoes Diorama - superhero student pals
July 21, 2013

By Ghoulia Yelps

I cannot believe that the final bell has tolled on this year's San Diego Comic-Con adventures. Though today was the last day, it was certainly not lacking in exclusive MHCC excitement. In fact, MHCC organizers knew just how to get my undead heart beating with their final surprise for me. Thanks to a few freaky-fab friends, I was joined by my favorite zombie partner in crime! Yes, guys and ghouls, Slo Mo surprised me and revealed in front of the entire world that he would be the final doll unearthed at Comic-Con 2013. Isn't he the most scary-cute creature you've seen in centuries? Plus, I got to show him around the convention center, which was a total scream in and of itself!

But I must admit the highlight of today was most surely my surprise Swag Bag giveaway. It was actually quite gratifying to witness the student body passion for obtaining these five exclusive Monster High goodie-filled bags. In all honesty, I was rather tempted to keep one for myself, but I refrained, (the contest ends tonight, you know).

"Slo Mo" and I brought this year's festivities to a close. I want to offer special thanks to all of the monsters and normies who made this year's event such huge success. I could not have found myself here this weekend without the support of my closest ghouls and the Monster High administration. From the mobs of giveaway prizes (were the swag bags and Webarella dolls not to die for?) to the hoards of deadlightful fans, this year has most certainly been the best San Diego Comic-Con yet!

Now to get home and start planning the epic surprises I have in store for SDCC 2014...

Bloodgood Tries Not to Lose Her Head

July 24, 2013

If you've felt like Headless Headmistress Bloodgood has been on the warpath lately, you're not imagining things. Rumors have been circulating that our fearless leader has been under coffin-loads of stress while preparing to host a few VIG's (Very Important Ghouls) on campus. So be kind this summer and if she lurks like she needs it, be sure to lend her a helping hand.

Transform Your Look This Summer

July 30, 2013

Summer is the purrrfect time to explore a new look. Are you a wallflower that longs for her time in the spotlight? Or perhaps you're just lurking for a new way to let your freaky-fab flag fly. The MHGG suggests using the summer to help transform your look into something that showcases your unique personality.

New Ghoul in School: Catty Noir to Enroll at MH?

Diorama - Catty enters the stage
July 30, 2013

Pop sensation, Catty Noir, has been the meow of the town with her clawesome style and scream-sational voice. Rumor has it that this furrrocious feline may be taking a break from performing and joining the ghouls of Monster High for the upcoming year. While we're over the moon at the prospect of a new ghoul in school, we can't help but be curious about her change of heart since Catty has told fans that purr-forming is her passion.

Unfortunately, Headmistress Bloodgood was not available for comment at the time of publication. Stay tuned as we claw deeper into this mystery!

Catty Prank Causes Quite a Stir

July 31, 2013

With rumors of an impending MH takeover still fresh, it appears that student bodies all over Monster High have Catty on the brain.

Posters of the creeperific pop star are materializing everywhere – including 1,300 plastered all over the vampitheatre stage! The mischievous ghouls responsible for the werecat hijinks are still unknown at this time. Monsters with information are asked to report it to HH Bloodgood immediately.

Abbey Keeps Summer Style Cool

August 02, 2013

Summer is beast time to explore killer style. I may prefer snow of cold months to rays of hot sun, but I do like the summer time to introduce new outfits to wardrobe. Can you name better time to play with fangtastic new clothes? I think not.

Ula D. Here to Help All Your Horrific Back to School Jitters!

August 02, 2013

Freaked out about the first day of school? Have no fear; Ula D. is here to answer all of your back to Monster High questions! Don't be shy... submit your questions today. Prepare to unearth all the secrets of:

  • What to wear on the first day
  • How to talk to a crush you haven't seen all summer vacation
  • Tips for not oversleeping your UHHH-larm clock
  • How to navigate the murky waters of a new school and new teachers
  • Beat the sticky locker combo troubles

When it comes to the first day of school, Ula D. has everything you need to be totally freaky fab!


- Ula D.

Heath and Abbey Prove Opposites Attract

August 05, 2013

When Kindergrubber's first period Home Ick class discovered their partner assignments for the day, the whole room started to buzz. Student bodies couldn't help but wonder; could Abbey and Heath put aside their differences to become the coolest team of all time? Reports are now surfacing that in this freaky fab case, opposites do attract!

Skelita Thrilled to Return to MH

August 07, 2013

Skelita may be enjoying her relaxing summer vacation in style, but she's beyond thrilled to return to haunt the halls of Monster High this upcoming year. A phone interview with the ghoul, who is spending part of her vacation with family in Hexico, turned up this killer new information. "I love being at home with mi familia, but Monster High is calling my name. I can't wait for the next scaremester to begin!"

Summer Winds Down, SKRM Heats Up

Diorama - SKRM quintet lineup
August 12, 2013

With the Skulltimate Roller Maze (SKRM) season lurking just around the corner, one Monster High student in particular has been steaming with excitement. Robecca, the SKRM team captain and the team's freaky fiercest fearleader, can barely keep her screws tightened. According to our sources, she's absolutely bursting to begin training!

The ghouls recently rallied at the die-ner to discuss their top-secret training regimen. Frankie remarked that the twice-a-week practices had greatly increased her appetite, as she devoured some electrifying chill rellenos. Rebecca's enthusiasm was so contagious, even Ghoulia seemed to pick up the pace when ordering her second helping of boo-berry pie.

While the ghouls are keeping mum about the specifics, their stealth practices seem to be paying off. "We've been able to shave valuable seconds of our lap times," Lagoona remarked, adding that going to surf camp this summer had strengthened her balance by leagues.

In the next booth over, the guys were having their own team meeting, but Clawd, the team captain with a furrrocious competitive streak, had his ears curiously bent towards the whispering ghouls. There's no doubt in this Gory Gazette reporter's mind that this year's SKRM season will be one for the hiss-tory books.

Operetta's Songstress Style Inspires Masses

August 14, 2013

Lurking for a new way to break out of your daily beauty routine? Operetta's hosting an afternoon of song and style today in the vampatheatre! Bring your freaky fave old clothes (rumor has it ghouls will be encouraged to swap with each other to create diva-licious new outfits) and be prepared for makeup tutorials accompanied by songs from some of Operetta's favorite new artists.

Dear Catty: Fierce Advice from a Furrrocious Feline

August 15, 2013

A fangtastic fan recently asked me how I stay so grounded in a world of pop scaredom. I must admit it can be quite difficult given the millions of screaming fans, bright lights, and the masses of monsters telling me what I should do and say.

What's important is that I tune it all out and listen to me! I'm purrrfect just the way I am and I am so lucky to have a team of close ghoulfriends who remind me of that every single day. Remember, the beast way to do anything is to Be Yourself. Be Unique. Be a Monster! As long as you keep that in mind, you’ll go monstrously far!

Furrocious Back-to-School Fashion with Toralei Stripe

August 19, 2013

With a new school year lurking around the corner, student bodies everywhere are getting their back-to-school outfits ready. Never one to miss out on a shopping opportunity, our favorite sinister werecat was at the maul this past weekend trying on various outfits, no doubt preparing for a stylish first day. Sources at the store tell us that she left a happy feline, leaving with multiple purchases. With her wicked prowess for fashion, we’ve no doubt that the claws will be out to dethrone Clawdeen as top monsterista at Monster High.

Which do you think is the purr-fect outfit for the first day back?

#WeAreMonsterHigh Sweeps Summer

Tumblr - ghoulest ghoul by far
August 21, 2013

This summer has been a wild one for the guys and ghouls of Monster High. "Once 'We Are Monster High' went viral, we knew it was going to be a fintastic ride," Lagoona told the MHGG. "We've spent most of the summer just trying to keep up with the excitement!" Lagoona even told our reporters that the epic school spirit has brought her closer to her beasties than ever before. "There's just something about it that makes it such a killer summer anthem."

Clawdeen Pounces On The Maul For Back To School Fashions!

August 21, 2013

With a new school year just around the coffin, our reporters captured an elusive look at ghoulfriends Clawdeen and Draculaura getting their monsterista on at the maul. The die-namic duo spent the afternoon scouring the latest fashions, and trying on UHHH-mazing new looks for the first day of school.

"The first day is like, the purr-fect moment to show off your furrrocious style!" said Clawdeen. Her beast fashion tips to claw in the new school year?

  • Faux fur is always in fashion
  • Basics are the necessity to any good outfit, just add a fierce accessory!
  • Stay true to your freaky fab style

Our MHGG fashion editors can't wait to see what wildly fangtastic outfits these two ghouls conjure up in the upcoming scaremester.

Fashion Screams Come True in 2013

Doll stockphotography - 13 Wishes Lagoona
August 26, 2013

2013 is sure to be a scream come true in school fashion, with a select group of stand out ghouls showing that wardrobe wishes really can be granted.

Wolf Pack little sis, Howleen, has leapt out of big sister Clawdeen's well-heeled shadow and emerged as a true fashionista. It's always been her scream to become an influential monster in the glamorous world her sister inhabits and 2013 seems to be her lucky year. Howleen's definitely no copy-wolf though; she is rocking a signature lurk complete with combat boots and golden grommets. She's drawing inspiration from punk and glam in equal measure and student bodies are howling at her new fuchsia hued hair!

Howleen isn't the only Monster High student flaunting a new look for the new school year. Lagoona has also undergone an UHHH-mazing transformation, trading in her ocean surf style for some fresh fins! Sporting a one-sleeved halter dress with a sparkling mesh, paired with fresh water pearls and sensational seaweed platform wedges, Lagoona is clearly no fish out of water when it comes to fashion statements.

New ghouls Twyla and Gigi are also haunting the halls with new worlds of inspiration. Gigi makes a statement most ghouls can only wish for with her elegant up-do, golden bangles and eastern inspired slipper platforms. Twyla is dream like in her purple ensemble, but the freaky fab blue highlights she's flaunting are sure to inspire more than a few ghouls! As the school year starts, we can't wait to see what other fashion wishes will be granted.

Abbey and Heath Heat Up Dreary End of Summer

August 27, 2013

With the summer months winding down and the new scaremester picking up steam, Abbey and Heath are surely starting monster rumors regarding their relationship status. "They're inseparable," says Bominable beastie, Frankie Stein. "Seriously, has anyone seen them disjointed, recently?" The MHGG has yet to dig up a source reporting otherwise. Looks like this is one summer romance that isn't flaming out any time soon.

Student Bodies Go Wild Over Scaremester Wish List

Tumblr - scaremester pattern
September 04, 2013

With another epic scaremester gearing up, guys and ghouls couldn't be more thrilled to be back haunting the Monster High halls. For a thrilling look into everyone's scaremester wish list, we've assigned Spectra an exclusive spot in the creepateria and requested she report on her phantastic findings.

When asked about her upcoming projects, Frankie couldn’t stop gushing over the fresh blood at MH. "I'm dying to welcome the new monsters to campus. Oh and I can't stop sparking with ideas for new student body clubs!" Love your enthusiasm, ghoul! On the other fang, her beastie Clawdeen is on a monsterista mission this year. "I've been totally devouring the pages of this month’s Morgue Magazine for fall's freaky-fiercest trends. To die! Plus, I'm loving spending the last days of summer at the maul with Draculaura." But it's not all new clubs and clothes. Some monsters can't wait to focus in on their academic studies this fall. Jackson is anticipating an UHHH-mazing mess with his next Mad Science experiment. In his own words? "It's so far from normie, it's insane!"

It's refreshing to find that every student body has a favorite part of being back in school, so now we're dying to know: What are you lurking forward to most?

"We Are Monster High" Creeps to the Finish Line

September 04, 2013

With "We Are Monster High" still haunting everyone's iCoffins well into the scaremester, it's safe to say that it was indeed the song of the summer. For those of you dying to scare up a look at the final music video, rumors have it your screams are about to come true. HH Bloodgood announced in a morning memo that the video release is lurking just around the corner

Chachi Reveals All to Catty Noir

Tumblr - Chachi claw
September 06, 2013

Catty Noir here, filling in as your newest guest reporter and bringing you an exclusive interview with one of my beasties, and "We Are Monster High" choreographer, Chachi Gonzales!

Catty: Where did you get such a fangtastic nickname?
Chachi: In Spanish, "muchachita" means little girl. So when I was a baby, my dad liked nicknames, so he just shortened it and started calling me Chachi, and it's been that way ever since.
Catty: Speaking of killer names, I love that your dance crew is called I. aM. mE. Is there a story behind what that stands for?
Chachi: My crew is one of the most diverse groups around. No one is the same age, height, or even nationality. We all even have different styles of dance that we prefer. The inspiration came from the idea of expressing your own individuality even while in a crew. Not being afraid to go against any social norms. When you are completely yourself that’s when you can be your strongest.
Catty: I hear you started your dance training in ballet. What turned you into the UHHH-mazing hip-hop dancer you are today?
Chachi: When I first started dancing hip-hop I was shy, but I always pushed myself to take advanced classes. The more I practiced, I started becoming less and less shy and once I broke out of my shell, I found it easy to express myself through dance.
Catty: What does Monster High mean to you?
Chachi: To me, Monster High means scary cool artistic expression! The unique characters and story lines are awesome and enjoyable, and I am very honored to be a part of the Monster High family.
Catty: The guys and ghouls at Monster High are all about celebrating what makes them scary-cool and totally unique. Do you have a freaky flaw that you’ve embraced?
Chachi: I would say my freaky flaw is that one of my ears is slightly higher than the other. It's kind of funny actually, I've embraced it.

Fangs, ghoul! It's been freaky-fab chatting with you. Until next time, Monster High! – Catty Noir

Howleen Rocks Freaky-Fresh Hairstyle

Doll stockphotography - 13 Wishes Howleen
September 15, 2013

Gory Gazette readers know that Wolf kid-sister Howleen is a take-charge kind of ghoul. So when she took the leap and dug up this killer new hairdo, monsters weren't shocked, but instead totally thrilled! This new look is sure to be turning heads all scaremester long.

Look Upon Her With UHHH-mazement

September 16, 2013

Back-to-School style gets a sarcophagus spin this scaremester with Cleo promising to don her most legendary royal threads at every big event. Whether she's hosting a pyramid pool party or ruling the school dance, Cleo's always in dynastic form when she rocks her killer personal style. Dying for a lesson? She'll be helping ghouls bring out their own unique looks after school in the Home Ick room.

Twyla Teaches Ghouls Important Lesson

Doll stockphotography - 13 Wishes Twyla
September 17, 2013

Sometimes the shadows aren't a bad place to be during the new scaremester, especially if you're the daughter of the Boogey Man, like Twyla. You get to hear unfiltered gossip, peek at secrets behind closed lockers, and are free from the furrrocious Monster High popularity contest.

While not all ghouls are as comfortable in their skin as Twyla (even if hers can sometimes be transparent), they can learn a lot from her spirit. She embraces her freaky flaws, is friendly with ghouls who don't feel like they fit in, and always stays true to beast friends Howleen Wolf and Spectra Vondergeist.

Remember ghouls, the most important thing this scaremester and beyond is to be yourself, be unique, and be a monster!

Gigi Conjures Up Harrowing Hairdo

Doll stockphotography - 13 Wishes Gigi
September 23, 2013

New ghoul Gigi Grant has been making wishes come true ever since appearing at Monster High, but it's her hair-raising style that has captured the student bodies' interest. We recently caught up with Gigi to get the low down on her magical up-do secrets.

MHGG: You've been turning heads with your eternally perfect beehive. Tell us how it came about and how all the ghouls can achieve this look.
Gigi: Well, I never imagined my hairstyle would become such a hot topic. I come from the Scahara Desert where it's hot all year long. This style ensures that I stay cool all the time. It's also a great conversation starter when I meet my new master. To create this look, ghouls need to tease out their hair (or fur) to get a lot of volume. I like to tie it up high in three sections with gold colored silk ties. Set with some hairspray, and your set to fly.
MHGG: Fangs, Gigi! We predict we'll be seeing more of this ghoul’s freaky- fab style popping up in the halls of Monster High soon.

Furrrocious Fashion Heats Up Cool Nights

September 24, 2013

Creeping into fall weather doesn't mean losing any bit of that furrrocious personal style. Take it from freaky- fab ghouls Clawdeen and Draculaura, fall fashion can make a killer statement as long as your main accessory is your UHHH-mazing personality.

September 27

September 27, 2013

Every ghoul at Monster High rocks a unique style all her own, from her freaky- fab hair down to her painted toe bone! But how are they planning on haunting the halls this new scaremester? From SKRM skates to scary-cool stilettos, these ghouls know how to make a sinister statement.

Which set of kicks matches your own personal style, ghouls?

MH Swims to Victory After Harrowing Lagoona Wipe Out

Tumblr - hang fin
October 01, 2013

Originally predicted to make a huge splash in last night's SKRM bout, Lagoona scared everyone when she had a major wipe out halfway through the course. "I don't know what happened, mates," she was overheard saying as her team fished her off the track. "I just hope I didn’t cost you the match!" But despite the drama, team captain Robecca Steam knew the bout had to go on. "After we made sure she wasn't completely dismantled, Frankie and I took off to finish the race," Steam told the MHGG. "The shrill sound of screaming MH fans was deafening. We knew we had to win it for Lagoona." And lucky for Nightmare fans everywhere, they did.

Abbey Inspired By Peace, Love and Rock 'n Troll

Doll stockphotography - Music Festival Abbey
October 04, 2013

If you've been hearing classic rock floating down the halls lately, you're not alone. The flashback music takeover comes directly on the heels of a Monster Hiss-tory unit that covered the protest movements of earlier centuries, a unit that has inspired Abbey into a flashback moment of her own, including a killer new wardrobe. "Inspired is an understatement. Peace, love and rock 'n troll... what else does a monster need?" When asked which musical artist is her freaky fave, she was quick to respond. "I love Bob Thrillan. His music... it speaks to me!"

HooDude and Scarah Win Legendary Storytelling Contest

Diorama - Scarah's known friend
October 07, 2013

HooDude and Scarah are killing it out on the literary circuit! They recently entered (and totally won!) their first storytelling contest. Their co-authored entry centered on a frightfully fun and totally unexpected friendship between two seemingly different, but compatible monsters. The MHGG has yet to obtain a copy of the story, but this reporter has a feeling the entry was based on real unlife events.

His and Hers Tips from Monster High's Royal Couple

Profile art - B Cleo and Deuce backhug smile
October 07, 2013

Think you know Cleo and Deuce's relationship? Think again! The MHGG was beyond thrilled to sit down with Monster High's most infamous couple to get them to dish the dirt on how they keep their dynastic relationship going.

MHGG: Let's get right down to it you two! What's your secret for keeping a relationship strong?
Deuce: It's a give and take for sure. Sometimes heads will roll –
Cleo: Oh heads will most surely roll!
Deuce: But you have to remember that every relationship has its ups and downs.
Cleo: And no one is perfect.
MHGG: What's the hardest part about dating?
Cleo: Having to do things I'd rather not. Skateboarding is so not my thing, but Deuce loves it so I'm happy to come out and support him at the skate park from time to time.
Deuce: And while the maul doesn't really interest me, it always rocks when I'm there with her.
MHGG: O.M.Gore, that's cute!
Cleo: I know, right? We can be sickeningly cute sometimes.
MHGG: Okay, last question! If you could give one tip to monsters lurking for love, what would it be?
Deuce: Find someone who makes you laugh. Relationships totally rock when you're with your beast friend.
Cleo: Look out for someone who makes you want to be a better monster. That's when you'll know you've found the right guy or ghoul.

Ghoulia and Cleo Transform Mad Science

Doll stockphotography - Classroom Cleo and Ghoulia
October 12, 2013

Leave it to lab partners Cleo de Nile and Ghoulia Yelps to come up with the hottest new beauty cream to haunt the halls. "We certainly did not set out to revolutionize the skincare industry," Yelps reported. "It just... well, I guess it just happened!" Cleo, on the other hand, was more than willing to take the praise. "Just happened? Please. Ghoulia and I were made for this project. When Mr. Hack explained the parameters of the experiment, I knew we would absolutely rule." For monsters interested in purchasing a piece of this miraculous new beauty line, Cleo and Ghoulia will be setting up shop and selling their wares outside of Biteology for as long as supplies last.

Clawd and Deuce Lead Team Toward Victory

Tumblr - scream team pattern
October 19, 2013

With Casketball finally kicking into high gear, epic teammates (and best bloodies) Clawd and Deuce are howling to lead their team into victory at this season's semi-finals tournament. "We're really going to rock the court from the moment we step out," Deuce told the MHGG before getting on the team bus. "When you have a team as tight as ours, winning is just inevitable!" Clawd couldn't help but chime in. "We're going to screeching dominate tonight! Just wait and see."

Monster High couldn't be more excited for this epic event. The MHGG wishes the entire team monstrous good luck out there!

Swim Team Heats Up Cold MH Pool

October 20, 2013

The coffin may be closed on swimsuit season, but the MH swim team is just heating up! "Where I'm from, the weather is perfect this time of year for making a splash," Lagoona said as she started her first team pep talk. "Let's get out there and kick some major fin this year, blokes!" And kick fin they most certainly will! Rumor has it Lagoona has recruited a crew of saltwater and freshwater monsters to tackle this year's most intense underwater races. Swim on, MH Nightmares!

UHHH Round MH: Rochelle teaching Scarisian in afterschool

October 21, 2013

For anyone dying to vaca in the City of Frights, Rochelle is offering a crash course in learning her native Scarisian! "Every monster should have the opportunity to travel abroad and if I can help just one student learn the beauty that is Scarisian to help them on their way, then I will be happy," Rochelle announced. H.H. Bloodgood is the mastermind behind the program, citing that students seem to make the best progress when they learn from each other. "The ghouls helping ghouls program really inspired me this year. I am encouraging all students to share their talents so that others may learn." Sign ups for Rochelle's accelerated program are currently posted outside of the Ancient Languages Lab.

The ghouls prepping for a Halloween Bash

Tumblr - Queens of Halloween
October 21, 2013

Halloween is lurking just around the corner and excitement is haunting the air at Monster High. As in years past, spirited ghouls like Frankie and her beasties are lending a hand to ensure that the biggest party of the year turns out terroriffic! Frankie has reportedly pieced together an army of party decorators to make sure the vampatorium is covered in the finest Halloween décor. Operetta and Holt have been appointed the task of a furrrocious playlist (of corpse) and Draculaura is leading a team of crafty bakers in conjuring up scary-sweet munchies. Lurks to us like this year's party is going to be the most mind-blowing to date!

Jinafire Cooks Up Secret Halloween Costume

Profile art - Jinafire Long
October 28, 2013

Straight off the heels of her adventure in Scaris, Jinafire is back at the sewing machine and ready to cook up a fiery fresh costume just in time for Halloween. Though she's kept the theme of the costume locked tight in the coffin, Fashion Club President (and beastie), Clawdeen, has assured the MHGG the outfit is to die for! "My ghoul is on fire this year! She's sure to turn heads with this epic number!"

MH Desinger Thrills with Creeperific Costume Takeover

Tumblr - Shipman-morphosis
October 30, 2013

With Halloween lurking just around the corner, Monster High designer, Rebecca, has taken to Instagram with a furrrocious lurk into her costume pre-planning process. Ghouls across campus have been screaming over the epically inspired pics, so we thought we'd bring you a freak peek into the legend herself! Creep reading for a Gory Gazette exclusive lurk at this fangtastic designer.

For those who may not know, Rebecca is a deadlightful Monster High designer who works her fingers to the bone to help students celebrate all that makes them freaky fab! This Halloween, she's dying to transform her normie look into a creeperific vampire.

She began her transformation with the purrrfect color palate and this blood red eye shadow undoubtedly did the trick. Sources close to Rebecca report that she conjured up this haunting make-up without batting an eyelash!

But the most furrrocious part of all has to be her insane attention to detail! Staffers couldn't believe their eyes when they saw this set of spirited accessories adorning her outfit (monsters are seriously losing their heads over them)!

And when she finally pieced the whole outfit together...

Monster, did she lurk UHHH-mazing!

Happy Haunting, Monster High!

Halloween haunts the halls tonight!

Tumblr - BW five
October 31, 2013

Student bodies everywhere have been excitedly planning for the howliday to end all howlidays, Halloween, with their own special MH flare. The Gory Gazette creeped a peak at some of their fangtastic plans.

"My UHHH-ltimate Halloween plans need include little more than a hauntingly good date with the one zombie who holds my undead heart." –Ghoulia

"I'm like, totes stoked to see what fangtastic vampire inspired costumes the normies come up with this Halloween! Maybe this year I'll finally see some scary-sweet shades of pink!" -Ula-D

Calling all giving spirits! Frankie is conjuring up a pumpkin carving contest this Halloween to raise money for monsters in need. Anyone interested in lending a hand should sign up in Home Ick.

Nothing more freaky fierce than a costume catwalk! Clawdeen is howling to debut her furrrocious new design to the entire school this Halloween.

"Prepare to bow before Halloween greatness! I'm beyond thrilled to be planning my annual Haunted Mausoleum soiree. It is sure to be my most epic party to date." -Cleo

Happy Halloween, guys and ghouls! May your day be filled with freaky-fab fear and good frights.

November 04

November 04, 2013

Ghoul, it's like you read my mind (Oh.Em.Gore. Is that your freaky-fab monster power?)! I just sat down with Nefera yesterday to try and capture some scary-cool advice about unlife, high school and everything in between! Check it out now:

Ula-D: Fangs for sitting down with me, Nefera! I know somany ghouls are dying to hear from you.
Nefera: Naturally. I mean, you know what they say... the beast advice always materializes from the most superior one of all. And, of corpse, that's me.
Ula-D: True... I guess? Okay, what advice would you give little sis, Cleo, and our readers about surviving the horrors of high school?
Nefera: Don't lose your heads over the small stuff. Cleo has a nasty habit of getting totally wound up over the most insignificant of issues. It's like I always tell her, unlife won't go your way unless you stand up and take command for yourself.
Ula-D: Inspired! Okay, I'm positive our readers would like to know –
Nefera: Enough! I'm so over this menial conversation. Fetch me a coffinccino, I’m late for my next appointment.

Frankie Stitches Together a Frightful Situation

Profile art - Hoodude Voodoo
November 06, 2013

Be scareful if you're trolling through the athletic crypt this afternoon! The remnants from Frankie's monster save this morning are still in the process of being cleaned up. For anyone who has yet to hear, Frankie bolted into high gear when she heard HooDude had fallen apart during first period gym class. "Classic case of unraveled foot," Frankie told reporters. "Luckily, my dad taught me everything I need to know about stitching up that kind of voltageous fail." While HooDude is reportedly in fangtastic condition following the repair, students are to be warned that the crypt is still a disaster! Pins and needles are everywhere, so keep a careful eye, guys and ghouls!

Werecat Twins Prove They're Two Cool Kitties

Diorama - werecat sisters
November 18, 2013

The Werecat twins may not have set out to change their reputations as furrrociously tough cookies, but they certainly have turned heads and changed minds after today's creepy-cool activities! These two former pound-kitties spent their weekend organizing today's canned food drive in honor of the upcoming Fangsgiving howliday. "All of the food will go to our former pound," Purrsephone told participants. "We want to make sure monsters less fortunate than us have a purrrfect meal this howliday." Suffice to say, their classmates were more than stunned at news of their grool generosity. "Of corpse I was down to help," Cleo said. "This is quite a superior cause!"

Monsters lurking to donate can bring canned food to the donation table in the creepateria until 5pm today!

Students Go Wild as Final Bell Rings

Tumblr - cool crew
November 27, 2013

Fangsgiving is upon us and monsters everywhere are losing their heads! School will be closed for the next few days in honor of the howliday and student bodies are beyond thrilled. The MHGG can't wait to report on how everyone spends this epic time off. Enjoy the howliday, guys and ghouls!

Abbey's Beast Tips for Winter Survival

Diorama - Abbey revealed
November 29, 2013

Many things are important for surviving harsh winter but nothing more so than this. Before cold weather snowballs into craziness, read my beast tips for surviving the storm:

  1. Always dress in fur of yak. If this is not available in your hometown, I have heard of many stores who sell the faux fur jacket, boot or dress. Long story short is this... the right clothes can make or break cold winter activities so always be prepared.
  2. Take up sports of cold weather fun! This is only season for learning to snowboard, ski, sled or perfecting snowball fighting skills. Take time out of your hectic schedule to relax with time on the mountain (and the frightful fun trip back down).
  3. Many monsters lock themselves away during cold months, but no more! Part of enjoying the season is getting out. Appreciate the season for all it has to offer and you will conquer the world in no time.

Meme Goes Viral Straight Out of Coffin

Tumblr - want to hang out
December 02, 2013

The latest craze to haunt iCoffins everywhere has taken over Monster High! Copies of a brand new howlarious meme have been spotted everywhere from the Creepateria to HH Bloodgood's office door and monsters are beyond thrilled. "It's fangtastic," Clawdeen told the MHGG. "I'm dying to see where it creeps up next."

2013 - A Total Scream Come True

Tumblr - the end of 2013
December 05, 2013

As student bodies prepare to close the coffin lid on 2013, many are reflecting back on a year of wishes and screams come true. "It's totally voltageous to see what all of my friends have accomplished this year," Frankie reported to our staffers. "Robecca reclaimed her baller SKRM status, Clawdeen traveled to Scaris to work on her first clothing line, and Ghoulia launched an UHHH-mazing new comic book! It's all just... so freaky-fab!"

2013 has certainly been a furrrocious year at Monster High thanks to scary cool student bodies just like you. Now help us complete our latest MHGG poll: Did your epic screams come true this year?

Robecca Steams in Date Outfit

Diorama - Robecca arrives
December 09, 2013

No, your brain isn't rusting, guys and ghouls! Robecca was indeed spotted rocking a steamy punk-tastic new outfit on her latest date with Cy. Rumors around campus say she's wrenching up her fashion game in preparation for the new scaremester!

New Monsters Dig Up Furrrocious Frenzy

Diorama - four movie faces
December 20, 2013

In case you’ve been hiding under a troll bridge for the past few days, we're here to tell you that new monsters have been materializing all over campus! Four creeperific new ghouls are haunting the halls and we're thrilled to bring you the inside deets on each and every one of them:

MH alum (and oldest sister in an already familiar pack), Clawdia Wolf, introduced herself as the student screamwriter to watch in Hauntlywood! She's studying in Londoom now, but watch out for this ghoul because she's sure to be a breakout success!

Also screaming of the fright lights of Hauntlywood is southern belle (and creeperific cinematographer), Honey Swamp. She's working her fingers to the bone in high school to make sure that all of her future wishes and screams come true.

But there are two other new ghouls who have already seen their names on the big scream! Viperine Gorgon and Elissabat are beasties who met on set at a major Hauntlywood production! You might know Elissabat already from one of her thrilling action flicks (though you may know her by her screen name Veronica Von Vamp) and Viperine is the UHHH-mazing make-up artist who styles her for every production!

Gory Gazette staffers have a feeling we'll be seeing coffin loads of these new ghouls in the next few months.

Frankie Lights Up MH With Howliday Cheer

Howliday Ghoul Grams - Frankie Stein
December 23, 2013

Nothing sparks a little unlife into the howlidays quicker than a tree trimming party! Talk of this week's scary festivities, hosted by Frankie, has been electrifying the halls as of late. Turns out, monsters are totally charged up to see what she pieces together. "Like always, I'm sure it will be an absolute thrill," Cleo reported. "Frankie has a magnificent way of hitting every seasonal celebration right on the bolt!"

New Meme Thrills Masses

Tumblr - walk into room
December 24, 2013

1,300 copies of a fangtastic new meme were uncovered in the Monster High halls today and student bodies everywhere can't help but wonder… who is the monster behind the deadlightful meme mischief? The MHGG promises to stay on top of this story until the creeperific creator is unearthed!

How to Throw the Purrrfect Boo Year's Eve Party

Diorama - Catty enters the stage
December 27, 2013

Catty Noir here, dying to help you scratch up the purrrfect plans for your upcoming Boo Year's Eve parties! Fangfully, there are just three furrrocious things you need to do to make this year's celebration beyond legendary!

Playlist Purrrfection: No party can rock without a few killer tunes to liven the mood! Pick a few of your favorite jams (I'm sure a Catty Noir hit or two will creep in there) and hit play. Nothing gets a party started like a sinister sing-a-long.

Delish Deadlights: Trust a ghoul when she tells you, the party doesn’t start until the snackage is on the table. So pick a snack (any snack) and serve it up in style. From fright chicken poppers to mummy worms, your guests will totally die when they see the spread.

Unique Décor: Decorating your party is like putting on a scary cool accessory! Don’t be a scared-y cat, dress your house with the same sinister style you dress yourself!

Remember – Be Yourself. Be Unique. Be a Monster and you'll be the total cat's meow this howliday.

School Closed as Another Year Bites Dust

Tumblr - blue 3-b
December 31, 2013

The Gory Gazette is beyond thrilled to put one final rumor to rest in 2013! With Boo Year's Eve lurking just hours away, Headless Headmistress Bloodgood has officially announced that school will be closed for the epic celebration! Our offices received word early this morning that the coffin doors would remain locked today and tomorrow as guys and ghouls prepare to sink their teeth into what will surely be a night to remember!

Happy Boo Year's Eve to all of our UHHH-mazing readers out there and we'll see you in 2014!

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