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The Monster High Tumblr account went live on the first 13th of 2012 as the Gory Gazette. Its launch was part of the larger 13th celebration of 2012, although it had no specific ties to the other components. Its first four articles published that day also contained an advertisement for the Dear Draculaura feature, which essentially was the Ask of the Tumblr account. In June, the account started announcing new webisodes with extra material rather than a general plot outline, while only a little later that same month the account started reblogging fanart and fanphotos with the purpose of creating stories around these. Most of these stories are unchallenged in canonicity, but a few times they do end up on the fanon-side, such as the November story regarding Bram, Rochelle's supposed brother. The April Fools' Day joke centered around the introduction of Invisi Billy.


Shock and Awe ~ The Gory Gazette Goes Live

January 13, 2012

It's alive! Welcome, guys and ghouls, to the inaugural issue of "The Monster High Gory Gazette," your UHHH-ltimate source for gossip. MHGG is the official newspaper of Monster High and is here to bring you eye-popping articles on fashion, sports, and the latest news at school, plus clawesome photos and fangtastic advice from Draculaura. Stay tuned for more, and thanks for reading.

– MHGG Staff

Unexpected Love Pierces Monster High

Diorama - Cupid's clouds
January 13, 2012

C.A. Cupid is the newest student body to haunt the halls of Monster High but if you want to get on her hit list you'll need to make it past her call screener first. That's because her love advice is specifically aimed at her callers and other loyal listeners who tune in each day to catch her show on Monster High's radio station, WZMH 13.13 FM. Give her a listen and maybe you'll hear an answer that targets your relationship question.

Dear Draculaura Comes to Life

January 13, 2012

Draculaura, the MH vamp with the biggest heart, has launched her own monthly advice column in the Monster High Gory Gazette! If you've got a pressing question that's freaking you out, just click "Ask Ula D" up top to submit your problem. She's got you, ghoul.

Cat Scratch Fever

Diorama - werecat sisters
January 13, 2012

The Werecat Twins, Purrrsephone and Meowlody, are on the prowl for a scary-cool getaway this Friday the 13th weekend. Rumor has it Owl’s Head in Quebec is a purrrfect place for catnaps, but it appears Toralei is mysteriously missing from this freaky-fab trio.

Spiking Trends in Student New Year Resolutions

January 16, 2012

Excitement is flying through the hallways of Monster High this month as guys and ghouls stake claim to some of the most freaky-fab New Year's resolutions the Gory Gazette Staff has seen in centuries. Royal sisters Cleo and Nefera are trying to play nice this year by working out their dynastic differences (and some monsters speculate the Werecat Twins should follow in their exquisite footsteps). What other kinds of pledges came crawling out of the coffin this year? Staffers stopped some of the student bodies in the hall to see what they dared to pick for their New Year promises.

"I totally vow to make my vegan vampire voice heard on campus this year," said sweetie-ghoul, Draculaura. "Between my fangtastic column in the paper and hanging with my ghouls, I'm thinking a raw food revolution in the MH creepateria is totes possible! Smooches!"

Clawdeen, whose wildly competitive side made her hesitant to share, finally told staffers, "I plan on spending this next year perfecting my fierce talent for speed. I'm going to break the Wolf family track record, all in furrrocious style of course."

Holt Hyde was more than willing to dish the dirt on his hot 2012 plans. "Naturally, I'm going to turn up the heat here! I'm working on releasing some sinister jams for everyone to dance and howl to," he revealed. When approached, Operetta was singing a similar tune. "I reckon' an album collaboration with Holt could be in the works in the near future. In fact, ya'll will have to excuse me, I should be down in the catacombs practicing right now!"

Other student bodies are dying to bring school spirits back to life this semester. "I promise to lead the casketball team to victory in the championships and give a helping hand, or shot, when needed," Deuce Gorgon, co-captain of the casketball team explained. Similarly, future valedictorian, Ghoulia Yelps has decided she'll "help UHHH-thers with their homework by extending tutoring in Study Howl and holding weekly practice for zombie dodgeball."

All in all, it lurks like this is going to be a fangtastic year for the student bodies of Monster High. Guys and ghouls are keeping MH tradition alive by remembering to be themselves, be unique and be a monster!

Campus Caper ~ Creepateria Closed

January 17, 2012

UFBs (unidentified flying bugs) have been spotted lurking around Monster High's cursed kitchen for the past few days. The horrific infestation has resulted in the closing of both the kitchen and creepateria for at least the next week. Students across campus are moaning over the pesky nuisance.

"Students, we apologize for this ghastly inconvenience," said Headless Headmistress Bloodgood in a memo acquired by MHGG, "Please bring bag lunches for the remainder of the week." The traditionally popular menu, which includes eyeball subs, clamburgers, and furry nuggets, has been buried as a result of this most recent plague.

Despite groans to the contrary, the MH Administration says students shouldn't fret over this minor setback. The Creeperific Clean & Co. has been hired to exterminate the bugs in the cursed kitchen. In the meantime, Headless Headmistress Bloodgood has asked all student bodies to wash their hands and resist forming an angry mob in the halls. She insists the Creepateria will be pieced back together in no time.

Weekend Movies to Scream About

January 19, 2012

Ancient teen movies will be resurrected at the Monster High Theater this weekend only! Freak peaks and show times have materialized below:

10 Things I Creep About You - Saturday 10:00 AM

A pretty, popular ghoul can't go out on a date until her ill-tempered older sister does. Find out what happens when ghouls unexpectedly fall in love in this Shakesfearean remake set in high school.

Never Been Cursed - Saturday 12:30 PM

Will one ghoul finally have the guts to knock the student bodies dead? After centuries, this geek-chic ghoul is brought back to the halls of high school, yet she still feels invisible. To one guy, she is drop dead gore-geous. Will she be sparking at the bolts in this magnetic romance?

Sisterhood of the Spirit Diary - Saturday 4:00 PM

For years, three beast ghoulfriends share a special diary during their fangtastic summer vacations. But this isn't a normie journal and soon their spirit diary entries begin to come alive! The ghouls question their fates, and wonder if it’s the diary or their friendships bringing them so much luck.

The Breakfast Chamber – Saturday 8:30 PM

Ever wonder what happens when you take six completely different student bodies and lock them in Saturday Study Howl? It totally bites at first but they soon realize...fitting in is SO out!

She's All Sinister - Sunday 11:00 AM

The Zombie Prom is all anyone is talking about, especially the bet placed by the big monster on campus. With her sinister style transformation, will one ghoul put rumors to rest and knock 'em dead on the big night or just be mortalified in front of all her classmates?

Clawless - Sunday 2:15 PM

Follow four gruesome ghoulfriends as they navigate the triumphs and perils of high school in Beverly Chills 90210! Forget the love triangles, these monsteristas' clawsome closets (and the maul) are what make this movie to die for.

1600 Candlesticks – Sunday 6:30 PM

A ghoul has a crush on the captain of the casketball team, and the geekiest zombie in school has a crush on her. Between her sister's wedding, a zany foreign exchange student, and some very embarrassing grandparents, could it be that everyone has forgotten this ghoul's 1600th birthday?

How to Stitch Yourself Together after a Broken Heart

Profile art - Hoodude Voodoo
January 23, 2012

From experience I know it's easy to spend all day screaming "WHYYYY?! WHYYYY?!" when your heart is broken by another monster, but I've also realized it's helpful to take a step back and reflect on why your spirits are restless. I promise that even you can move on, and with minimally recurring pangs of pain.

Steps To Stitch Yourself Together:

  • In the beginning, pamper yourself with long, warm bubble baths and plenty of herbal tea. It numbs the feeling of pins and needles.
  • Ritually practice your favorite activities that you used to ignore. With your focus on fun, your wounds will heal.
  • Read good books like How to be Mystically Amazing in a Modern World and Patches Make Perfect: Your Guide to Psychedelic Love to keep inspired and realize there is a special guy or ghoul out there for you.
  • Focus on making yourself the beast monster you can be. Your karma and confidence will instantly rise to alluring levels, causing monsters to mysteriously gravitate to you.
  • When your initial mourning period is over, about 4 years, you will have the confidence to love again.


Dear Draculaura Update

Profile art - SC Draculaura
January 23, 2012

Oh. My. Gore.

I have been cata-combing through my "Ask Ula-D" mail all day and I am so unbelievably thrilled by all of the fangtastic questions I've received! I totally can't wait to sink my teeth into a few answers, but I want all student bodies to know that I won't be able to respond to every question I receive (I would go major batty if I tried). Super big thanks to all my MHGG readers for your enthusiastic spirits and keep submitting your questions!

Smooches, Draculaura.

Interview: Six Burning Questions with Cupid

January 25, 2012
STAFF: You're new to Monster High. Where have you been hiding out previously?
CUPID: I've actually been here longer than most monsters realize, but don't feel bad about not seeing me, cause love is really good at hiding in plain sight.
STAFF: What can make teenage monster love last forever? Some couples in Monster High are chomping at the bit to know.
CUPID: Well the first thing I would say is that maybe they should rein in their expectations a bit. Love is a journey not a destination and looking too far ahead can put some really scary pressure on a relationship. You don't get to forever all at once; you get there one day at a time, so enjoy it!
STAFF: Shoot straight – what's the true story behind Valentine's Day?
CUPID: The true story? Once upon a time there were two monsters who exchanged gifts for no reason except that they loved each other. The idea caught on and voilà! Of course there's this vampire named Valentine who claims to have created the day just for Draculaura, but she's not the first ghoul to hear that story.
STAFF: How do angels really get their wings?
CUPID: Much like mine, they are totally standard equipment.
STAFF: Your pink hair is to die for. Any hair secrets?
CUPID: Thank you! I apply the same advice I give about relationships to my hair. You've got to spend quality time together, be patient when the unexpected happens, don't be neglectful, and it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful!
STAFF: One of the questions we've been dying to ask is this; are you a god or a monster?
CUPID: LOL! I'm a monster of course, a type of elemental, although I'm not exactly sure what kind. The reason I don't know is because I was left on the doorstep of my dad's temple when I was just a baby. He adopted and raised me, taught me the family business and so here I am.

Cat Facts Fiasco! Three Kitties Framed, They Cry Troll

Tumblr - cat facts iCoffin
February 02, 2012

Since early last week, the entire student body has been moaning about receiving unsolicited texts on their iCoffins. The content? Cat Facts.

"I don't care about cats!" howled Clawdeen, one of the afflicted student bodies. She says she has been receiving the texts for three moons straight, one text every hour. All day, all night. "The messages won't stop! I keep texting back 'cancel' but all it says back is 'Command Not Recognized.' When I find out who's doing this to me, my fangs are coming out."

The first reported text was sent to none other than Cleo, which raised suspicions among many that her long time rivals Toralei, Meowlody and Purrsephone could be behind the prank.

"Never in my life have I been so annoyed," said Cleo. "I mean, what the Bast already? Like I didn't know that killing a cat was punishable by death in ancient Egypt. I wish those werecats would waste one of their lives doing something else!"

The Gory Gazette caught up with the accused kitties, who claim to be both uninvolved – and unamused - by the game.

"It's not us," meowed Toralei. "My mom switched off my unlimited data, so I would never waste my purrecious texts in such a fashion. Besides, doesn't every monster know this stuff already?"

"Yeah, you've got to be kitten me," said Meowlody. "This has troll written all over it!"

V-Day Dance Promises Freaky-Fab Fashion Surprises

Clawdeen Wolf PNG 5
February 06, 2012

Call the monsteratzzi, this year's Valentine's Dance promises to bring freaky fabulous to a whole new level!

Not only does it look like it will be the dance of the century, but it shares a date with the most talked about event this school year - Draculaura's Sweet 1600. So what will furrocious monsteristas be wearing to this year's beast party?

The MHGG asked Monster High's most stylish Werewolf, Clawdeen, to weigh in with fashion advice for the whole pack:

"If your style is anything like mine, you'll dress to the nines with leopard print pants, a fitted jacket, and a fierce bowtie. Dresses are too last pawty for this wolf to wear! Of course I'll be rocking gold (my favorite color) and some insane claw boots!

This year I'd pick a freaktacluar plaid dress with layered skirt for Frankie. I'd tie it all together with zebra print platform shoes and a matching clutch! She's got a magnetic personality that always seems to shine through her fashion choices.

For Ula-D it's all about pink. To match her worldly age I'd pick a vintage Victorian dress with ghoulishly girly lace. Bows are a must and of course patented leather pink boots would transform the whole ensemble.

But I have to say, my go-to glam look always has a bite of bling. Try pairing sequin shoes with a gore-geous strapless black dress. Add large rhinestone earrings and you're ready to hit the party totally fierce and fabulous.

No matter what you wear to the Valentine's Dance, remember to always be yourself, be unique, and be a monster."

Egyptian Princess Plans Priceless Viewing Party

February 10, 2012

Home viewing parties appear to be materializing everywhere, but MH royalty Cleo De Nile's invite seems to have the most bites. She's asked the entire student body over to her pyramid to watch "Why Do Ghoul's Fall in Love!" on her in-home entertainment system. Her only demand is that all guests RSVP first.

"All are welcome," she told the Gory Gazette, "but I absolutely must know the EXACT body count. It would be an epic failure to see the servants prepare too much blood orange punch or brain puffs. Waste not, want not!"

RSVPs must be resurrected no later than tomorrow or heads may roll.

Bloodgood to Dance Chaperones ~ Watch Out for Rotten Student Bodies

February 12, 2012

The Gory Gazette has just unearthed a classified memo from the office of Headless Headmistress Bloodgood. What appears to be a letter to the chaperones of the upcoming Valentine’s Day Dance has been re-printed below. The sources, for now, will remain locked in the coffin.


Attention Chaperones!

Thank you for volunteering your Valentine's Day to watch over our student body ball. While our students are known for displaying exemplary behavior, select monsters should be given an extra caring eye to prevent any mischief.

Watch List

Heath Burns – known for heating up. Chaperones will be issued a fire extinguisher in the form of a corsage to help douse any situations that flame up.

Manny Taur – a bit of a bully. Extra detention slips are available for poor behavior.

Nefera De Nile – not a current student, but may make a royal appearance. Please keep her away from her sister, Cleo De Nile, at all costs.

Toralei, Purrsephone and Meowlody – watch out for cat and mouse games. Any and all hissing should be reprimanded immediately.

As a reminder, please arrive on campus 30 minutes prior to the start of the dance. All necessary supplies will be distributed at that time.

-Headless Headmistress Bloodgood

Monsters Celebrate the 13th with Freaky Flair

February 13, 2012

With Monster High celebrating the 13th of every month, the MHGG Staff set out across campus to dig up the dirt and find out what “thirteen” means to a few student bodies.

"The thirteenth of the month is a special father-daughter bonding day in my family," said new ghoul, Abbey Bominable. "We usually go snowboarding or mountain climbing. It always snowballs into an amazing day!" Clawdeen agreed with her frosty friend. The thirteenth guarantees a howling good time for the Wolf family, especially when it falls under a full moon. "The whole pack stays out extra late for our monthly howl-off," she said.

Some student bodies, however, were less enthusiastic about the number thirteen. Jackson Jekyll detests the thirteenth of the month because all of the celebration and loud music gives him a mad headache. Staffers speculate he may be triskaidekaphobic.

With so much festivity surrounding this creeperific day, the MHGG Staff can't help but wonder - what do you think about Monster High's freaky-fab celebration of all things thirteen?

February 13

Tumblr - birthday car letter
February 13, 2012

Draculaura got the beast Sweet 1600 birthday surprise a ghoul could ask for - a brand new car! Stay tuned for an exclusive pic.

February 13

Profile art - Draculaura in Roadster
February 13, 2012

EXCLUSIVE PIC! Ula D.'s Sweet 1600 couldn't have been more fangtastic when her father gave her this scary-cute roadster. The Gory Gazette, live on the scene, has spotted ghouls lining up for miles waiting their turn for a ride.

Wolf Surprises GF with a To-Die-For Birthday Gift

Profile art - S1600 Clawd
February 14, 2012

Spectra Vondergeist here with the inside scoop on the Sweet 1600th birthday everyone's still moaning about. Guys and ghouls are dying to know what the big wolf on campus gave Draculaura for her special day.

Was it a gift certificate to her favorite store at the maul? A bouquet of sparkly pink roses? No!

Sources close to the ghoul report that Clawd gave Draculaura a steak through the heart! Wait, no, that can't be right...

MHGG fact checkers report that Clawd swore off steak and gave Draculaura the key to his heart. Ghouls all over campus have been seen swooning in delight over the scary-sweet gesture.

Happy Sweet 1600, Draculaura!

February 14

Profile art - Sweet 1600 cake group
February 14, 2012

Check out one of the fangtastic party pics from Draculaura’s Sweet 1600 birthday party! This dead-lightful group shot was snapped right after Ula D. opened all her gifts.

Swim Team Shatters Records with Lagoona at the Helm

February 16, 2012

Monster High's swim team kicked some major fin at this week's meet thanks to captain Lagoona Blue and her fintastic freestyle stroke!

Lagoona started off with a huge splash in the 200 yd Medley Relay. She buried the competition during her leg of the race. Of corpse, her big victory came in the Individual Medley where she broke the standing school record, which was previously held by… Lagoona. Is it possible that she’s actually getting faster? She topped the whole competition off with a stunning twist dive off the springboard!

Howling her on from the bleachers was Lagoona's beasties Clawdeen and Frankie. This win goes a long way in bringing school spirits back to life this semester.

Sweet 1600: Nailed it Like a Coffin

February 20, 2012

Dear MHGG readers,

Thank you so much for all of the fangtastic wishes on my sweet 1600th birthday!

From my totes fab outfit to my unbelievable new roadster, it was the most magical day a ghoul could dream up! And, my party was pretty fangtastic if I do say so myself – I hope you all had a slice of the blood red velvet cake!

Want to know the very beast part of turning 1600? It was spending the day surrounded by my friends and family. I heart everyone so much.

Cheers to 1600 wonderful years to come.



Monsters Face Off in Casketball Challenge

February 21, 2012

The halls have been buzzing for weeks with rumors of a plan to host an MH Werewolves vs. Vampires Casketball game. While the species have maintained a standard friendliness since the school merger, their competitive sides couldn't stay under wraps for long. The tension surfaced last night when the game was finally resurrected.

The Werewolves took an instant lead under the wild leadership of Captain Clawd Wolf, and maintained momentum through the first part of the second half. Audible gasps were heard throughout the gymnasium when the Vampires stole the ball from Romulus towards the end of the third quarter and made a three point shot for the lead. Claws flew and fangs sparkled as a battle to end all battles unraveled.

In the end the Werewolves won 87 to 85. The proud pups have displayed their trophy in the main hall sports cases, but hope is not lost for the Vamps. A re-match is supposedly being scheduled for later next month.

7 Tips for Highly Effective Skullastic Smarties

Profile art - Basic Ghoulia I
February 22, 2012

We asked one of Monster High’s most studious bodies, Ghoulia Yelps, for some tips on how to be most productive in Study Howl. Here is what she had to say:

  1. Do not wait to start your work until the last minute. If other students are distracting you, find a quiet corner to work in.
  2. Organ-ize yourself! Take good notes and keep folders for each class.
  3. Homework may be a drag but it has a purpose, if your dream is to invent the first time machine you are going to need to know basic Mad Science.
  4. Prioritize. If your Home Ick recipe for brain stew is due on Monday and your math problems for Mr. Mummy are due on Wednesday, then brew the stew first!
  5. Help your fellow guys and ghouls with their work; teaching someone else can help you learn it even better.
  6. Find a study body to quiz you on the material before a test.
  7. If you get frustrated or tired take a short break. Go to the Creepateria for a snack; just limit yourself to 5-10 minutes.

Feline Fatales: An Interview with the Werecat Twins

Diorama - werecat sisters
February 24, 2012
STAFF: Monsters have a hard time telling you apart. Does that bother you?
PURRSEPHONE: Only when it doesn't suit our purrrposes.
MEOWLODY: Agreed. But if you need a clue, it's as simple as Black and White.
STAFF: Do you ever get mistaken for werewolves?
PURRSEPHONE: Yes, and it's very insulting.
MEOWLODY: Werewolves are so...ordinary...we are anything but...
STAFF: Um, OK. So, what do you do for fun?
MEOWLODY: I love experimenting with the Law of Claws and Effect.
PURRSEPHONE: Me too. Like the effect "Tuna Surprise" had on the creepateria.
STAFF: Tuna Surprise?
MEOWLODY: Let's just say one very large can of tuna mixed into the creepateria fro-yo machine had the effect of more for us and less for them.
STAFF: You realize this is being published on the MHGG, right?

Operetta Thrills MH with New Tune

Diorama - Operetta steps in
March 05, 2012

Monster High's very own spooky songstress Operetta is about to drop a gripping new single and the student bodies are nearly bursting with excitement. Gory Gazette staffers could not have been more thrilled when they heard a scary-cool sneak listen was in store. Produced by her infamous father, The Phantom of the Opera, on his independent label, Music of the Night, the song promises to be a smash hit.

Laced with ghostly dramatic tones and Operetta's pitch perfect voice, staffers were spell bound by her haunting lyrics and insanely awesome treble. It guarantees to drive ghouls and monsters crazy, in a good way.

Operetta paired her perfectionist diva style with BFF Holt Hyde's flame-tastic mixing skills to create a uniquely monsterific sound. Operetta notes her phantom father as a source of support. "He's the famous opera ghost of Opera Populaire in France," she said. "He's got enough industry advice to fill a haunted theatre!"

Stay tuned (wink wink) for Operetta's rocking haunted album release concert coming soon to the halls of Monster High!

Monsterista Sisters Share Fashion Secrets

March 07, 2012
GG: Clawdeen, Howleen, you both have furrrocious style - what is the Wolf Family's secret?
CW: It's no secret...
HW: We share!
CW: Well, really you take without asking. You're just lucky I'm not the type of wolf to split hairs over the little stuff.
HW: Whatever. My first pair of high heels was a paw-me-down from Clawdeen...
CW: Ugh! You are, like, so out of control! You've been raiding my closet without permission since we were pups.
HW: Slow your growl, Clawdeen. It's hard not to borrow your things when your eye for fashion is so freaky-fab.
CW: I guess Howleen does know how to string together some fangtastic accessories. Fashion can be a great way for sisters to bond if they're honest about what they borrow.
HW: The beast part about having a fashion minded pack is that you always have someone to give you an honest growl about your outfit, good or bad.
CW: Sometimes we're a little too honest...but hey, what are sisters for?

Jackson Stuns with Normie Style

Diorama - Jackson arrives
March 08, 2012

Jackson was spotted looking especially uhhh-dorable with his pet chameleon, Crossfade. Will geek-chic be the next craze to sweep Monster High? Ghoulia's rallying for a yes.

Freaky Fab 13 to Strike Again

March 12, 2012

Tomorrow marks the 13th of March and the student bodies are restless in anticipation. What could Freaky Fab 13 possibly unearth this time? GG Staffers asked a few ghouls for speculations.

"I'm so excited!" sparked Frankie Stein. "I don't know what's going to happen, but I bet it will be totally voltage!"

"I think we can expect some phantastic things tomorrow," said Spectra, a ghoul who always has an ear through the wall.

"Who knows, best to just wait and see," said Cleo. "But I have to say, this whole 'waiting' thing does not appeal to me."

Lurks like this month, the thirteenth can't possibly come quick enough.

Spring Break Style Spirits

Diorama - 2012 golden girls
March 15, 2012

Now that winter is over, it’s time for ghouls to break out their beast spring fashions. The MHGG staff went to none other than Clawdeen & Cleo, Monster High's ultimate monsteristas, to get the scoop on what they are dying to wear this spring. To start things off in a royal way, here's Cleo with some exquisite insider tips:

Of course you chose me for a spring style guest post (but I am honored none the less). Spring is about bling. Naturally, I am all about the gold. 24K clothing, jewelry, and even glitter gold nail polish all make for a truly dynastic look! I personally will wear head to toe gold this season; a monochromatic look will always be a superior go-to during spring. If you're not into wearing all solid colors, jazz up any outfit with a modern bib necklace. Like I say, the more jewels, the better. Totally legendary! – Cleo

Clawdeen is also on the hunt for spring fashion trends that will blow you away. Here she is with another fetching report:

Clawdeen here! Cleo obviously has more of an exquisite and refined taste. Me on the other hand? Think wild and furrrocious. This spring, I'm predicting it will be all about neon colors mixed with prints (cheetah of course!). Whether it's for school or the weekend, always rock an eye-catching piece. Monsteristas can't live without a killer handbag so why not switch it up with a neon version? Just remember, the beast fashion truly comes from inside. Wear what you want and be proud of your unique style – it should always reflect your clawsome personality! My motto when hitting the maul? Be Yourself. Be Unique. Be a Monster. – Clawdeen

Whether you love rocking monochromatic, bright neon or anything in between, you'll be sure to knock 'em dead this spring if you represent your own unique (and thrilling) sense of style.

Bominable Reaches Peak, Seeks Gold for MH

Profile art - SC Abbey Bominable
March 21, 2012

It's not every day a reporter requests an assignment that she knows will force her to feel like a major fish out of water. But, criky, some friends are worth the trouble! Lagoona Blue here, reporting live from the Monster High Winter Game Finals in Diadem Peak. Being related to marine life, I may hate the cold but I'm totally stoked to be here supporting my BFF Abbey Bominable in her Superpipe Snowboarding competition (I wouldn't miss this for anything)!

Abbey definitely iced the competition from the start of the tournament. Obviously feeling at home on those wicked cold slopes, she brought a maxed out, totally awesome boarding trick that majorly impressed this cold shoulder crowd. Abominable fun fact for everyone following along at home - a superpipe is a half pipe with walls over 16ft high! Her scary-cool 360 grab as she flew over the wall was a sinister sight to see. Only somebody with Yeti genes could pull off something that cold blooded. And how did Ms. Bominable prepare for her big competition this morning? With a hearty breakfast of cheese of the yak and pancakes, naturally!

We're having a fintastic time but I'll be a frightened dingo if I don't to get back to Monster High soon! She definitely doesn't need the luck, but I'm keeping my fins crossed Abbey steals the gold and will come home a champion.

Student Bodies Go Wild for MH Lead Designer

March 22, 2012

The MH halls are still slithering in excitement over the online Live Chat with Lead Designer, Garrett. Student bodies couldn't be more thrilled to have had the chance to get a rare sneak freak into the inner workings of such an infamous mad scientist. When asked, Frankie Stein was lightening quick in providing an excellent summation of the once in a century event.

"It's totally rare that we get the chance to meet, and talk to, someone this voltageous and inspiring!" Frankie reported. "I still can't believe he was able to answer so many questions in such a short amount of time. I'm sparking just thinking about it all."

What struck the hearts of so many guys and ghouls was Garrett's fangtastic insight into behind the scenes info that is usually left locked tight in the catacombs. "Cross my heart that products come out of the coffin and into stores year-round," he responded when asked why dolls appeared to be mysteriously missing from store shelves in some cities. "And rumor has it that production will continue to rise at Deadfast speed to meet the demands of all freaky-fab fans!" Many were also wondering why the guys of Monster High tend to take a back seat to their freaky-fab ghoul counterparts. Garrett agreed that it was a great comment but noted that the boys of MH have a flare all their own. "The boys do make their appearances memorable and having fewer makes them feel even more special!"

He also opened up and discussed a ghoul that the school has embraced as a true student leader. "Which is faster," one fan asked, "Deadfast's legs or Ghoulia's brain?" Without hesitation, Garrett's response was "Ha! I think Ghoulia wins that battle." When contacted by the Gory Gazette, the ever-modest Ghoulia declined to comment on her role in the conversation. Fashion Club President and monsterista, Clawdeen Wolf, was also honorably mentioned during the chat. Though Garrett says he doesn't play favorites, he does admit that he enjoys working with Ms. Wolf. "If I had to pick," he continued, "I would say that Clawdeen is really fun to design outfits for."

Without question, it was the undying love of fans and student bodies all over the country that made the live chat a monster success. "Thank you all SO much for your terrorific questions," Garrett announced near the end of the session. "Keep sharing all your love for everything MH as it inspires us every day to create new and vamptastic designs. Stay scary my guys and ghouls!"

With any luck, we won’t have to wait another century to hear from him again.

New Ghouls Haunt MH Halls

Diorama - Robecca arrives Diorama - Venus arrives Diorama - Rochelle arrives
March 22, 2012

Three new student bodies made waves last month when their enrollment was announced on February 13th. We caught up with all of the new ghouls to see how they are fitting in and asked them to share one thing that makes each of them… tick.

Robecca Steam

A coppery new addition to the stainless steel coffin lockers, Robecca could not be more excited to join MH. However, she wants everyone to know about her ongoing battle with watches everywhere. "I couldn't keep track of time if my life depended on it, so I hope ghouls don't take my tardiness personally," share shared. "I want to make plans and new friends. Who's up for bungee jumping off Old Miner's Bridge after school?"

Venus McFlytrap

Cute or conniving? Venus knows how to charm any monster into making sure the world is a better place. "My motto is to always go green!" Venus said. "Please volunteer to join me in my mission to save the planet. And if anyone needs a wood shop partner, track me down! I've got some great ideas on how we can recycle the old gym benches into birdhouses."

Rochelle Goyle

She might seem hard to read at first glance, but Rochelle is only a stone's throw away if you need someone on your side of the wall. "As a gargoyle, I'm naturally a very patient and understanding friend. I love hanging out for hours not doing anything except soaking in the scenery," she said. "Just don't ask me to go swimming unless you're looking for a solid anchor."

Spring Break Jams That Sizzle

Diorama - Holt's spin table backpack
March 27, 2012

MH resident MC, Holt Hyde, has one rule when it comes to bringing the musical heat: "If music can't transform you it ain't nothing but static." With that in mind, we asked him to come up with a rocking monstertastic playlist for Spring Break.

  1. "Scary and I know It" by LMFL (Little Monster For Life)
  2. "Ghost & Stuff" by UnDeadMau5
  3. "The Undead" Cobra Scare Ship
  4. "13" Taylor Swamp
  5. "Must Dance" Ghouly Gaga
  6. "The Pursuit of Monsterness" by Kid Acula
  7. "Moves like Nefera" by Mummy 5
  8. "Dynamite" Tao Coffin
  9. "Haunt You Like a Scary Song" Selena Gloomez
  10. "Thriller" Monster Jackson

Meet the Newest Student Body to Haunt the MH

Profile art - New Scaremester Invisi Billy II
April 01, 2012

Meet the newest student body to haunt the MH halls, Invisi Billy! All the ghouls can't get enough; they've already started calling him "Drop Dead Dreamy"!

Invisi Who? The New Manster on Campus

April 01, 2012

Disembodied rumors about a new student body have been blowing up iCoffins all over campus. "Did you see that picture?" Clawdeen growled when asked about the speculation. "There are so many wild rumors running, it's hard to know what’s real and what's not."

398273 10150625876157481 225525412480 9601430 2078119932 n 526409 10150625877062481 225525412480 9601434 275093432 n

Luckily, at The Gory Gazette the truth is never too mysterious to hunt down and thanks to persistent staffers monsters can now consider this rumor officially put to rest. The MHGG has dug up startling new information about the Son of the Invisible Man, info that was previously locked tight in the administration's coffin.

Re-printed below is a recently unearthed copy of his student transcript. Read further at your own risk. Sources tell us, he's a practical joker with a totally twisted sense of humor.

  • Age: 15
  • Parents: The Invisible Man
  • Killer Style: I'm kind of a minimalist when it comes to style - definitely a less-is-more kind of monster. I mean you'd never be able to pick me out of a crowd by what I'm wearing.
  • Freaky Flaw: I'm like totally transparent cause I have absolutely nothing to hide. It gets me in trouble sometimes though cause not every monster appreciates it, so I'm practicing on being more opaque.
  • Pet: I had a dog once, but I had to give him away because every time I took him out for a walk, animal control would try and pick him up as a stray. Now I have a box, which may or may not contain a cat.
  • Favorite Activity: I love pulling pranks and practical jokes. I don’t do anything destructive or mean, of course - just funny.
  • Biggest Pet Peeve: When monsters talk about me like I'm not there. It's totally not scary cool.
  • Favorite Subject: Physics. I'm like a total science nerd and some of my most epic practical joke ideas have come from experiments we've done in class.
  • Least Favorite Subject: Physical Deaducation. Especially on the days we play football. I'll be like, "Hey quarterback, I was wide open!" and he'll be like, "Sorry, I didn't see you." Lame.
  • Favorite Color: Camouflage. What? It's true.
  • BFF's: I can blend in with any crowd.

HEADLINE: Invisi Billy Gets the Last Laugh

April 01, 2012

The Gory Gazette has some breaking news: APRIL FOOLS, ghouls! While the Son of the Invisible Man is headed to MH as a new student body, he hasn't materialized quite yet.

MHGG Exclusive: Frankie on Planning Spring Break

Gory Gazette - Skull Shores flyer
April 13, 2012

Today the MHGG staff had the chance to catch up with Frankie Stein on her charged up spring break festivities. In this insider scoop you'll only find on the Gory Gazette, right in time for FreakyFab 13, Frankie recounts how her parents reacted to the ghouls' plans to visit the Great Barrier Reef.

MHGG: The Great Barrier Reef! That is quite far, how did you ask your parents for this totally voltage trip?
Frankie: I was so nervous I was sparking! I asked Mom and Dad if I could go on a trip with Lagoona, Gil and rest of the ghouls about a month before the Spring Break. I mean we were supposed to go by boat and... well, water and me don't really mix. So, I was completely shocked when my parents came down to my room with a letter and a ginormous scrapbook. Dad said the letter was from Lagoona's parents and it gave all the details about the trip to the Great Barrier Reef, including complete safety specifications on the boat that was supposed to take us there.
MHGG: You definitely have to take precautions in the water!
Frankie: Oh yes, dad even created insulated bolt covers for me so that I could stand out on deck and feel the ocean spray without having to worry about shorting out.
MHGG: Right on! How was their scrapbook? Was it filled with clawsome pictures from around the world?
Frankie: It was magnetic! Mom opened the scrapbook and started showing me all the places she and dad had traveled to before I was created. I asked, "Does this mean I can go!?" They both said yes and I got so excited my arm stitches burst! Dad and Mom ran to get some thread and when Mom bent over to help me, an old travel brochure fell from the scrapbook.
MHGG: An old travel brochure? Of the Great Barrier Reef?
Frankie: No, it was a Skull Shores brochure. I was intrigued and started to read it while mom was stitching me up. I didn't get to finish reading it before mom unexpectedly snatched it away from me. It was really strange too because she got this embarrassed look on her face and every time she tried to say something she would stop and start over. I think we were still staring at each other with our mouths open when dad walked back into the room.
MHGG: What did it say?
Frankie: They had all their accommodations, amenities, food and activities listed but I didn't get to finish reading it before mom unexpectedly snatched it away from me. It was really strange too because she got this embarrassed look on her face and every time she tried to say something she would stop and start over. I think we were still staring at each other with our mouths open when dad walked back into the room.
MHGG: Strange! What did you father say?
Frankie: Mom didn't say anything, she just handed him the brochure and my arm as she left the room. Dad put the brochure in his pocket without saying anything and started sewing my arm back into place. When he was finished he patted my shoulder and said, "There, good as new." I must have given him a look because he kind of sighed and said:
A long time ago your mother and I took a vacation to Skull Shores. It was my idea as I thought it would be a nice change of scenery from the rather cold and snowy regions we were accustomed to visiting. She was less enthusiastic since Skull Shores was so far away from... everything, but I convinced her that we would have a wonderful time and we did, at first. The locals treated your mother like a queen and there was even a film crew shooting a travel documentary, or so we thought, about the island. They wanted to feature your mother in many of their shots and we even talked about extending the holiday. Unfortunately everything was not as it seemed and instead of extending we left early. I thought I had gotten rid of all the reminders of that trip but apparently not. I shall remedy that situation right away and it would be best if we didn't mention this to your mother again.
MHGG: Oh My Ra! Did that really happen?
Frankie: I believe so, but Dad gave me a hug and went to find Mom and for a minute I totally forgot they said I could go to the Great Barrier Reef with Lagoona and the ghouls. Voltage!
MHGG: Fangtastic! Well, thank you Frankie for taking the time to sit with us.

Unique Talent Shocks at Talent Show Tryouts

April 16, 2012

At Monster High, uniquely talented students are admitted by the claw-full. Operetta and Holt Hyde rock all major records in the Music Department, Draculaura has a wicked awesome flair for creative writing and Toralei Stripe’s thrilling acting chomps continue to stun the school every semester. At this year's talent show tryouts, we learned that a few new student bodies are no exception to the rule.

Robecca Steam and her steam punk boots brought scaredevil to a whole new level! She guarantees to thrill monsters with amazing stunts and tricks unrivaled by any other contestants. Venus McFlytrap is planning to use her perfumed pollen and stage time to woo monsters into saving the environment. From what MHGG staffers saw, she's bound to scare up a few new supporters. Rochelle Goyle may not be a lawn ornament but her impersonation of a monster statue is pretty un-dead-on. And, let's not forget Jackson Jekyll's mad science magic show featuring his pet chameleon, Crossfade.

What do all of these talented student bodies have in common? They always adhere to the Monster High motto: Be Yourself. Be Unique. Be a Monster!

How to Prepare for the Big Game

April 19, 2012

It's easy to get freaked out before a big game, especially when monsters are looking to you to do your beast against the school rivals. Luckily, I have a few tricks to keep my cool and stay focused.

The most important rule is - don't get your snakes in a bunch. I like to relax with a new cookbook or work on one of my freakishly good Greek Monster Fusion recipes. I also make sure to train properly with extra laps around the swamp every day leading up to the game. Of course, I also make sure to stay hydrated with coffin loads of water.

If all else fails, my rockin' shades always help me stop opponents in their tracks.


It's Easy Being Green!

Profile art - Venus McFlytrap
April 20, 2012

It's no secret that my favorite color is green! In honor of this magnificent color (and Earth Day, of course) the staffers at MHGG asked me to help celebrate all things freaky-fab and fangtastic about the planet Earth. All my ghouls know that I'm no shrinking violet when it comes to my biggest pet peeve: monsters that trash the environment. Plants and beast alike need fresh water, air and sunshine to survive. So here are a few tips on becoming a creeperific caretaker of this amazing planet!

For starters make sure to save precious resources like water and energy by turning off lights when you leave the coffin, don't leave the water running and unplug any appliances when they aren't in use! You can also make sure to recycle, plant more trees and donate your old belongings instead of putting them in the trash.

What's the beast way to show that we appreciate the world we have? By going out and enjoying it! Hiking, biking, camping and even something as simple as taking a walk with your BFFs are monsterific ways to remember how beautiful our planet is and why it's important to fiercely protect it!

Meet New Ghoul Rochelle Goyle - She Really Rocks!

Profile art - Between Classes Rochelle I
April 25, 2012
MHGG: So, Rochelle Goyle, welcome to Monster High! What's the hardest part about being a new ghoul?
RG: I'd have to say that everyone has be scary nice so far, I'm known for being a little stone cold, it takes me a while to warm up to new monsters.
MHGG: Uhhh-kay lets warm up with a few questions, like where are you from?
RG: I'm from Scaris! I love the historic architecture of the city, the rot iron and stained glass, the Eiffel Terror, ahhh I could spend hours soaking up the scenery and standing perfectly still.
MHGG: Wow! That's fangtastic! So do you have any pets?
RG: Naturally, I have a gargoyle griffin named Roux, she's been mine since she was hatched.
MHGG: That's definitely unique! Ok, favorite and least favorite activities, in that order.
RG: My favs are Architecture, since I've spent hours on buildings and sculpting always rocks. My least is swimming, you know unless you need an anchor.
MHGG: Good point! Final question-what's your Freaky Flaw?
RG: I'm not going give you a soft answer: I'm very protective of my friends and sometimes I can have a chip on my shoulder. But my friends can always count on me being on their side of the wall.

Clawdeen on Floral Prints for Spring Fashion

May 08, 2012

Ready for a clawsome spring trend report that is bound to put a highly spirited spring in your step? I am elated to report that floral prints are making an unplanned (but oh-so welcome) comeback at Monster High. Many monsters are frightened by the complexity of a floral print, but I'm here to tell you that anyone can pull this look off. Whether it's a printed tee or an over-the-top accessory, always try to balance it out with a solid bottom. This will give you a smart and totally put together look that will have your friends screaming with excitement. Also, don't be shy to go all out with a floral dress; it will definitely bring your new look out of the shadows this spring. Remember, floral patterns are not just for clothes. Floral nails and manicures will receive an UHHH-ndeniable A+ in style. With summer just around the corner, you don't want to be a wallflower! With the power of the floral print, you'll be blooming in no time! - Clawdeen

Frankie Dishes Dirt on Embracing Flaws

May 11, 2012

MHGG recently sat down with Miss Frankie Stein, former new ghoul and epic beast friend, to talk about school, ghouls, and everything in between. We wanted the inside scoop on how she fits in at Monster High and what she has learned so far.

MHGG: Frankie, so glad to have you in this exclusive!
Frankie: I'm sparking with excitement! It's always fun to have a chance in the hot seat.
MHGG: So tell us, how difficult was it to fit in at Monster High when you first arrived?
Frankie: I was totally nervous! It can be hard when you're the new ghoul. Plus, being only 15 days old on my first day of class didn't make it any easier. Luckily, I quickly learned that fitting in is SO out! It really is all about embracing your flaws.
MHGG: Flaws?
Frankie: Oh, I bolt and spark when I'm voltageously excited. But don’t worry; it's a good thing! I like to think of myself as an open book. People can, like, always see how I'm feeling.
MHGG: High powered! Does it happen when you’re mad?
Frankie: Sparks fly when I'm excited or channeling volts of anger! But don't get me wrong, that's way rare.
MHGG: That's right – last year you were voted "Most Likely To Lend a Helping Hand."
Frankie: I believe that being nice and generous to others is a reward in itself. You should always be nice to your fellow guys and ghouls, and embrace each of their freaky flaws. The saying is true: Be Yourself. Be Unique. Be a Monster. I know first hand how great it feels to just be you.
MHGG: Words of wisdom! Thank you Frankie!
Frankie: Thank you!

Creepateria Announces Epic Change in Lunchtime Procedure

Doll stockphotography - SSP High School V
May 15, 2012

The skies are eerily blue and the trees are a swampy green, which can only mean one thing - spring has finally sprung at Monster High!

Student bodies turned their scowls upside down when the Creepateria announced this week that it would be serving lunch outdoors on the haunted lawn. If the program is successful (and weather permits) it might even lead to more outdoor meals in weeks to come.

Headless Headmistress Bloodgood warmed to the idea of bringing lunch outside after the Student Body Council presented her with the uhhhl-timate proposition. There was, of corpse, one simple caveat - students are responsible for picking up their own trash. Student Body Council member Venus McFlytrap has volunteered her lunch breaks to monitor her fellow bodies.

Staffers can't think of a better way to celebrate the fangtastic weather!

Lagoona Fishes for Aspiring Synchro Swimmers

May 18, 2012

Lagoona Blue, expert certified swimmer, and Monster High's very own swim team superstar is stoked to be offering summer lessons! Staffers have learned she's taking applicants for a very special synchronized swimming class. Blue expects the course to make a huge splash on campus.

"You may be a tadpole confused," Lagoona explained when asked about her choice for summer lessons. "Synchro, as it's often called, is a wicked cool combo of swimming, gymnastics and dance performed in the water to music. It's totally fintastic." Originally known as water ballet, this sinister sport has also made its way into the Olympics.

Even Clawdeen is getting on board to ensure her ghoul is a splashing success. "My mom showed me a montage of old movie scenes with swim-capped ghouls forming circular patterns in an ornate pool, how clawsome is that?" she said. Clawdeen has since offered the resources of the Fashion Club, stating that they will sew their "fingers to the bone, if it means creating furrrocious costumes for Lagoona's class."

If you've never had the chance to see synchro up close and personal, now's your chance to join the action in a monsterific way! Sign up sheets will be posted outside Coach Igor's office all month.

A Stitch in Time with Robecca Steam

Profile art - Robecca Steam
May 24, 2012

In an exclusive interview with new ghoul, Robecca Steam, the MHGG staff sought to pull out information that was previously locked tight in the catacombs. Like clockwork, Robecca opened up and shared a few things even we didn’t expect to hear!

MHGG: Thanks for taking the time to sit down with us, Robecca. I hear you can be quite a tough ghoul to pin down.
Robecca: I will admit – I'm known to run a little behind from time to time. It's an internal clock issue, so I hope you can forgive me for being late.
MHGG: Of course! I think every guy and ghoul is dying to know more about your ultra steam punk rocket boots. Care to divulge?
Robecca: I'm a total scaredevil. I get it from my dad.
MHGG: He was a mad scientist, right?
Robecca: Yeah, a wicked awesome genius. I share his love of scary-cool tricks and treats. I get a total kick-start when everyone stops to watch me do stunts high above the crowd.
MHGG: How riveting!
Robecca: I truly love to perform.
MHGG: I'm glad we got a chance to take a look at your inner workings, ghoul. Thanks for the sit down!
Robecca: I wouldn't have missed this for the world.

June 07

June 07, 2012

Every year I'm handed what seems like a village full of student bodies that refuse to abide by my simple, but extremely important Mad Science Laboratory rules. Do you think I created these rules simply to punish the innocent? No. They are in place to protect you, the slimy students, from getting your grubby little claws on expensive equipment that you might break. So for those of you who are having trouble remembering how to behave in my class, let’s do a quick breakdown:

  1. Don't be late.
  2. No iCoffins in class.
  3. I reserve the right to reassign lab partners.
  4. Don't meddle with laboratory equipment that does not belong to you!

That last rule is particularly important to the six students that were just assigned detention (you know who you are).


Mr. "Hack" Hackington

One Night Only: WeStopHate Summer Concert

June 11, 2012

Holt and Operetta can't wait to bring the house down in honor of the creeperific teen founded organization, WeStopHate!

Tickets to their one night only concert dedicated to promoting tween-esteem are selling out fast (stop by MH Entrail Ticket Agency to nab a pair). Make sure to arrive early to get the beast seats (front row center is the scream of the crop).

"We expect to sell out pretty fast," Operetta told the MHGG. "This is a great cause and monsters everywhere are dying to support it."

Summer Sparks in Monokinis

June 12, 2012

Spring break at Skull Shores may have been magnetic, but seasonal swimwear style definitely doesn't end there (perish the thought)! The summer months are just starting to heat up and as you know, florals and neon are haunting beaches and pool parties this season. But if you’re on the prowl for a style that furrrociously flatters, take a second glance at the often-overlooked monokini!

Monokinis look great whether you're sunbathing on the beach, hitting a few monster waves (although you can bet Lagoona always sports a full wetsuit) and most importantly having fun with your ghouls!

To make the look uniquely yours, try pairing it with your favorite floppy hat or a breathtaking sarong. Extra style points for bright neon colors or floral patterns, ghouls! Finish it off with a pair of shades that flatter the shape of your face and voila – a totally voltage outfit that stuns.

Until the next style report, stay fierce ghouls!


Spectra Unravels Comic-Con Mysteries

Diorama - Scarah's mystery friend Diorama - Scarah through the window Diorama - Scarah's known friend Diorama - stitched screams
June 12, 2012

Bone-breaking news. Spectra has just unearthed startling San Diego Comic-Con deets that are so creepy-cool, the Gory Gazette had to go straight to the presses!

For the first time ever, Monster High will be hosting a Comic-Con panel. And who else will be sitting front and center, than... Scarah and HooDude!

MH Swim Team Beats the Heat at Pool Party

June 18, 2012

Where pool parties are concerned, nothing tops the annual soiree hosted by the MH Swim Team. Each year, the team captain is charged with making the bash bigger and better than ever and this year's host, Lagoona Blue, is pulling out all the stops to deliver on that promise. According to her closest ghoul-pals, Lagoona has been swimming day and night prepping for the monster blowout. "It's guaranteed to make some waves," Clawdeen told reporters, "but what else do you expect? Lagoona and her parents are all about the beast in home pool entertainment."

Curious neighbors have reported strange noises coming from the Blue Family’s Backyard Black Lagoon over the past few days, while famous pool designer Paulo Dragonfire has been captured mysteriously surveying the grounds surrounding the house. Dragonfire is known for his outlandish landscaping and private swim park architecture which often includes Lazy Lizard Rivers, Surf's Up Wave Parks and monstrously wicked water slides.

But epic party plans go much deeper than creeperific pool design. Lagoona's been fishing for the perfect menu and entertainment for weeks! Just imagining the possibilities is enough to make any monster ravishingly hungry. As far as Lagoona is concerned, hotdogs, burgers, and of corpse fruit-bug smoothies to keep cool by the pool are only the tip of the barrier reef. She’s also invited Holt Hyde to DJ the cook out and has requested that he keep the party vibe pounding with a spicy summer time mix.

Rumor has it all of Lagoona's ghouls are itching to turn the party into an unofficial swimwear fashion show, and Clawdeen couldn't be more excited. "It's the event of the season. Any monster who's any monster will be there. It's time for monsteristas everywhere to bring their fashion A-game!"

I for one am sparking with excitement that this reporter (and dead-icated swim team member) snagged a coveted invite.

Calling All Monster Poets

Diorama - Hoodude's closeup
June 25, 2012

Every monster knows that one of the cornertombs of Monster High is its outstanding academic record in the Creepological Sciences, but few know that it also boasts a thrilling Liberal Arts program that has been thriving for centuries. With classes like Dead Languages and Monster Mythology scoring coffin loads of new students each year and the Dead Poets Society winning the Student Body Award for Beast New Student Club in 2012, it is safe to say the arts are certainly making a spirited comeback.

Luckily, this comeback includes a dead-lightful renaissance the likes of which MH has never seen. Manning the helm of this revival is our very own Hoodude, whose mysteriously ambiguous verse is featured on page 13 of the latest issue of Fearing the Letter, an acclaimed monster poetry journal! Could Monster High have its very own Poet Laureate emerging from the shadows? The Gory Gazette has secured the rights to re-print in full below, so you can be the judge:

Don't Yank My Stitches, by Hoodude

Spirits bring me concentration,
Not overload, don't waste her time,
Recharge her in the sweet sublime,
No star-crossed love waits for translation.
My affection for her is pure devotion,
Possessing every piece of me,
Her eyes drown deep in mystery,
And charge me up with raw emotion.
A stitch in time is truly dead,
If my love for her is left unknown,
I'd fall apart: no blood, nor bone,
No salted tears left here to shed.
So I'll declare my love instead!
Consider this, affection's seed now sown.

July 02

July 02, 2012

Student Bodies everywhere beware – Ghoulia is a total speed demon on her scooter. Despite warning signs scattered across the MH parking lot (and her usual inclination to all things slow paced), Ghoulia has channeled her hero DeadFast in recent weeks and has been seen zipping around campus toting a not-so-thrilled Cleo behind her. Rumor has it the MH Administration is on the hunt for the speedy zombie and is not afraid to hand out citations (if they can catch her, that is).

Word to the wise - Cleo better hold on for dear un-life or she just may lose her head.

Headline: Summer Shoes Heat Up Warm Weather Style

July 04, 2012

Sky-high heels are gracing the paws of Monster High's most furrrociously fashionable student bodies this summer, and fashion staffers could not be more thrilled to report the most UHHH-mazing warm weather trends to hit local beaches. Kicking things off right are MH's trendsetting Wolf sisters, Clawdeen and Howleen. Monsterazzi photos have captured the ghouls taking the unusual and turning it into something totally freaky-fab. They've recently been seen sporting mismatched pairs of pumps! While some traditional monsters may cry foul, these fashionistas have owned the trend and have officially turned the boardwalk into their catwalk.

"As long as they're in the same style family," says Howleen, "rocking different shoes is a totally clawsome way to make a freaky-fab fashion statement!"

Of course, Lagoona wants to remind her beast gils to bring a pair of practical shoes for the beach or picnics by the lake. "Flip flops or flats are best for sand," she shares. If you can't bring yourself to go totally flat, at least try a pair of fintastic woven espadrilles. The weave design will scream summer fun, but the platform sole will keep you balanced in the potentially uneven terrain.

No matter what your shoe choice, always remember that your favorite footwear is a reflection of your freaky-fierce and unique personality.

Headline: Frankenstein's Letter to the Editor

July 05, 2012

Dear Editor,

My daughter's recent trip into the recesses of the Monster High catacombs not only disturbs, but also angers me.

Should not a skeleton key, such as the one that opens up my former laboratory, be under strict supervision by the Monster High Administration at all times? The catacombs can be a frightful place, and unsupervised monsters should never be allowed inside. When I was but a young monster conducting my first experiments down there, the school was reported to have lost 13 student bodies to the mysterious underbelly.

Readers of your esteemed publication should take heed this warning – do not go into the catacombs without an ancient adult present. There are things down there that no monster should ever have to see. That being said, I am quite happy that Frankie unearthed my beloved childhood pet that had been missing for the better part of a few centuries.


July 09

July 09, 2012

Honor student Ghoulia Yelps knew at a young age that she was created to be DeadFast's number one fan.

"I picked up a copy of DeadFast #7 and I was hooked," Ghoulia explained as she sipped on her Coffin Bean coffinccino during our exclusive sit down interview. Her demeanor was unusually perky for the slow to thrill zombie, so I knew she was more than excited to talk about her biggest hero. "My mom has been purchasing the comic for me ever since I was young. I really do believe it was her nurturing that allowed me to explore my love not only of DeadFast, but of comic books in general."

Last year, Yelps was lucky enough to capture a coveted ticket to the dead-lightful San Diego Comic-Con, where she was able to explore her geek-chic roots among monsters and friends.

"Comic-Con was like no other," she gushed. Her coffee was pushed aside, her hands now occupied with doodling a picture of DeadFast on her napkin. "I'm uhhhn-believably excited to go again this year. Scarah and HooDude will be with me, front row at the Monster High panel, so I've been spending the past few weeks giving them tips about what to do, where to go and who to see while we're there."

Though not all of her friends will be able to make it down to SDCC, she assures that all will have an opportunity to stay tuned in to the latest Comic-Con news and gossip. “The Monster High administration is great about keeping student bodies informed of all the happenings at SDCC,” she said as she handed me her uhhh-mazing napkin doodle. "Would you like to keep this? I hope you like DeadFast as much as I do."

Who am I to pass up a Ghoulia Yelps original?

How to Snag New Student Style

Tumblr - Operetta student style Tumblr - Venus student style Tumblr - Rochelle student style
Tumblr - Toralei student style Tumblr - Jackson student style Tumblr - Robecca student style
July 10, 2012

New student style has captured the hearts of student bodies across campus this summer. Fashion Club president, Clawdeen Wolf was asked to comment on the rising trend:

"Monsters are just dying to work style elements into their wardrobe that reflect some of our freaky-fierce new student bodies. Boys are totally loving Jackson's geek-chic bow ties and sweater vests. They're everywhere these days! We're also seeing a spike in cat scratch clothing (a la Toralei) and stained glass patterns similar to the ones Rochelle rocks. I've never seen more unique lurks than Venus and Robecca, but both ghouls totally know how to make fashion their own. Oh, and I can't forget school songstress Operetta! The spider-web detailing on some of her outfits is totally wild!

It's furrrocious to see ghouls using each other for creeperific fashion inspiration. The Fashion Club has even put together this fangtastic guide to working the beast student inspired summer styles. Pick up a copy today outside the Home Ick lab and you can be rocking these style tips within the week!"

Headline: Comic-Con Day 1 Thrills

SDCCI 2012 - Bloodgood stockphoto
July 12, 2012

The UHHH-tter madness behind San Diego Comic-Con day one is finally being put to rest, and I would like to take this brief reprise to compose a detailed recap of the day's most thrilling events for MHGG readers. While I have been blessed with the opportunity to grace San Diego Comic-Con in the past, I feel that the energy behind this year's convention is much more electric. My initial thesis was that Frankie had something to do with this charged up atmosphere, but upon further investigation I concluded that the pending Monster High panel (the very first of its kind here at Comic-Con) was, in fact, the culprit. Monsters are swarming the convention center floor in anticipation of tomorrow's panel of MH experts. I myself have already marked my front row seat for what I can only imagine will be the highlight of my trip.

But enough about what is to come! I am a zombie that likes to draw out every moment possible and today included one truly spectacular moment that I have been un-dying to share with the MHGG readers. It was announced today that our very own Headless Headmistress Bloodgood will be the next of our kind to be immortalized as a MH doll. Is that not the most thrilling news you have heard in centuries? My sources back home tell me that HH Bloodgood is so excited that she temporarily misplaced her own head. Thankfully, it was found hours later, mysteriously lodged in the hoop on the Casketball court. It was immediately turned in to the main office.

I promise to continue to report the most UHHH-mazing news as it breaks here in San Diego. Until tomorrow, stay comical, guys and ghouls. - Ghoulia

Comic-Con Day 2, Ghoulia's Dead-light

SDCCI 2012 - Polterghoul and Wonder Wolf stockphoto
July 13, 2012

If San Diego thrilled on day one, guys and ghouls, I cannot begin to express my UHHHn-believable feelings toward the dead-lights that today brought.

Not only was today Friday the 13th (certainly my favorite howliday, by far), but it was also the first ever Monster High Panel at San Diego Comic-Con! I was absolutely ecstatic to be offered front row seats (along with friends Scarah and HooDude) to this other-worldly event. Imagine, if you will, Monster High designers and creators sitting mere feet in front of me (mere feet)! These guys and ghouls are legends at Monster High! It was so UHHH-mazing to witness their discussions up close and personal during the panel. I could not have crafted better questions than the ones that were presented from the audience. The air was filled with an electricity that can only be described (in Frankie's words) as "voltage!" The panel ended with an award (which in my opinion is how every presentation should end) and while I did not win the costume contest, I will admit that the [guy/ghoul] who did win was absolutely deserving of the crown. Luckily, Cleo was not here, otherwise heads would have rolled, as she insists on always having the beast headpieces and always, well, winning.

Prior to the panel was another event that I had been anxiously anticipating. Early in the day, dozens of monsters materialized at the signing area for a Monster Meet Up of epic proportions! I have never seen this many student bodies congregating outside the boundaries of Monster High! It was an enchanting sight to see. I truly wish that all MHGG readers could have been there to experience the monster love. I am so proud to be a monster in this unique moment. Additionally, the day was filled with excitement as fans got to experience the new MH photo booth! I will surely be sending a few of those pictures back for this year's Fearbook.

Finally, the day would not be complete without a report on yet another doll reveal. Yesterday, it was our beloved Headmistress. Today, administrators revealed that two of my closest ghouls will soon be transformed into superheroes! As you can probably imagine, I was shocked, awed and completely inspired by this creeperific revelation.

Until next time – stay comical, guys and ghouls! - Ghoulia

Ghoulia's Day 3 Comic-Con Musings

SDCCI 2012 - Catrine stockphoto
July 14, 2012

While yesterday was filled with tomb sized revelations, today certainly did not disappoint. This morning I rose quicker than DeadFast, eager to partake in the revitalizing energy that has been haunting the convention room floor all weekend. When I arrived at the Mattel signing area, I was pleased to find a gaggle of ghouls already taking advantage of the fan photo booth. I have copied a few of my favorite selections in this article in the hope that Spectra may re-blog and use this article as source material for her next gossip piece. The booth was particularly popular in the morning as monsters warmed up to the excitement of the day.

What no one was expecting (myself included) was the shocking reveal that came as the afternoon unravelled. Believe it or not, a third and final new doll was unearthed for fans today. I would like to take this opportune time to announce to all monsters that new student, Catrine DeMew will soon be counted among our ranks at Monster High. I was lucky enough to warrant a small moment of her time while in line for a coffinccino and I must admit, my first (though brief) encounter with her was quiet pleasant. I cannot wait for everyone back at home to meet her.

All in all, the day was both thrilling and exhausting. I leave you now so that I can crawl into my hotel tomb and sleep, in the hopes of being rested for my final day in San Diego tomorrow. Until then, stay comical guys and ghouls! - Ghoulia

Comic-Con: Ghoulia's Final Day Thoughts

July 15, 2012

I regret to inform my dead-icated readers that today was my final day at San Diego Comic-Con. My time here has been nothing short of UHHH-mazing, though I will admit, part of me is ready to sleep in my own tomb again. Today's article will be brief, as I am quite unnerved by the thought of flying back home tonight. Zombies were certainly not made for travel at such alarming speeds.

Alas, the final day of Comic-Con was filled with coffin loads of love and respect from monsters that came thousands of miles to take part in such a special weekend. There was a line a mile long of guys and ghouls dying to get into the photo booth one last time. I even saw a few ghouls who I know would fit in perfectly with my beast friends back home. I had so many wonderful conversations with so many dead-lightful monsters that I am already dying to plan my trip for next summer. I want to extend monstrous thanks to all of the guys and ghouls that made this year's Comic-Con possible, especially those who showed their UHHH-tter devotion to Monster High. I am truly proud to call myself a monster among monsters.

Until next year, guys and ghouls - stay comical. - Ghoulia

Holt Secret Hyde-a-Way

July 24, 2012

Summer tour set lists certainly don't materialize out of thin air! Most of the time it takes a keen eye, a well trained ear and a little R&R to get Holt's creative juices flowing and nothing beats the warm summer heat and cool breezes near Epic Falls. Sources say that Holt is known to haunt a small, secluded spot near the falls for days at a time when he is preparing a new set list or working out some particularly complicated beats.

While his public persona screams sizzling party, it appears that Holt may have a sensitive, quiet side that is exposed during his creative process.

Mysterious Student Body Activity Revealed

July 26, 2012

ICoffin alert! The guys and ghouls of Monster High have been captured checking in on Fourscare in random locations that criss-cross the map around MH. What could be drawing everyone out of coffins and into the light? The Gory Gazette is pleased to report that the mystery has been unraveled – it's a super secret ice scream truck!

With exciting flavors like Booberry Pie, Rocky Roadkill, and of course, every zombie's favorite, Gellatoe, it's clearly the beast place to find a cool treat this summer! Now that the secret is out and monsters are on the hunt, expect terribly long lines to form in neighborhoods surrounding the campus.

Nefera Reigns Supreme in Scare-Mart Circular

July 27, 2012

Will a recent modeling gig give Nefera de Nile the popularity boost she desires most? For the past few days, rumors have been flying that a new freakishly stylish fashion shoot for popular store, Scare-Mart, will turn guys and ghouls heads this weekend.

The Scare-Mart advertising art director for a new circular scouted Nefera during a recent model casting for Fearleading Weekly magazine. She will be sporting superior summer dresses, strappy sandals to die for and sizzling swimsuits that are bound to heat up summer sales for the clothing store giant. While Nefera declined to comment, her sister Cleo was over the pyramids excited for this rare and legendary opportunity.

"I can hardly wait for the Sunday papers!" gushed Cleo. "Even though she drives me insane, I'm proud of my sister's career revival."

SDCC: Behind the Screams Video

July 27, 2012

Recently obtained by the Monster High Gory Gazette, this behind the screams video (which was co-produced by the Monster High AV Club) shows a particularly freaky-fab side to the dead-lightful underbelly of San Diego Comic-Con 2012.

Headless Headmistress Bloodgood, the AV Club's faculty advisor, is on record with the MHGG in support of this voltage new video. "This latest production will allow student bodies a freak peek into a side of Comic-Con that they may never have seen before," HH Bloodgood said. "While a select few are able to experience the excitement in person, we at Monster High believe all monsters should have the opportunity to see the creeperific things that go on during the convention. I have a feeling this video will leave many heads spinning, in a good way!"

Just before going to press, the MHGG learned that the student body population has formed quite a mob in the halls, clamoring to see this most unique and thrilling video.

Heath Burns Breathes Fire on His "Haters"

July 30, 2012


During a recent Creative Conjuring Class, we were challenged with writing a personal essay exploring inner thoughts of self. Heads turned towards me instantly. No one thinks I can be serious; Ghouls laugh at me when I try and ask them out; teachers always blame me for pranks. Well, the truth is I am a very serious monster, with a lot of deep feelings. To set the record straight, so to speak, I decided to publish my essay (which got an A by the way). Breathe fire all you want, because I'm proud of who I am.

WHO AM I? The Monster Inside.
By Heath Burns

It's hard out there for a mildly funny prankster. Most monsters deal with the same questions of self – who am I? What do I want in un-life? Even some of my closest monsters wonder who I am, and to be honest, many times so do I. It leads me to ask, can one ever truly know the real monster inside? Or is un-life just a continuous hunt to find purpose to feed the soul? I know that one thing that truly feeds me is my passion for fun, but no one seems to get the humor in my punch lines. The hardest part is being tormented by the feeling that no monster will ever truly understand me.

Most times, I just feel completely misunderstood. On the outside, I'm Heath Burns – class clown and UHHHn-defeated prankster! It's an external personae – everyone has one. Don't get me wrong, I love to laugh and practical jokes really are my forte, but occasionally a monster just wants to mellow out and have a serious convo with the pretty ghoul from Biteology class. Unfortunately, most monsters don't let me express my sensitive side, because they expect a joke at every turn. Since I’m a pro, I always give my audience what they expect – but sometimes it can be a total buzz kill.

That being said, the Heath Burns lifestyle is one awesome ride! I am who I am, and that's all I want or need to be. Monsters may think they have my personality pegged, but they're dead wrong. I am strong, unique and totally the beast guy to have around when you’re in need of a gut busting laugh. But I'm also caring and creative – so don't forget you should never judge a clown by his worst joke.

I am myself, I am unique and I am a freakishly awesome monster!

New Classes Have Heads Spinning in Excitement

July 31, 2012

It's no secret that Headless Headmistress Bloodgood plans to announce new classes to the course lineup this fall, but what exactly can student bodies lurk forward to? According to our sources, the skulltastic new selection will span from the sciences to the arts (and every gory detail in between). It's been said some classes have been locked in the coffin for years, their syllabuses being perfected with the most caring third eye.

Here's a deeper look at what was just released! Pick up your copy of the final list at the front office and make sure to sign up early to get the beast class schedule!

Into the Abyss Algebra

This course is designed to assist student bodies in successfully learning the mysteries behind Abyss Algebra. Monsters will be taught using a variety of methods, preparing them for the torture chambers of standardized math tests that await them at the end of the year.

Other Worldly Science

This course is for student bodies that have a desire to become familiar with the supernatural, the things that go bump in the night and techniques we use to observe them. Each week students will have one midnight session at Ogre Observatory. Monster High will provide transportation to and from the observatory. Activities will focus on (1) Practical mythology from the standpoint of understanding the motions of monsters across time and space, (2) Telescopes and their use, (3) Nature of supernatural objects, which are observable with the unaided eye or small telescope.

Oracle Journalism

This course is the required introductory course for student bodies who want to contribute to the Monster High Gory Gazette. Through a combination of required readings, creative exercises, peer critiques and critical discussions, monsters will learn to develop both their third eyes as well as their sixth senses and will come to form a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of oracle journalism.

Phantom Photography 101

Building on methods and tools explored in Chop-shop for Photographers, this course offers an introduction to Phantom Photography techniques. Through demonstrations and readings, students learn to make slimy selection and color correction, scream of the crop editing and principles of creepology that are utilized in the photography process. Emphasis is on the development and exploration of a phantastic vision and the creation of a diabolical portfolio. Must be a Tell Tale Arts and Sciences student to enroll.

Ula D Power-lunches with Famous Advice Columnist

August 01, 2012

"Dear Draculaura" fans should get excited! Gory Gazette contributor Draculaura has been sending postcards from France ever since she landed on her summer vaca, and besides updates on her visit to the Eiffel Terror, her vegan cheese tasting notes and details on her late night walks through the Père Lachaise Cemetery, the vamp experienced a once in a lifetime opportunity!

During a coffee break at the Coffin Bean's sister French pavement cafe, Cafe de Cercueil, she ran into infamous advice columnist Jan Landslide who gave her some excellent tips for "Dear Draculaura."

"I was totes blown away by Ms. Landslide's insights into sharing epic advice," Draculaura shared. "I can't wait to put her tricks into practice!"

Tips For The Stylish Manster

August 06, 2012

It's pretty safe to say all the ghouls and guys here at Monster High have monstrously cool fashion taste. Cleo tells me all the time that my style is royal (and everyone knows her approval is pretty hard to secure) so when the Gory Gazette asked me to write up something quick on men's fashion, I couldn’t think of a reason to scream no.

Deuce's Four Tips for Mega Manster Style

Whether you're looking to be legendary, express yourself or just keep it simple, here are my top four tips for keeping style real:

  • To be way out of sight, mix graphics with patterns. Rocking this super stylin' look can be tough, but if you stay in the same color family you'll have no trouble standing out for your stone bold fashion forward choices.
  • Don't try too hard. The thrown together look is pretty rock solid. Staying simple is the key to pulling this off. If you're worried you've over-done it, you probably have.
  • Green is always a good way to go. Seriously, it looks creeperific on every manster.
  • Always have a pair of shades handy. You never know when you'll want to rock out in the sun, plus they look wicked awesome with any outfit.

Viral Monster High Design Lab Video Sparks New Life

August 08, 2012

The latest viral video to send the student body into a craze shares masterful tips on monster creation using a special new lab, a top secret device previously kept under wraps.

"I can't wait to test out the Monster High Design Lab!" sparked Frankie Stein. "I hear we're getting a whole slew of them delivered for a new class, Resurrection 101. I'm already signed up!"

The Gory Gazette also heard Hoodude Voodoo is already writing up a special student manual to help the freshly created student bodies seamlessly learn the ropes. "It's something I really could have used when I came to Monster High," said Hoodude. "It took me weeks to find the Creepateria!"

August 08

August 08, 2012

The eternal clock is ticking closer and closer to the first day of school and MH new ghoul, Rochelle, is ever so eager to get a head start on all the MH madness.

"I miss some of the rock solid friendships I made last semester at Monster High," the ghoul reported to the MHGG. "I simply cannot wait to immerse myself back into the open culture and monster legacy of this esteemed establishment."

Luckily for Rochelle, student bodies will be haunting the halls in just a few short weeks. Until then, the scary-sweet ghoul will be counting down the minutes until the clock strikes midnight and her nightmares are answered.

Dual Personalities Duel During Interview

August 10, 2012
Gory Gazette: So, there are rumors you two are coming out with a special album release that represents your two sides.
Jackson: I will not confirm or deny the accuracy of this rumor.
Holt: That would be wiiiiiiiild if you ask me! Oh yeah!
Gory Gazette: Does that mean its happening?
Jackson: If you don't mind, I'd like to talk about something else.
Gory Gazette: OK. Tell us about your relationship with Frankie Stein!
Holt: Heck yeah! That girl is miiiiighty fine! She and I have a date next we--
Jackson: This is not a good topic either.
Gory Gazette: Jackson, what would you like to discuss?
Jackson: Well, I was in the creepateria the other day and was really excited to see something normal on the menu for once. It was actually my favorite food, macaroni and cheese! There were no eyeballs, or dragon scales, or brain crumbs. I think my "Normie Food" petition to Headless Headmistress Bloodgood finally got through and I'd like to take this opportunity to say tha--
Holt: Dude, you are soooo boring! Get a life!
Gory Gazette: How do you two keep interrupting each other? Aren't you the same body? This is the most bizarre phone interview I've ever conducted.
Jackson: Unfortunately, our annoying neighbor keeps changing the radio station. I wish he would just leave it on Cupid's talk show, but he seems to want to—
Holt: Paaartay!

Monsters Form Mobs for Fashion

August 14, 2012

Fangtastic fashionistas and clawesome style mavens will be leaping into local mauls this weekend for some skin tingling back to school sales!

Monster High's resident fashion experts, Cleo de Nile and Clawdeen Wolf will no doubt be ready to set the trends this school year. It's expected that each of them will be three moons ahead of whatever fall trends are haunting designer runways. Also expected to impress are fresh bodies Operetta (with a rockabilly style that continues to thrill) and Robecca Steam (with her hot steam punk lurk). Sources tell the MHGG that these ghouls are also expected to step out of the shadows and into the spotlight this season.

Rumors are flying that the scary sweetest deals will be at Gloomingdale's, Fangever 13 and Scare-mart.

The MHGG staff can't wait to get the freaky-fab fashion show started!

Toralei Digs at Past Life

August 16, 2012

Last night Toralei was spotted scratching at the door of a mysteriously unrecognizable home. Upon further investigation, the MHGG has learned that the door belongs to the fierce feline's former Juvi facility. Toralei appeared to be carrying large bags of food, smelling strongly of tuna and kibble, and cartons of farm fresh milk. Her visit lasted only a few hours, but sources associated with the center confirm that this is not her first time visiting since she left the home years ago.

When stopped for comment on her way out, Toralei hissed angrily and darted off like a cat on a hot tin roof. Perhaps this conniving kitty isn't as hard hearted as some student bodies may think.

Abbey Brings Heat on Wheels

Diorama - SKRM Abbey closeup Diorama - SKRM Abbey aside Diorama - SKRM Abbey aside closeup Diorama - SKRM Abbey shoes
August 23, 2012

The latest after school activity to possess the ghouls of Monster High is the ever epic – Roller Derby! While many monsters are ditching their wedges for a pair of retro skates, no one has taken to the immortal intramural sport like Abbey. "Was like second nature," Abbey told the MHGG after one particularly grueling Bout. "Skate no different than snow board. I bring on the avalanche in the track."

It's true that Abbey has excelled at the newly recognized sport in just a few short weeks of practice. Teammates say that she may even be voted MVP this sizzling summer season. "I can't comment on that," said teammate Frankie Stein, "but let's just say she can grand slam like no one I know!"

Debut School Outfits Score Mass Appeal

August 28, 2012

Furrrocious fashion rules the halls of Monster High and no one is as excited for "first day of school" style as Clawdeen Wolf. "As Fashion Club President, I am howling to announce that back to school fashion promises to be absolutely clawsome this year," Clawdeen wrote in a statement to the MHGG. She goes on to say that she anticipates more than just a few student bodies will piece together freaky-fab, MH inspired, debut outfits that are bound to thrill on the first day of class. Studies show that monsters express their creativity in thrilling ways toward the beginning of a new school year. The Fashion Club hopes to capitalize on this creativity by stitching up a three-page spread for this year's Fearbook. "We're asking all monsters to submit photos of their most fangtastic first day looks," Clawdeen's memo continues. "We're just dying to see what everyone has been keeping locked in the coffin."

August 30

August 30, 2012

The Monster High administration would like to remind monsters everywhere about the health concerns that can plague student bodies during the summer months. While grime flu and the uncommon cold are two illnesses to be on the lookout for, Headless Headmistress Bloodgood is most concerned about the spread of the ghastly polka dot fever.

"Polka dot fever is not something to be taken lightly," HH Bloodgood told reporters. "It can haunt a monster for weeks if not treated properly." While there are catacombs filled with rumored remedies, the MH Witch Doctor reports that few of them are actually ever successful.

What does work? Rest, relaxation, and a little love from your beast ghoulfriends.

Spirited Voters Form More than Flash Mob

September 04, 2012

Spirited student bodies will be thrilled to hear that this year's school play choice will be put to a creeperific vote! Top options to consider will include High Skull Musical, Phantom on the Roof, and Death of a Scalesman.

Headmistress Bloodgood chose to leave this year's play up to the masses after hisses and howls over last year's poorly reviewed rendition of Scream It On: The Musical. Toralei is certainly a smitten kitten over the announcement, which was made public earlier this morning. "Let's not lie, sometimes you just need to put choices like these into the paws of the professionals. I know my classmates will make the purrrfect choice in the end. Especially if they choose my favorite, Death of a Scalesman."

Monsters will have until midnight to deliver their ballots to the Screamatorium. Make sure to cast your vote, before it's too late.

Fashion Slays on First Day of School

September 05, 2012

The first day of school has officially set the trend for fangtastic fashion statements. Drop dead gorgeous outfits from famous student bodies like Cleo de Nile, who strutted in the Monster High front doors in a new pair of golden chunk platforms from the Jessica Scareson line, definitely did not disappoint. Never to be outdone, Clawdeen lurked equally furrrocious in leopard stiletto heels.

Newcomer Robecca Steam skyrocketed into the fashion spotlight with bold navy prints and steam punk flair that blew much of the competition out of the sky. Her riveting lurk is bound to set monster trends this semester among long-time and new student bodies alike! Operetta is another ghoul haunting the halls and setting monster trends this season in a goregeous rockabilly houndstooth jacket and Victory curls.

Other back to skull fashions we've seen breathing life into the undead this year are leather bomber jackets, patchwork plaids and stripes, tons of freaky-fab sparkling accessories and, of corpse, always staying true to your unique monster self!

Crowded Halls Make For Creeptastic Atmosphere

September 06, 2012

The halls of Monster High have been crawling with student bodies – old and new – as the fall semester creeps back into high gear. "Sometimes it can be a little tight in the halls," reported C.A. Cupid, "but it makes for a lovely atmosphere between classes." With music pumped in through the loudspeakers, courtesy of epic DJ Holt Hyde, the halls have practically been turned into a late night dance haunt. In Frankie's words – it's totally voltage! But not every monster is as excited to partaay between bells. Ghoulia Yelps prefers a slightly slower pace. "It is already extremely difficult to navigate the halls as a zombie. Our slow nature provides enough hurdles, we don't need extra bodies to have to maneuver over," Ghoulia explained. "That being said, I do enjoy seeing my beast friends hour after hour. They really are the cornertomb of Monster High." Good luck navigating the halls guys and ghouls, it may be treacherous, but at least it's a party!

Frankie Finds Beast Ghoul Friends

September 07, 2012

Rumors have been flying for days over Frankie's supposed possession of tickets to an upcoming haunt concert! The one question on every guy and ghoul's mind is – who will she choose to go with her? According to the masses, everyone thinks they are the final choice and beast friend. "Let's just put this rumor to rest right here, right now. I have it on high authority that I, Cleo DeNile, will be Frankie's exquisite escort to the concert. Obviously." Will Cleo win the uhhhl-timate prize and claim the title of Frankie's beastie? Only time will tell.

Skultimate Roller Maze Season Kicks Off with Official Rule Announcement

Diorama - waiting SKRM trio Diorama - SKRM Abbey and Operetta
September 13, 2012

With the new SKRM season about to unravel, editors at the MHGG have decided to publish an official rule breakdown for those monsters who may be unfamiliar with the dare-devilsh revival sport that is creating quite the craze at monster institutions everywhere. Skultimate Roller Maze (or SKRM for short) is a centuries old activity highlighting the uhhhl-timate in labyrinth-monster creativity. The classic rules state that the winning team is the first to get all three of its members into the center of the ever evolving labyrinth, though modern rules dictate that only one player need cross to determine a win. Scholastic competition follows modern rules to shorten matches that would, in past occasions last over thirteen hours! 
In simplest of terms, the rules are as follows:

  1. Teams consist of six players- three active and three on reserve.
  2. Teams begin the race from opposite sides of the labyrinth.
  3. Monsters must use their skates to navigate the labyrinth and all its obstacles during the race. Removal of skates by team members at any time during the race will result in an automatic forfeit.

  4. No phasing through, burrowing under, flying, climbing, or jumping over labyrinth walls.
  5. Only one team monsters must reach the center of the labyrinth to win a contest. They do not have to all reach the center at the same time.
  6. Injured team monsters may be replaced, but the replacement monster must start at the beginning of the labyrinth.

  7. Labyrinth obstacles are randomly generated by the maze itself, after each team has announced their three-monster line up. Obstacles may be physical or mental in nature. 

  8. Each team will be required to overcome the same sets of obstacles.

  9. Monsters who have the ability to transform may do so as long as the transformation does not result in non-skating locomotion.
  10. Referees will be strategically placed throughout the labyrinth as well as in the center to assure teams follow the rules.

With the spirited revival of this sport sweeping the monster nation, you are sure to catch SKRM fever the first time you see it played. With Frankie, Abbey, Ghoulia, Lagoona, Operetta, Draculaura and Clawdeen on the roster this season, Monster High (which is currently ranked number one in the underworld) is bound to take home top prize.

Lagoona and Gil Campaign for Cutest Couple

September 17, 2012

If you've seen a scary-cute couple haunting the halls lately, your eyes are not deceiving you. It appears Gil and Lagoona can't help but campaign for this year's cutest couple. "We aren't trying to make the ballot," Gil told the MHGG. "But if blokes happen to vote for us," Lagoona chimed in, "we thank you for your consideration." Past cute contenders, Clawd and Draculaura, agree that this water-soluble couple deserves an honorable mention. Ula-D reports that she can't help but swoon when she sees them fin in fin in the hallways. Ballots will be tallied throughout the year, with the final announcement being made prior to the commencement ceremonies in June. Remember to keep this fintastic couple in mind when casting your vote.

Going Green Brings Glory

September 19, 2012

New student body, Venus McFlytrap, blossomed onto the Monster High scene mere months ago, but her "Go Green!" movement has already taken over guys and ghouls alike. MH Guidance Counselor, Mr. D'eath, sees a growing potential in this new ghoul-gone-green telling the MHGG that she "has cultivated a green spirit around campus that students have really latched on to. She is certainly a student body who is a developing leader in our student community." So far, this punk princess activist has not only produced a successful recycling campaign, but has even started a spark of interest in a ride-share program designed to cut down on the MH carbon footprint. "We can each do our part," Venus explained, "to ensure that Monster High (and our creeperific world) will be around for millions of centuries to come. It only takes one monster to make a huge difference."

Monster High Goes Dark, Robecca Saves Day

September 20, 2012

For those of you still reeling from last week's major technology spook, staffers at the MH Gory Gazette have compiled a list of Robecca's most riveting tips for crafting work technology free:

  • Don't rely on your iCoffin as your timepiece. A creeperific wrist watch to match every outfit will leave you freaky-fierce and always fashionably on time.
  • Clawculators may seem speedy, but they sure take the fun out of functional! Try an abacus once in a while. If they were good enough for the ancients, they're good enough for me!
  • Headphones are great for music on-the-go, but nothing beats an impromptu live performance with friends in the quad.
  • Like my ghoul Venus always says "Go Green!" We don't need bright overhead lights 24/7. If your power is down, enjoy your favorite activities by candlelight (safely, of corpse).
  • Unplug every once in a while. Every monster just needs a minute now and again to power down, tune up and reboot! You'll thank me later.

Roller Maze Craze Consumes MH

Diorama - SKRM quintet v-formation
September 21, 2012

What's the newest sinister sport gaining momentum at Monster High? Skultimate Roller Maze, of corpse! The ghouls team has been lacing up their skates daily and heading down to the roller rink for a rough and tumble practice that would keep any monster on her toes. Team members Operetta and Ghoulia can't stop raving (and groaning) about how scary-cool the new maze track is. Frankie Stein loves her voltage roller skates and Lagoona digs the new rush that racing offers. Excitement around roller maze is sure to reach a fever pitch when competitions begin later this fall. Rumors are stirring that Abbey Bominable has already convinced ghoulfriends Draculaura and Clawdeen Wolf to try out later this week! The Skultimate team will no doubt skate laps around the competition in the coming skate season!

Clawd Unleashes His Freaky-Fab Fall Style

Diorama - Clawd's fashion sense
September 24, 2012

Though his sister gets a lot of fashion cred around Monster High, Clawd Wolf is no fashion victim himself; rumor has it, he even takes occasional advice from his sassy sis Clawdeen. The MHGG sat down with him earlier this week to get the low down on a few fall fashion picks that you're sure to go wild over.

Gory Gazette: Clawd, may we say you are looking very clawesome today.
Clawd: Well, thanks. Actually Clawdeen helped me pick out the shirt and bandanna.
Gory Gazette: Well, of corpse (we would expect nothing less from the monsterista)! Soooo where do you usually shop for your breathtaking bandannas?
Clawd: I like to visit some boutique shops in the downtown area. There is this one really fangtastic shop that imports them from Scaris.
Gory Gazette: Wow, that's so voltage! What are your fall must haves this year?
Clawd: I'm a strong believer in keeping your look fresh (and your wallet full) with small updates that add extra flair. My favorites are old skull wool hats and tweed vests paired with matching plaid belts.
Gory Gazette: We know quite a few ghouls with mega crushes on you! It probably doesn't hurt that you always look so well groomed.
Clawd: Well, the grooming takes a lot of time, I shed at least a third of my body weight each day! But I owe a lot to my ghoul, Draculaura. She makes me wildly happy – and that's the beast lurk a guy can sport.
Gory Gazette: So. Scary. Cute. Okay last question, what is the one fall fashion item you can't live without?
Clawd: I'm extremely attached to my leather boots! I wear them every day.

Werecats Plot Next Vicious Victory

Diorama - twins to win
September 26, 2012

Never ones to shy away from a little healthy competition, Purrsephone and Meowlody are already plotting their victory for this year's upcoming Monster Mashionals. With round-the-clock conspiring and training we wouldn't be surprised if they got the win! Though their previous purrformances have been overshadowed by other felines, their dead-UHHH-cation is sure to win over the judges. We even hear rumblings of custom matching uniforms in signature burnt orange.

The twins dispelled sentiments that choreographing fear squad routines was easy for them because they agree on everything.

"People always assume we finish the other's sentences and always think alike," said Purrsephone, "but we disagree on plenty of topics, like what music to play during our routines."

Despite some cat fights along the way, it would seem that the twins' feline reflexes and ability to always land on their feet would certainly give them a tail up in Mashionals. Competition is sure to heat up later this year.

Student Bodies Plan to Take Back Halloween

October 01, 2012

Halloween spirits are soaring through the halls of MH this week! Rather than let normies capture all of the fangtastic fun, the Associated Student Bodies of Monster High have announced they will take back the howliday by throwing the most epic ghouls gala of them all.

"The Fashion Club is already in high gear," Clawdeen reported, "and we'll be working our fingers to the bone to get costumes done in time." Uhhhl-timately, the hard work will pay off for guys and ghouls who can't remember a time when they weren't afraid to celebrate Halloween. "I'm just hearing a lot of these re-voltage stories for the first time," Frankie said of the rumors, "but it sounds horrific! Normies dressed like monsters and playing tricks in order to receive candy? It's the stuff nightmares are made of."

Are the terrible stories true or just epically scary legend? Only time will tell.

Scarah Screams Out of the Shadows

Diorama - Scarah to yellow
October 02, 2012
Gory Gazette: So, Scarah. You're a scarily quiet one. We've been sparking to sit down with you ever since you agreed to this interview!
Scarah: I've found that most monsters take what I say as predictions of doom, so it's easier to just be quiet so no one is confused. But just because I'm quiet doesn't mean I'm not listening.
Gory Gazette: Tell us more about TSL (Telepathy as a Second Language)?
Scarah: I've been taking it for years. It's helpful for when I want to communicate, but feel like speaking verbally might be taken the wrong way.
Gory Gazette: Can you give us an example of speaking gone bad?
Scarah: OK. One time at fear squad practice I told Cleo that being at the bottom of the pyramid was a lot of pressure for me and I was wondering if I could get closer to the top. Then Toralei hissed at me, concerned I was trying to take control of the squad. Apparently, the top is reserved only for fear squad leadership (who knew?!).
Gory Gazette: Oh. My. Gore.
Scarah: Yeah. It was pretty awkward. Thankfully, I corrected the miscommunication and all is now well.
Gory Gazette: Okay, new topic. We hear a certain guy is very hot on you.
Scarah: Yes, Heath Burns does ask me out a lot. But I always say no.
Gory Gazette: Why?
Scarah: you really have to ask?
Gory Gazette: We think Heath means well! Have you read his essay we published last month?
Scarah: Well, yes. It was quite touching.
Gory Gazette: Could love be brewing?
Scarah: To be honest I'm not that concerned about dating right now. I'd rather read a thrilling book.
Gory Gazette: Fair enough.

Draculaura Batty for Fall Veggies

October 03, 2012

Fall may have just begun, but dead-lightfully fresh, season-friendly vegetables are springing up all over Draculaura's homegrown garden this month. "I know it's difficult to believe, but it's hard out there on a veggie-loving vamp!" Draculaura told reporters when asked about her latest batch of organic fare. "I've been tending my own garden of greens for centuries." According to her, nurturing your own vegetable and herb garden can be a great way to make sure you're eating what makes you feel good, getting the fangtastic nutrients you need and allowing you an outlet to de-stress. "You'd be surprised how relaxing it is to re-pot your own herbs," she told the MHGG. Not to mention, Ula-D makes it a creeperific family affair. "I try to get my dad out of the catacombs every now and again. Count Fabulous and I love it when Dad grabs some garden sheers and really gets his hands dirty!"

Fear Squad Fundraiser Helps Children's Charities

October 04, 2012

The Fear Squad is out in full force today, working hard to ensure their favorite children's charities receive royal amounts of donations. They'll be serving your favorite drinks at the Coffin Bean all day long.

"The squad has been conjuring up this fundraiser for years," Cleo reported to the MHGG. "As captain, I vow to bring good fortune on these superior groups."

But former captain, and Cleo's big sister, Nefera, begs to differ when it comes to final numbers. "I am the current record holder and no one will dare top that number." Only time will tell if Cleo and her ghouls will make their mark.

Abbey Melts Hearts, Gala Costume Unearthed Early

October 10, 2012

Halloween is still a few weeks away, but gala costumes are all every monster is moaning about. "Costumes are of epic importance," explained dress up queen, Cleo de Nile. "Making a superior costume debut can make or break a ghoul!" It comes as no surprise then that many costumes are kept locked in the coffin until the big night itself. Lucky for MHGG readers, we've captured a freak peak at one truly melt-worthy fashion find. Abbey Bominable premiered a truly stunning dress and mask combo that is sure to thrill come Halloween night. What was her inspiration this year? "The sun sparkle on tip of icicle," she told reporters. "It make for spooktacular ice show that surprise heart to beat fast. That is feeling every costume should give." We imagine she'll be melting many hearts come October 31st.

Monster High Possessed by Speed-Dating

October 18, 2012

If you've seen a mob of monsters lining the halls lately, don't fret. It's not a mass exodus; it's Monster High Speed-Dating! The modern twist on dating has the entire campus possessed, with every ghoul hoping to get paired with a creeperific new guy. "It all started with Abbey," Frankie told reporters, "we were just trying to find her a fangtastic date to Dance of the Dead. Once other student bodies heard what we were doing, the speed-dating concept just caught on like fire!" At the encouragement of friends Frankie and the ghouls have been organizing nutrition break speed-dating sessions ever since. Time slots are posted outside of Home Ick. Sign up today and don't miss out on your chance to find your purrrfect match.

Spectra Reports Lost Student Bodies at Normie Corn Maze

October 19, 2012

According to Spectra’s blog, a group of student bodies were spotted sneaking off into a normie corn maze yesterday in the dead of night. The story has Holt Hyde, Deuce Gorgon, and Clawd Wolf entering the epic maze with Abbey, Draculaura, and Cleo. Hours later, Holt Hyde was nowhere to be found, and the ghouls were scared they'd lost him for good! When asked about the split, Abbey told Miss Vondergeist that Holt was annoyed with Cleo for voicing her dislike of the new Green Slime Night album, and took a left turn when the others went right.

The group was about to call Headless Headmistress Bloodgood (or Mr. and Mrs. Hyde!) when Clawd's keen nose smelled smoke coming from the corn field. Holt had become so fired up over being trapped alone that his hair sent sparks into the dry corn stalks! Luckily, the heat created a smoke signal for the gang to find him — toting massive buckets of water behind them.

The Gory Gazette and Spectra are pleased to report that no monsters or normies were hurt during the completion of the maze.

Votes for Most Valuable Skullball Player Tallied

Diorama - three sport nominees
October 23, 2012

Coach Igor's tally for MVSP on the MH skullball team is always a thrill for student bodies. It is especially exciting this year since the Sinister Skulls are having such a stellar season, with two wins over the Minotaurs (who were previously predicted to capture the championship). At the season offset, two Skulls quickly materialized as stand outs due to their sinister skills. It's not surprising that Clawd Wolf stayed ahead of the pack by rallying his team with inspirational howls before games and after every touchdown. Besides being a great team player, he also has a wicked right arm! Clawd's roaring physical agility matched with his huge heart and team spirit helped him capture the majority of the votes.

Holt Hyde and Jackson Jekyll tied for MVSP's runner up, each getting the same number of votes. Though very few would guess it by his intellectual demeanor, Jackson is quite a good casketball player and he decided to expand his repertoire by trying out for the skullball team this season. His dual nature actually helps him to think like the opposing team and anticipate their play.

Holt always brings major heat to his game. Though he burned through a few dozen helmets in the earlier practices he also was able to rush more yards than other player. Truthfully, we would get out of his way too if we saw his flaming read hair barreling towards us.

When Gory Gazette staffers tried to poke around the locker room for more of the scoop they ran into Slow Moe Deadovitch, who merely grunted when asked which guy scored his deciding vote.

Deuce Immortalizes Cleo in Pumpkin Carving Assignment

Diorama - pumpkin for pumpkin
October 25, 2012

Monster High has a new resident artist, just in time for the Halloween season. Spectra has it on good authority that Deuce Gorgon was cajoled into taking sculpting class by his bejeweled ghoulfriend, Cleo de Nile. "She's always lurking for ways for them to spend more quality time with him," howled beastie, Clawdeen Wolf. Whatever his reason for joining the class, teachers and student bodies alike are extremely impressed with his unnatural ability to create sculptures and statues. When asked where he draws his inspiration from, Deuce quickly pointed to the many great Greek artists he grew up studying (he has casket loads of ancient painted vases littering his backyard)!

This week, Deuce used the impending howliday as an excuse to get crafty with some crazy cool jack-o-lantern sculptures that are sure to give you chills. He's carved a baker's dozen (thirteen, of corpse) with Cleo's portrait and then used his stone cold stare to preserve the masterpieces forever! If you haven't had a chance to creep by the art studio to see them yet, don't fret. They will be on display until the end of the month.

Uhhhl-timate Couple Alert

October 26, 2012

If you've seen a creeperific couple haunting the halls more regularly, don't adjust your lenses (you are not seeing things). Insider sources tell the MHGG that Slow-Moe and Ghoulia have been spending an uhhh-mazing amount of time together. "I can neither confirm, nor deny," Cleo said, torturing staffers, "but I will tell you that Ghoulia's been blushing an awful lot lately. It's scary-cute." Rumors have been flying about whether or not an official announcement will be unearthed, but as of print, nothing had been announced. The MHGG promises to stay on top of this developing story to bring you the latest in monster love matches forming this fall.

New Ghoul Materializes Just in Time for Día de Los Muertos

Diorama - Skelita's sitting
November 01, 2012

Rumors of a new ghoul arriving at Monster High this screamester have been haunting the halls for months. Would the newest student body be a gargoyle, a werecat, or perhaps one of InvisiBilly's fabled siblings? Luckily, all speculations were put to rest recently when Headless Headmistress Bloodgood announced the new student at the morning assembly. For those guys and ghouls who pressed snooze on their iCoffin's this morning and missed the announcement the newest ghoul in school is Skelita Calaveras! She came all the way from Hexico to receive what most consider being the most esteemed monster deaducation in North UHHH-merica.

Skelita first heard of Monster High's superior standards while touring the Scarisian Catacombs last summer. During the epic trip, she befriended MH freaky-fab friends Rochelle Goyle, Clawdeen Wolf and Frankie Stein – who were also in Scaris for a voltageous group trip. Once she heard Monster High’s groundbreaking cornertomb motto "Be Yourself. Be Unique. Be a Monster," she was hooked. She knew she had to transfer.

Of corpse, Skelita has arrived just in time for the calaca holiday; Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) when the dearly departed are celebrated throughout Hexico. In honor of her arrival, Frankie and the ghouls have decorated Skelita's locker with skeleton beads and decorative sugar skulls. "We really just wanted to welcome her," said Frankie, "and help her feel a little more at home."

Spectra Commissioned For Hiss-Toria Report

November 02, 2012

Perhaps you've been witness to the coffin loads of personal interviews Spectra has been conducting over the past few months in the Creepateria? At first, her intentions were kept locked in the catacombs, but it has recently been unearthed that Spectra's flights were not of fancy – they were a cold, hard fact finding mission!

"I commissioned Ms. Vondergiest to put together a video report about the volatile history of werewolf/vampire relations at Monster High," Headless Headmistress Bloodgood told the MHGG. "From what I have seen thus far, I'd have to say she has done a phantastic job with the project. This is sure to be used as a teaching tool for centuries to come."

Charged Up For Howliday Help

Diorama - Frankie to the party
November 07, 2012

One thing that totally gets me charged up is helping my fellow monster. It's especially important to stitch together some time around the howlidays to make sure everyone has a creeperific celebration. Grab some of your ghoulfriends and bolt out to do some good - it will really help you get into the giving spirit. Here are just a few terrorific ways you can lend a hand this season:

  • Donate old clothes. You might not fit into them anymore, but somewhere there's a guy or ghoul who could use them. If you don't have any clothes to give, consider donating old books to the local library or community center.
  • Volunteer at a homeless shelter. Shelters always need volunteers serving food, especially during the howlidays.
  • Chores are a grrreat place to start. Try raking leaves or shoveling snow for someone who can't do it himself or herself. Or maybe help a neighbor cook a howliday meal. These are all fangtastic ways to get to know your neighbors while also lending a helping hand.
  • Organize a Clean Up Day. Schools, parks and beaches are always lurking for volunteers to help keep them clean.
  • Study Howl Sessions. Take those freaky-fab biteology skills and help a guy or ghoul who may be struggling to keep up – finals are just around the corner, so your help will be truly appreciated. Remember it only takes one monster to make a difference in someone’s life. Reblog and tell me how you're helping out this howliday season!

Super Shoe Swap Set for Noon in Gymnasium

November 12, 2012

Searching for the purrfect pair of pumps? Then raid your closet, ghouls, because the official Monster High Shoe Swap is set to take place tomorrow in the Gymnasium (monsterfy) at noon on Friday during lunch.

The program was originally started by none other than Fashion Entrepreneur Club president, Clawdeen. She founded the swap to help find new homes for unwanted shoes, a total travesty. All monsteristas are encouraged to bring their in-shape shoes that don't quite fit their unique style, but might be fools gold for another ghoul.

"I'm telling you, it's things like the Monster High Shoe Swap that get me so excited!" raved Clawdeen when we stopped her in the hall for a quick Q&A. "Every year I find at least one pair of signature shoes that otherwise would have gone to waste, forgotten in the back of someone else’s closet. Never again!"

Whether you have a pair of boo-tiful boots, kitten heels or all-weather galoshes, prepare to pack them up and swap them out for a new pair. All unwanted shoes that remain after the swap will be donated to Ghouls of the World, the Fashion Entrepreneur Club's charity of choice.

Jinafire Arrives, Year of the Dragon Begins

Diorama - Jinafire's statues
November 13, 2012

New student body, Jinafire Long, brings with her not only a keen sense of monster heritage but a strong willed nature and fire-y spirit that will leave any guy or ghoul in awe. The MHGG was lucky enough to nab a coveted interview with her upon her arrival at school:

MHGG: Thank you so much for agreeing to speak to us, ghoul! We've been fired up to talk to you ever since we heard news of your arrival.
Jinafire: Of corpse! I am thrilled to speak to such an honorable publication.
MHGG: We hear you're coming to us all the way from China! Tell us a bit about home.
Jinafire: It's a creeperific place filled with a rich and warm history of tradition and strength. I miss it dearly, but am so excited to finally be at Monster High.
MHGG: How was the epic trip?
Jinafire: Other than a rude fellow traveler that made me a little hot under the collar, all transpired as expected.
MHGG: Hot under the collar, huh? I smell a fangtastic story brewing...
Jinafire: I'm a very strong willed ghoul, and keeping my temper tame can be a bit of a challenge. But I had my lucky charm (and scary-cute pet), Qing, with me, and he helped to keep my impulses in check.
MHGG: You sound like a spirited ghoul. What's next for you?
Jinafire: I'm flying straight to the Creepateria to confirm that Sichuan is added to the weekly menu.
MHGG: Sounds spicy!
Jinafire: If you haven't tried Pan Fried Kung Pao Eyeballs, you haven't lived!
MHGG: May I join? I'm suddenly feeling famished.
Jinafire: It would be my honor!

Recent Mysterious Thefts Strike Fear

November 15, 2012

Student bodies, beware. It appears there may be a cat burglar lurking among us. Monsters have reported numerous stolen items to the Campus Trolls over the course of the last week, prompting the administration to release a warning to all guys and ghouls – watch over your valuables or they may mysteriously disappear. "With the help of our honest students, we believe this crime spree will meet its final end," Headless Headmistress Bloodgood told the MHGG. "This kind of behavior will not be tolerated in these haunted halls." If you witness any strange happenings, you are encouraged to call the Campus Trolls immediately.

Frankie's Voltageous Bake Sale Sign Up Possesses Creepateria

November 20, 2012

Frankie Stein is wielding her best spatula and home-ick apron in hopes that a few fellow ghouls and guys will join her to raise coffin loads of coin for the Institution for Wayward Trolls. Frankie and Draculaura baked over 500 blood red velvet cupcakes last year at the first annual Wayward Troll Bake Sale, a scarity that is also close to Miss Kindergrubber's heart. This year the ghouls have set a new goal, hoping to bake at least 1300 cupcakes in an effort to raise even more funds. Materialize in the MH creepateria today at lunch and sign up to help. Previous home-ick experience is desired, with advanced baking concoction skills a double plus. The Gory Gazette is truly motivated by Frankie and Draculaura and we're dying to hear from our readers. What charities inspire you to do good deeds?

Deuce Knows His Way UHHH-round the Kitchen

Facebook - Deuce's salad
November 21, 2012

This Gory Gazette reporter isn't sure she’d believe this if she hadn't seen it with her own six eyes! Deuce Gorgon was sighted whipping up a delicious Wild Mushroom and Ambrosia Salad in Home-Ick this week. The majority of student bodies may not be aware but according to sources, he's quite the chef. His rock solid cooking partner, Rochelle Gargoyle, can also be credited with adding a unique artistry to the infamous recipe. The only thing stronger than her medieval add-ons was her furrrocious focus. Other monsters in the class report that Rochelle was having a difficult time focusing on anything other than Deuce’s crush-worthy big, green eyes. Deuce reportedly enjoys partnering with Rochelle in Home-Ick because he's able to remove his shades (a nuisance when cooking because the heat from the kitchen always fogs them up)! Since she's already made of stone, he doesn’t have to worry about the curse of his sinister stare.

Deuce has been eager to set his scales in high gear all semester, prepping to cook meals for his famous mom! We have it on good authority that Wild Mushroom and Ambrosia Salad is one of her favorite delicacies. One student body who isn't holding her tongue about the Deuce/Rochelle partnership is Deuce's number one ghoul, Cleo De Nile. She was spotted throwing Rochelle a loaded lurk when passing by the Home Ick classroom earlier today. If you're dying to try this new twist on an old delicacy, you better capture a taste soon. If Cleo has anything to say about it, this ancient recipe dream team may not be cooking together for long.

Fangsgiving Spirits Lift This Season

November 23, 2012

This time of year has always been one of the most epic seasons to stay vocal about what you're thankful for. This year, MHGG staffers were tasked with finding out what our very own student bodies were most thankful for – and the results were truly inspiring!

When stopped in the hallway, Draculaura didn’t blink twice before answering. "My scary-cute BFF (Bat Friend Forever), of corpse! Count Fabulous is the sweetest pet a vampire could ever ask for." Other ghoulfriends were just as quick to unearth a loving response. Scream Queen Cleo De Nile surprised staffers with her honest and heartfelt answer, "My sister may be a royal pain, but her freaky flaws are what make her shine in my eyes." Shocked by her open sincerity (and sensing a loving tear in her eye) staffers stood by, mouths agape before she continued, "Avert your eyes and get over it!"

Operetta also has a homespun and heartfelt thing to be thankful for this year. "Why my homestate of Louisiana! This ghoul wouldn't get by without my rockabilly lullibies. It's a real important part of who I am as a monster," she told reporters. For Toralei, her friends are what matter to her most. "Purrhaps I'd say Meowlody and Purrsephone? They're the only cats in school that don't rub me the wrong way."

We hope all of our UHHH-mazing MHGG readers had a Happy Fangsgiving! You are the biggest part of what makes this publication so fangtastic.

Student Bodies Conjure Up Epic Black Friday Deals

Clawdeen Wolf PNG 5
November 26, 2012

The thrill of shopping the furrocious sales on Black Friday is something the Fashion Club plans for all year long and no one anticipates the day more than the freaky-fab fashionistas' President Clawdeen Wolf.

"Shopping is not something to be taken lightly. I scratched out a strict shopping schedule for all members of the Fashion Club." Miss Wolf goes on to say that preparation is key to the success of the day and the beast way to hit all of the sales is planning, planning and more planning. "This year's execution was purrfect to the very last purchase."

For those wondering what the beast buys were, MHGG scored the exclusive breakdown:

  • Platforms fit for any royal body on sale at Fashion Empress
  • A Scary-chic pajama look screams this season from Clawdeen's fave designer Small Claw
  • Embellished skirts with rich gold accents flew off the shelf at Rotten Banana
  • Faux leather jackets (a classic necessity in any wardrobe) were a dead-lightful deal at The Underworld

For one of the busiest (and most stressful) shopping days of the year, these ghouls really made out with coffin loads of creeperific goods!

New Safety Team Rocks MH Halls

November 29, 2012

New ghoul, Rochelle Goyle, has recently been charged with the harrowing task of keeping the student body population safe at Monster High. "I could not ignore the calling," she told the MHGG. "Some assignments are built for Les Gargoyles and this is one of them. Il est magnifique!" So far, Rochelle has been doing a rock solid job ensuring the safety of all monsters at MH, no easy task, given the assortment of unique monster characteristics haunting the halls. "I make my most solid promise to the students of Monster High," she continued, "I will not rest until these halls are safe. And if ever you are in need of my assistance, fear not, I am always just a stones throw away."

Skelita Calaveras Unearthed

Diorama - Skelita everywhere
November 30, 2012
Gory Gazette: Well, Skelita your arrival has been highly anticipated.
Skelita: It does appear that way, no? I am not used to such attention and it is a little intimidating.
Gory Gazette: Of corpse, Monster High can be a bit overwhelming at first, but its howl is much worse then its bite when it comes to the student bodies. Speaking of which, have you met any cute werewolves yet?
Skelita: Ay chica, werewolves are most definitely not for me! I find they tend to want to chew on my bones – es horrible!
Gory Gazette: Riiiiight! Tell us about Hexico.
Skelita: I do not know where to begin, because there is so much to tell! I am really missing mi familia right now, and mi casa! Hexico is a very colorful place, with gore-geous playas and jungles.
Gory Gazette: That sounds UHH-mazing, do you have a beach house?
Skelita: We like to visit my auntie and uncle at the beach, but mi familia lives in the jungle, in a hillside cemetery.
Gory Gazette: That must be beautiful, but what did you do for entertainment way up in the middle of nowhere?
Skelita: Oh plenty of things! We Calaveras love to celebrate un-life by throwing huge fiestas. I love to make decorations and diorama of family and friends. I also love to paint faces.
Gory Gazette: Speaking of - your face lurks wonderful! What's your beauty routine?
Skelita: I am flattered you think so. While I am no expert, I always use a good moisturizer to start! I'm obsessed with false eyelashes and pastel pink lipstick but I always wash my face with a warm washcloth before I hit the coffin.
Gory Gazette: Thanks so much for sitting down with us - we're so glad you're haunting our halls now!
Skelita: No, thank you! I am dead-lighted to be here.

Don't Freeze Up Before A Big Race

Diorama - SKRM Abbey and Operetta
December 01, 2012

It is easy to get freaked out before big SKRM match, but there is no need to do the freeze up, ghouls! Here's how to keep ice cool, under the hot pressure:

  • Relax and have laughs with friends
  • Practice your moves so to always bring the skills
  • Stay hydrated with coffin loads of water

And always remember it is just game. At end of day, whether you win or lose you're still freaky-fab and furrocious.

Party Photos Still Surfacing One Month Later

December 02, 2012

It's no surprise that Halloween festivity photos are still being unearthed one month after the creeperific celebration. "It was the party of the century," Clawdeen gushed, "it felt like we were dancing for days!" This fangtastic pic recently surfaced highlighting Draculaura, Frankie and Clawdeen's epic evening out. Sources close to the MHGG confirmed that the ghouls had the time of their un-lives, reporting that the beast friends were seen laughing and joking until the darkest hours of the night.

"This recent photo is absolutely to die for," Cleo admitted to reporters. "Their outfits are totally superior! Except, that is, to mine." The MHGG predicts that photos will continue to pop up as the howlidays continue. Who wouldn't want to relive the most voltage howliday of them all?

Abbey and Heath to Slice Out the Competition

Diorama - Abbey revealed
December 03, 2012

Winter sports season is finally in full swing now that the Monster X-Games championship is set to take place in less than a month's time. With student bodies Abbey Bominable and Heath Burns preparing to freeze out their opposition as a fierce duo this year, the competition is bound to heat up quickly.

Given Abbey's fervor for snowboarding, we imagine we'll see some wickedly good tricks on the monster pipe while Heath is expected to melt the ice during the Beast Trick round. Rumors are also spreading about a synchronized ski competition for the pair. How did the two get wrangled into sharing the competition? Gil says Heath practically burst into flames at the chance to spend a little one-on-one time with Abbey.

No matter what the reason for their matchup, monsters everywhere are screaming in excitement over the possibilities. These super athletes are sure to put on a creeperific show this winter.

Frankie's Hand Goes Rogue

December 06, 2012

"Excuse me, have you seen my hand?"

This phrase permeated the hallowed halls all day yesterday as Frankie Stein searched for her missing appendage. Various sources reported that it went missing during second period after Frankie raised her hand to answer a question. Her vigorous arm shaking must have been too energetic, because after her fifteenth "Pick me! Pick me!" her stitches broke and the hand went flying across the room - and scampered out the door.

The rogue five-fingered green gripper was finally spotted and captured by Duece right before the final bell.

"I saw it chilling at the top of the cabinet in the Biteology room. It looked like it was napping. To make sure I was able to capture it, I stoned the hand before it could spot me and then grabbed it for Frankie," he told reporters. "I'm so relieved to have my hand back!" sparked Frankie. "However, I now need to wait awhile before I can put it back on…stitching through stone seems a little difficult."

Spend the Howlidays with Toralei and The Werecats

December 10, 2012

The MH Werecats have a couple of very merry tricks up their impeccably groomed fur. With their keen eye for style and their wicked prowess for fashion, the cats have been entrusted with decorating the halls of Monster High this upcoming howliday. The Gory Gazette sat down with Toralei Stripe and the Werecat twins, Meowlody and Purrsephone, to get the inside scoop on their furrrocious howliday decorating tips.

MHGG: So kitties, tell us what inspired you to join the Howliday Hall Decorators Club?
Toralei: It's a natural fit for our abilities as cats, we're quick on our feet, and let's face it we have drop dead gore-geous style.
MHGG: Right. So Headmistress Bloodgood must have a lot of faith in your ability to stay out of trouble.
Toralei: Are you referring to the little incident at the dance last year?
MHGG: Well, maybe.
Toralei: We were the victims of simple construction accident. The scaffolding holding up the disco ball malfunctioned and cross our claws we have no idea how a bucket of swamp slime ended up there.
Meowlody: And it's certainly not our fault Draculaura was standing right under that bucket when it fell.
MHGG: Purrsephone, how did you choose your color scheme this year?
Purrsephone: We always pick patterns and colors that are bold. Some warm reds and pinks with gold will compliment the grey stone of the school really well.
Toralei: And we have our signature stripes to incorporate.
MHGG: This certainly sounds like it will be beautiful. What are your favorite howliday traditions?
Toralei: I'm not too into mushy howliday celebrations, but lighting the tree for the first time always warms my heart a little. Purrsephone and Meowlody are big fans of the milk and sugar cookies we leave out for Santa too.
Purrsephone and Meowlody: It's true.

Sale of the Century: Tonight!

December 13, 2012

Zombies have been camping out all day in the hopes of being first in line for tomorrow morning's sale of the century at the local maul! Frankie and the ghouls have been moaning about it for weeks and they couldn't be more excited that the stores are about to open. "These stores hold fashion treasures that are truly priceless! I plan on maintaining my status as most fashionable ghoul in school thanks to the epic finds at tomorrow's sale," Cleo told the MHGG. But sources close to the group have been whispering about Cleo's UHHH-ltimate intentions. "Okay, so maybe she's gone a little overboard, but I promise you she's not going mad," Frankie told reporters. "She's just, well, really into shopping."

The sale begins at midnight, but the lines are forming fast! Get to the maul quick to reserve your place now.

Ghoulia Brews Up a Creeperific Mad Science Project

December 20, 2012

Future valedictorian, Ghoulia Yelps, has set her sights on a merit scholarship that will not only bring her a freaky-fab award, but will honor Monster High with national attention and epic accolades. The scholarship package is due in less than 13 days and as a result, she has been spending every waking, un-dead moment in the Mad Science lab conjuring up a few test potions that she hopes will provide answers to her initial hypothesis. "The final submission has to be nothing short of UHHH-mazing," Ghoulia reportedly told classmates. "I'm very close to brewing up my most spooktacular experiment to date!" Student bodies have been stopping by every hour to cheer Ghoulia on. "We can't wait to see her bring home gold," beastie Cleo De Nile told the MHGG, "She is a truly superior monster!"

Home Ick Teaches Totally Creeperific New Projects

December 21, 2012

Home Ick may never be the same after one totally creeperific project took on a life of its own! Student bodies were treated to a fangtastic nail art instructional today after Miss Kindergrubber had to take an unexpected leave of absence (reportedly after eating stale eyeball sub from the Creepateria). "Ghouls just started pulling out nail polish and painting," one monster told the MHGG. "It was so fangtastic!" Since the spur of the moment lesson, ghouls have been petitioning the administration for a regularly scheduled nail art tutorial to be added to the syllabus. The MHGG has it on good authority that Headless Headmistress Bloodgood is seriously considering the request.

Rochelle's Guide to Scaris

Profile art - Scaris City of Frights Rochelle I
December 22, 2012

Say bonjour to the most five skull city in Europe! From le fashion (boo la la) to the frighteningly beautiful architecture, there is no city more freaky-fab than my hometown of Scaris. When dressing for the cobble stone streets, it is important to have the necessities. My beast advice is to take simple Scarisian staples and add your own bit of freaky-fab flair for a rock solid outfit!

Each Scarisian should have:

  • A beret
  • A scary-cute striped black and white top
  • A fangtastic dress

Et voilà! You have a wardrobe that can only be described as très monsterfique!

While you're in Scaris, you will also be unearthed by the architecture.

Scaris is known for its high voltage structures. Be on the lurk out for:

  • The Eiffel Tower
  • Arc de Triomphe
  • Notre Dame de Scaris

And remember; don't let your vacation crumble to dust. You can always call me if you need a gargoyle guide.

Conjured Cooking with Ghoulia

December 23, 2012

When I was approached by the Gory Gazette to share my favorite recipe of all time, Cherry Brain Pie, at first I was just a little hesitant. This recipe has been passed down through my family for ages, so at first I thought it was my duty to maintain the integrity of my heritage by keeping this particular recipe locked in the coffin. However, in this digital age of over sharing (also known as bragging, to some) I deduced that it would be nice to boast a little about my rich history and reveal that zombies can actually cook a pretty creeperific pie.


Cherry Brain Pie

2 cans of Mr. Z.Z. Zombee’s Pink Brain Preserves, or 1 fresh brain
1 cup of sugar
3 cups of pitted blood cherries
1 gingerdead pie crust with diagonal cut top strips
1 package of Gruel Whip, or 3 cups of batmilk cream, whipped until fluffy
2 tablespoons of phoenix butter
1/2 tablespoon of sea monster salt
1/2 teaspoon of vanilla bean extract
Heat oven to 1300 degrees.
Filling Prep: Mix brain, sugar, phoenix butter, and blood cherries in standing mixer until fully combined. Slowly stir in salt and vanilla bean extract to mixture.
Crust: Place bottom piece of gingerdead crust on baking sheet and fill pie with prepared filling. Place diagonal cut top strips over top of pie to form a crisscross pattern.

Bake in oven for 45 minutes then place on counter to cool. Serve with one dollop of Gruel Whip!

Happy Howlidays, Love the Monster High Ghouls!

December 25, 2012

Deck the halls; it's our fave time of year! All the ghouls have been busy prepping for the howliday by wrapping presents, unearthing family recipes, and attending Christmas parties that are totally to die for.

Remember ghouls, the howlidays are the purr-fect time to be thankful for your ghouls and family, and also to give back to your freaky-fab community!

Prepare for the Cootie Scare

December 27, 2012

While cooties can be harder to shake than a troll from his bridge post, they aren't totally unstoppable. This cootie season, the MHGG has asked Frankie Stein to shed some light on this fearful disease:

Don't fear the cootie curse this year – you can fight and stand up for what you believe in! A voltage way to get over cooties is to remember to always be true to yourself. We don’t have to fear the worst if we all promise to work together as friends! And if all else fails, they totally hate electricity, so just give 'em a powerfully voltage shock, and you'll live to see another century.

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