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Transylvania is a region in the central part of Romania, located in Southeast Europe. It is home to numerous vampires as well as a lot of humans who don't agree with the vampires' presence.


Laura came to live in Transylvania when it still was called Dacia, sometime after 412. Her mother worked as housekeeper of Dracula until she died due to a disease that would also have killed Laura had it not been for Dracula turning her into a vampire in time. After this, Laura adopted the name Draculaura. Until the 17th century, she had a good life in Transylvania, even meeting the boy who would be her first big love: Valentine. She did not stay with him for long though, as her vampiric nature was recognized by the human population and she and her family chased away. The family resettled in the USA. However, Draculaura does have family remaining in Transylvania, and sometimes she and her dad visit them.

Transylvania also was one of the places Clawdeen's sketchbook lured Frankie Stein, Abbey Bominable, Jinafire Long, Ghoulia Yelps, and Heath Burns too. They were promptly chased out by an angry mob.


  • According to "Copy Canine", there's a brand called Transylvania's Secret, which likely is a lot like Victoria's Secret, an American retailer of women's wear, lingerie and beauty products.
  • As also mentioned on Facebook, "Transylvania" is Latin for "across the woods".
  • Transylvania being the (most significant) home of Draculaura and much of her adopted family comes from Transylvania being the home of Count Dracula in the novel Dracula. Since its publication in 1897, Transylvania has become firmly associated with the supernatural in the Western view, though neither does it deserve that reputation nor was Dracula the first to frame Transylvania in such a way.
  • It is shown in three of the Monster High TV specials that Transylvanians are quick to form an angry mob to chase away monsters. This story element actually has little to do with vampires or Transylvania, as its introduction in the horror genre lies with the movie versions of Frankenstein and The Phantom of the Opera.

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