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Carefull with your iCoffin Toralei

Toralei Stripe debuted in the cartoon series in the Volume 2 webisode "Scream Building", which premiered on February 8, 2011. She is voiced by America Young in the English version of the cartoon.

Volume 2


Scream Building - WE QUIT
The captain of the Fear Squad, Cleo de Nile, treats her team dreadfully to push them to their best. The team does not take kindly to this and, led by Toralei, all but Frankie desert the Fear Squad while laughing at Cleo's expense. Scream Building

Toralei is annoyed to see that the Fear Squad has been revived. Gloomsday

Witch Trials - angry werecats
Toralei and her werecat friends approach Cleo to let them back on the Fear Squad. She refuses and the trio vows revenge. Witch Trials

The werecats steal a recording of the Fear Squad's routine and hand it to the Smogsnorts team. Don't Cheer the Reaper

The werecats gloat about their theft of the routine to the Fear Squad at the competition before leaving in a rowboat. The Fear Squad wins despite the werecats' actions and Scary Murphy tips the rowboat as she flies to congratulate the Fear Squad. Road to Monster Mashionals

Queen of the Scammed - photo challenge
Toralei pretends to need a fearbook photo of the Fear Squad to get them to stand under an arch from where her twin buddies can pour water on them. They later trick Cleo into agreeing to stay at Monster High on the night of Friday the 13th. Queen of the Scammed

On the morning of Saturday the 14th, the werecats go to Monster High to confirm Cleo's failure. They are greeted by her and her friends, including the Friday the 13th monster, and make a run for it. Frightday the 13th

HooDoo You Like - laughing cats
The werecats loudly mock the Fear Squad during lunch, prompting Lagoona to stand up for her friends. This marks her as an enemy to the werecats. HooDoo You Like?

Out for revenge, the werecats provoke Clawdeen into pushing Clawd and Draculaura apart, thereby hurting both them and herself. Happy with the outcome, Toralei makes her way to the pool to get photos of Gil and Lagoona together for the fearbook. Fear Pressure

Toralei spends the morning handing out fearbook copies, then proceeds with a plot to frame the Fear Squad for a prank during the Graduation Ceremony. Fear the Book

Confronted by the Fear Squad, the werecats admit to their plan to get them expelled so they can be fearleaders again, believing they can't do anything about it anymore. They are proven wrong. To add insult to injury, Ghoulia also hacks the school system, ups the werecats' math credits, and gets them forcibly sent off to the Trigular Calculometry Summer Math Camp. Desperate Hours

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TV specials

TBA Fright On!

Volume 3


TBA Ghosts with Dirty Faces

Toralei was born as the smallest of a litter of six, which in its entirety was abandoned at a young age. Toralei's siblings got adopted soon enough by a troll couple, but Toralei was left to fend for herself. Being an adaptive kitty, Toralei did just that until her mid-teenage years, when she was arrested and placed into the pound. There she met Meowlody and Purrsephone, her best friends in life ever since, and worked her way to the top of the pound's food chain. Eventually, this situation came to an end to when one day the werecat trio received a visit from Headless Headmistress Bloodgood of Monster High, who invited them to enroll in her school. The trio eagerly accepted, glad to leave the pound and ready to tackle the school's food chain the same way they did the pound's.

The program comes to an end and Spectra anxiously asks Toralei for her opinion on it. Toralei proclaims that she loves it. The Nine Lives of Toralei

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Special webisodes

TBA Super Fan

TV specials

Not invited to Draculaura's Sweet 1600th Birthday celebration, Toralei plans revenge by disguising her voice as Draculaura's to lure an old flame of Draculaura's from Transylvania, Valentine, to Monster High to help with breaking Draculaura's heart to add to his collection. When Toralei learns of the other ghouls asking C.A. Cupid for help with stopping Valentine, she is able to throw off Cupid's shot so Cupid and Clawd fall in love with each other instead. When the other ghouls attempt to break Cupid's bow to free Cupid and Clawd from it's spell, Toralei steals it and begins to make students fall in love with whatever they see first. Toralei is finally disarmed of the bow by Frankie, Lagoona, and Abbey after being distracted by Clawdeen, and left dangling above the Pit of Eternal Body Odor. Her grip finally gives out, causing both her and Valentine to plunge into the Pit, and then get ejected from the party by Cleo's bouncers. As a final insult, Valentine uses her as a human shield to avoid being splashed with muddy water by Draculaura and Clawd as they drive off in Draculaura's new car, leaving her seething with fury. Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love?

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Volume 4


Unfortunately, Toralei overhears this and instantly decides she should be the prime beneficiary of Gigi's remaining powers.

Toralei's first wish that day is for a manicure, and many more, increasingly extravagant wishes follow in the hours after. She wishes for new boots, her homework completed, a perfect hair day, jewelry, first place in a competition, a large fish cake, a good grade, extra credits, being in front of a line, longer eyelashes, and a shinier coat. Gigi becomes exhausted from the chain of wishes and hides out at the school fountain. Her friends find her asking her what's wrong, and tell her to stop letting Toralei take advantage of her, but Gigi counters that it's Toralei who has to reconsider the course of events because wishes always come with consequences.

Back inside, Toralei pesters Gigi for another wish: she wants everyone to talk about her. Gigi warns her that she has to phrase her wish carefully, but Toralei impatiently demands that she gets her wish. Gigi grants it and people soon start talking about Toralei—however, Toralei realizes that she should've listened to Gigi, because their schoolmates aren't talking about Toralei for anything good: after Clawdeen hands her a compact-mirror, it turns out that the reason the students are talking about Toralei is because she now has a big red zit on her forehead. Toralei gets mad at Gigi, claiming that it's her fault, but Gigi's quick to point out that it's Toralei's own fault and elaborates further: Toralei simply said that she wanted people to talk about her without specifying why she wanted them to talk about her. Scareful what you Wish for

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TV Specials

TBA 13 Wishes

After Draculaura ruins the viewing of the latest Vampire Majesty movie with her disgust of its leading actress, Veronica Von Vamp, Toralei seizes the chance to ridicule her alongside Gory later on back at Monster High. However, later on, Toralei gets into an argument with Howleen Wolf, Clawdeen's little sister, over which of two actors from the movie is more handsome, with Toralei taking one side, Howleen the other. It leads both sides to gain support until Operetta suggests a Cute Court to sort the mess out. When Ghoulia discovers both actors to be roles played by the same person, Toralei and Howleen end the argument. However, during the debut of Elissabat's latest movie as Veronica Von Vamp, Toralei and Howleen bicker over which of them the actor will sit with until Abbey Bominable puts them in their place. Frights, Camera, Action!

Toralei is among the friends tasked with performing Mr. Where's play on Monster High's history for the school's Bite-Centennial celebration. She is also among the friends who travel with Frankie back to 1814 and meet, unknown to them at the time, Frankie's grandfather, Victor Frankenstein, known by his nickname Sparky, and Hexiciah Steam, Robecca's father. Toralei is actually the reason they get sent back due to her curious nature while exploring Hexiciah's old office. When Sparky damages the time portal before they jump in to return to 2014, due to having jumped in together with Cleo, Toralei and Cleo are accidentally fused together into the freaky fused hybrid, Cleolei, with neither of them having powers that are set off dangerously, but instead they just feud while sharing the same mouth and body. Neighthan Rot becomes their tutor to try to have them talk things out with him similar to how he did it with guidance counselors at his previous schools. Cleolei soon becomes a prisoner of Sparky's Creation 4.0 when it attacks her and the other freaky fused hybrids of Frankie's friends, with Cleolei the first fusion to be captured when she angers the monstrosity with a camera flash as she takes its picture to post on the Web. When Frankie uses her own life force to electrocute and deactivate Creation 4.0, Cleolei is the first to be freed and defused back into Cleo and Toralei, but her actions fatally drain Frankie, and she dies soon after. Despite her bullying and teasing nature, Toralei is remorseful and devastated over Frankie's sacrifice.

Using her good times she had with Frankie, Toralei is able to help revive her. Afterwards, she helps finish the play on Monster High's history, and welcomes Avea and the other hybrids to Monster High with open arms. Freaky Fusion

Volume 5


Frankie, Draculaura, Clawdeen, Cleo, Ghoulia and Toralei are visiting Casta in her dressing room, having won backstage passes in a contest earlier. While they're excited to meet Casta in person, they notice that she seems very nervous. Casta explains she just has stage fright, but the ghouls can believe someone like Casta could even get stage fright. But with her tendency to mess up her lyrics, Casta has plenty of reasons to be nervous. She explains that during her previous year's concert, she messed up the fast part at the beginning of her popular song 'Witching Hour', resulting in one audience member turning into a giant lizard which trashed the stage. She decides to never sing 'Witching Hour' again.

Toralei mocks her for this, and suggests that maybe she should go on stage and sing the song in Casta's place. She daydreams about appearing on stage and performing, basking in the adulation of the audience. The ghouls ignore her, and suggest to Casta that maybe she concentrates too hard on getting her lyrics right. If she had some kind of distraction to ease her mind, she might be able to sing her lyrics correctly. Casta decides she'll give it a try.

The ghouls head outside, determined to find something they can use to distract Casta on stage. Toralei however, has other plans. Without the ghouls noticing, she steals their backstage passes and dumps them in the trash.

The concert begins, and Casta flies into the arena on her broomstick shaped microphone stand to warm up the crowd. The ghouls go backstage and find a control panel for the stage's lighting and effects. They find a button to activate a large fireworks display, which would make a perfect distraction. Before they can press it, a burly squid security guard asks for their passes. They realize too late that they're missing, and they are promptly shown out.

They return to the arena to watch the concert, hoping nothing goes wrong. As Casta starts to sing 'Witching Hour', Toralei grabs one of Casta's spare broomsticks, and gets ready to jump on stage and steal the show. However, she loses control of the broomstick and goes flying around the stage, before crashing into the curtains. As it turns out, her crazy flying was the distraction Casta needed to sing her song perfectly (Much to the boy's disappointment). Toralei gets up in a daze and accidentally hits the button on the control panel, setting off the fireworks just as Casta finishes her song.

Casta thanks Toralei for the distraction, and promises that she'll imagine her flying around every time she sings 'Witching Hour'. Toralei is too dazed to care, and collapses to the floor. Casta flies around to wave to her fans, and sees the boys asking to be transformed into a creature. Never one to disappoint her fans, she fires a transformation spell towards them, and they turn into... teeny tiny love bugs with teenier tinier top hats. Hoodude is delighted, and the others are just happy to be transformed at all. I Casta Spell On You

Sayonara Draculaura

TV Specials

Toralei, unhappy that she has been suspended from the Fearleading Team for cheating, takes revenge on the other fearleaders and tells Spectra that there is a case of were-fleas around Monster High. When she tells Clawdeen about it, Clawdeen, angered by that blatant lie about her and her siblings, causes the fearleaders to fall into the Monster High outdoor pool and be electrocuted by Frankie, much to Toralei's own amusement.

Later, during the party, she and her two sidekicks feel itchy and Vandala diagnosis her, claiming that she has sea-fleas, much to Toralei's shock and disgust at this little karma payback for her earlier gossip. Haunted

Volume 6


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Boo York, Boo York Great Scarrier Reef

Generation 2

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