'To Howl For' is a line of four themeless outfits - the first fashion pack line such. It was released in Mid December, 2012 and consists of outfits for Abbey Bominable, Spectra Vondergeist, Lagoona Blue, and Draculaura.


The 'To Howl For' line is one of the officially nameless lines given a name by fans. The name 'To Howl For' comes from the association of the line with Clawdeen Wolf. It is an obscure fanname though, and much more frequently the line is referred to as the "Budget Fashion Packs" or "Basic Fashion Packs", or just "Basic", to contrast the concurrent "Deluxe Fashion Packs".

Since 'Basic' is already in use and "Basic" in regards to this fashion pack line is more a description than a name. Hence, the Monster High Wiki goes with the less used, but better defined option of 'To Howl For' as local term.

Assortment relations

Prior to 'To Howl For' and 'My Wardrobe and I', fashion packs contained exclusively new or concurrent designs and were themed. As well, each set was alone in its release period. 'To Howl For' breaks the mold by offering a simple dress with only reused molds and being themeless. It is the budget line to the deluxe 'My Wardrobe and I' series, which was released at the exact same time.

'To Howl For' reuses all its molds from previous lines, featuring different colors for most.

'To Howl For' doll Accessory Other doll(s)
Abbey Bominable Shoes School Clubs Clawdeen Wolf, 'Campus Stroll' Clawdeen Wolf, I Heart Fashion Abbey Bominable
Abbey Bominable Purse 'School's Out' Spectra Vondergeist
Abbey Bominable Necklace 'School's Out' Abbey Bominable, Skultimate Roller Maze Abbey Bominable, Dot Dead Gorgeous Abbey Bominable, Scaris: City of Frights Abbey Bominable
Draculaura Hat Dawn of the Dance Draculaura
Draculaura Shoes Dawn of the Dance Draculaura
Lagoona Blue Purse 'School's Out' Lagoona Blue
Lagoona Blue Shoes Classroom Lagoona Blue
Lagoona Blue Bracelet 'Basic' Lagoona Blue, Dot Dead Gorgeous Draculaura
Spectra Vondergeist Belt 'Maul Session' Cleo de Nile
Spectra Vondergeist Shoes Gloom Beach Clawdeen Wolf
Spectra Vondergeist Glasses 'Maul Session' Spectra Vondergeist


The 'To Howl For' outfits don't come with any doll logs.


'To Howl For' is featured in both Clawdeen's Scaris: City of Frights diary and the 2013 TV special "Scaris: City of Frights", both pieces of media presenting three of the 'To Howl For' outfits as Clawdeen's designs.


Doll stockphotography - To Howl For Spectra Doll stockphotography - To Howl For Draculaura Doll stockphotography - To Howl For Abbey Doll stockphotography - To Howl For Lagoona
Spectra Vondergeist Draculaura Abbey Bominable Lagoona Blue
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