In an effort to go on a beach vacation, Toralei steals the Monster Mapalogue, but breaks it –teleporting herself, Cleo, and Lagoona to a faraway desert location... or so they think.


The Ghoul Squad are attempting to make a ridiculously tall, record breaking ice cream cone, stacking dozens of ice cream scoops into a precarious stack. Toralei tries to get their attention, but the ghouls ask her not to disturb them. Annoyed, Toralei spots Gob and tells him the ice cream is for him. He charges into the ghouls, scarfing all the ice cream. Toralei then asks if she can use the Monster Mapalogue, so she can teleport to somewhere fun. The ghouls tell her than the Mapalogue is only to be used for rescuing monsters in need.

Toralei walks off, and the ghouls return to making more ice cream. They suddenly get a call from a monster claiming to need help, unaware that it's obviously Toralei faking her voice. When they teleport, they end up in the school hall, where Toralei snatches the Mapalogue and runs away. She hides in a classroom and tries to get the Mapalogue to work, banging it on a table. Cleo and Lagoona run in and grab her just as she breaks the Mapalogue, teleporting the three of them. Draculaura, Frankie and Clawdeen find the broken Mapalogue. Frankie attempts to repair it, and Clawdeen decides while they're waiting, they may as well continue making their giant ice cream, and asks Skelly and Bonesy to help them.

Cleo, Lagoona and Toralei find themselves in a vast desert. As they explore, Cleo notes that the sand doesn't feel like the sands of a desert. Suddenly, they encounter a gigantic lizard. They try to escape, only to run into a pane of glass. When they see the classroom beyond the glass, they realize they've shrunk and are stuck inside a terranium. They try to call to the other ghouls, but they're too busy getting some ice cream. Toraeli attempts to climb up the glass, but after failing to do so, decides to follow Cleo and Lagoona's lead.

Frankie puts the Mapalogue back together, and the three of them attempt to teleport to the other ghouls. Instead, they end up micro-sized and atop the tower of ice cream Skelly and Bonesy have made. They try again, but end up in a dark place, unaware they're standing in Cleo's hair.

Cleo, Lagoona and Toralei throw the lizard some food to distract it, and make their way to the edge of the terrainium. Cleo believes she could throw her wrappings to the top to make an escape rope, but needs something to latch on to. Lagoona gets the idea of using the lizard to vault off of to reach the top, but needs to lure it closer. Toralei unwillingly acts as bait to lure the lizard in, and Lagoona jumps off it to reach the terrainium's top and pull the others up. The others ghouls teleport next to them, having finally repaired the Mapalogue.

They teleport back to the science room, returning to their usual size. Toralei pesters the ghouls to use the Mapalogue, only to discover the liard has teleported along with them, and is now giant sized. It chases after her, and the ghouls decide to help her... after they've tasted the giant ice cream pyramid Skelly and Bonesy have made.


  1. Frankie Stein
  2. Draculaura
  3. Cleo de Nile
  4. Lagoona Blue
  5. Clawdeen Wolf
  6. Toralei Stripe
  7. Gob
  8. Skelly
  9. Bonesy


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