The Ghoul Next Door is the second book in the Monster High series by Lisi Harrison. It was released on April 5, 2011, followed by its thirteenth chapter on August 8, 2012. Its focus-character is Cleo de Nile.


Cleo was the queen bee of the RADs, the normies, and everyone in between at Merston High. But now it's "Frankie this" and "Melody that"... these new girls sure know how to get her lashes in a tangle. When Cleo lands a golden Teen Vogue photo op for her friends, everything seems to be back on track...until they bail to be in some film...Frankie and Melody's film! Can't a royal get some loyal?

Frankie lost her head over Brett once and vows never to do it again. Not that she has a choice: Bekka is clinging to her guy like plastic wrap. But when Brett comes up with a plan that could help the RADs live free, sparks fly, and Bekka will stop at nothing to put out the flames...even if it means destroying the entire monster community.

The clock is tick-tick-ticking. Melody has a serious deadline to save her boyfriend, Jackson, from being exposed by the vengence-seeking Bekka. But Cleo is making it royally difficult for the normie while threatening her acceptance into the RADs' exclusive group...a group that Melody suspects she has more in common with than she ever thought.


Chapter 1: Pharaoh Knows Best

Despite the September Semi fiasco of yesterday that forced all the RADs to precautionarily keep their children inside, Cleo was able to dodge the bullet because her father was out of town. He is due to return that night, though, and Cleo and her servants, Hasina and Beb, are working hard to prepare a suitable welcome. Ramses de Nile and his assistant Manu arrive a little earlier than planned, but most of the preparations are already done. Cleo goes to greet her father and is surprised when he greets her back with a warmth that is unusual for him. Despite being out of town, Ramses knows everything that happened yesterday, except for the involvement of RADs other than Frankie Stein. His concern for his daughter's safety is what brought on his unusual demeanor. Cleo becomes secretly annoyed that her father somehow always manages to know what's happening, even when he's not there. She accompanies him to the throne room and Ramses talks about the excavation work in his sister's, Nefertiti's, tomb and the impressive jewels found there. Manu opens the briefcase to show Cleo the finds, but to Ramses' annoyance, Cleo is only interested in one item: a Vogue business card from Anna Wintour. Cleo insists he tells the story behind obtaining it, and Ramses confides he met the normie on the plane from Cairo and that she was looking to do a "Cairo couture" fashion shoot in the Oregon sand dunes, featuring Nerfertiti's jewels. Ramses makes no secret of his disinterest, but Cleo is ecstatic. She insists he contact Anna Wintour to be a model for the shoot and wear her aunt's jewelry, promising in return that she'll supervise the shoot to make sure their interests won't be damaged. Ramses eventually gives in and is profusely thanked for it. Next, Cleo tries to text her friends to meet with them and speak about the shoot.

Chapter 2: Wax On, Wax Off

Melody and Candace Carver are at home, where Melody is listening to her sister's stories, receiving threatening audio texts of a ticking clock from Bekka, and texting Jackson about possible ideas for getting the video of him turning into D.J. out of Bekka's hands while keeping Frankie safe. Candace bemoans the fact that the monster hunt has closed the only salon, forcing her to wax her own legs, and cancelled her date for the night. Beau and Glory suddenly come back home, momentarily frightening the girls, with games, Ugg boots and takeout. While Candace argues with their parents, Melody receives another text from Jackson, but before she can reply the phone is playfully taken by Candace, who demands an explanation for the manic texting. When trying to get it back, Candace squirts baby powder at Melody, and Melody pretends that her asthma is acting up. While showing concern for her sister, Melody pulls one of Candace's wax strips, prompting Candace to threaten to throw her phone outside. Melody, not daring to call her bluff knowing full well Candace would go through with it, tells her the truth about the cause for the monster hunt. Candace, initially, does not believe her, but after Melody tries to play it off like a joke and admit that Candace is right about it being a fake story, she realizes it's true, since Melody never admits when Candace is right. Deciding that helping the RAD's is a cause that would look good on her college applications, Candace agrees to help Melody in taking down Bekka and protecting Frankie. Meanwhile, Cleo continues sending texts to her friends, but still does not receive any replies.

Chapter 3: All Charged Up and Nowhere to Go

Frankie Stein, with her head now stitched back together and back to full charge, is in her room, the Fab, though now it is stripped of all her possessions and the girly touches she had made, including the rainbow glitter sprinkled on her lab rats, the Glitterati. Thunder rumbles outside, scaring her rats, and Frankie produces a hidden packet of glitter to sprinkle over her rats, calming them down. While dusting her rats with the glitter, Viktor and Viveka come in to check on her. Frankie rushes to apologize and try to make promises, but her parents brush off the attempt, promising to talk in the morning after they were fully charged, since they had spent all of the previous night putting Frankie back together. Her parents leave and Frankie feels guilty over her parents exhaustion; being adults, they rarely needed to charge. Frankie feels loneliness for the first time, and starts to doubt D.J.'s feelings for her, and Melody's promise to help her situation. Suddenly, the power goes out, due to the storm, and Frankie tries to make her way to her parent's room, before the last of their energy drains, so she could give them enough charge until their amp machine turns back on. Before she can leave her room, however, the howling wind, and a loud sound suddenly fill the room. Frankie thinks it is a normie breaking in, and her fear turns into certainty when she sees a brick hurtling toward her.

Chapter 4: Extreme Home Takeover

Frankie drops to the floor to dodge the brick and awaits the torture the "normie" has in store for her, feeling only a sense of relief that after she was gone, her parents would have less to stress over. The "normie," however, only covers the boy shorts Frankie was wearing with a sheet to cover the "half-moon" she was exposing, and Frankie recognizes the voice as Billy, who had come in through the window. Billy had come to check on her, and give her a new phone, already programmed with the other RAD's numbers, apps, and music. Billy reveals that although some of the RAD's parents were mad at Frankie for igniting the monster hunt, the majority of the young RAD's were grateful that Frankie took a stand, much to Frankie's surprise. After asking about her parents, and confirming they were asleep, Billy signals out the window, and RAD's start coming into her room for a meeting organized by him, since the carousel was no longer safe. Meanwhile, Cleo desperately tries to continue texting her friends, and the AT&T company concerning her inability to receive any cell service. Manu texts back revealing that a firewall was put up, blocking communication to and from the palace due to her father's wishes, but had been temporarily put down under Manu's wishes.

Chapter 5: Sealed With a Hiss

Cleo cancels her bath, deciding instead to model her aunt's jewels for her seven cats in her room, lit up by hundreds of amber-scented candles after the power outage occurs. After taking time to admire the jewels, she puts them away dejectedly, since there wasn't any real admirers to compliment her while wearing them. Cleo goes to her sandy island in the middle of her room to pray to the goddess, Hathor, about disabling the firewall, and to question why she was given so much beauty if no one was around to admire it. At that moment, Deuce arrives, having gone to Cleo's house when she wasn't answering the calls and texts he had been sending her. Not wanting to reveal that her lack of communication was because of the firewall, Cleo keeps up her air of aloofness. Deuce explains that he has no feelings for Melody, and was pushed to going to the dance with her by Bekka. Deuce, however, had an unpleasant time, especially since Melody took off his glasses, making him accidentally stone a nearby girl dressed as a witch, and tried to go outside to check up on Cleo. Cleo is unsatisfied with the answer, and suggests breaking up, but Deuce admits he didn't want to date anyone else except her. In order to make it up to her, Deuce gifts her with a snake, which was the first gray "hair" that came from his mom, Maddy Gorgon. Cleo affectionately names the snake Hissette, then Deuce coils and stones Hissette around Cleo's bicep, and the two make up. Deuce urges Cleo that they have to go somewhere, and Cleo follows, not admitting to the fact that she hadn't been reading her texts because of the firewall. Meanwhile, Frankie texts Melody and Jackson about the meeting in her room, and Melody and Jackson agree to meet behind Jackson's house.

Chapter 6: The Lone NUDI

Candace dubs their new organization to help the cause NUDI: Normies Uncool with Discriminating Idiots, and helps Melody sneak out the house so she can meet Jackson to go to the RAD meeting by distracting their parents, in a loud voice, to play Uno. Melody succeeds in sneaking out and meeting Jackson, who hadn't needed to lie to sneak out since he and his mom had now established a truth pact where they would always tell each other the truth. The two hurry to Frankie's house but suddenly stop and try to blend into the background when they hear two other voices; Cleo and Deuce's. After the couple pass, Melody and Jackson continue on, this time in silence. At the window leading to Frankie's room, Jackson heads in first to check and see if it is safe, before eventually motioning and helping Melody in as well. Melody is relieved to see Frankie, though the sight of the many other RAD's makes her nervous. She overthinks and starts to panic, believing it to be a trap, and her relationship with Jackson a sham. Melody confronts Frankie about the trap, and Frankie confesses wanting Jackson to turn into D.J. so he could hear the plan too, which fills Melody with relief, knowing she is not a hostage. Billy arrives and offers to introduce Jackson to the other RAD's, leaving Melody alone with Frankie. Cleo, seeing Melody, questions why she is there even though she is not a RAD, and Frankie reveals her extended invitation to her. Frankie begins the meeting, and explains her reason behind going as herself to the dance was to be accepted by normies. Cleo interrupts, once again pointing out that Frankie and the rest of the RAD's, essentially, wanted to be accepted by normies like Melody, and the other RAD's start to murmur their distrust, thinking that she is a spy for Bekka. Melody's attempts to convince them of the opposite fall on deaf ears, but Jackson helps her out by revealing that Bekka was after her too, as she had threatened to reveal the video of him turning into D.J., and he lies and says Bekka had stolen it from his phone after he dropped it at the dance. The meeting moves on and Frankie reveals her plan to turn herself in, causing mixed reactions from the RAD's. Hissette, now un-stoned, starts to move toward the Glitterati, interrupting the meeting once more, but Cleo is able to rescue Hissette, and Deuce stones her once more. Cleo smugly compares inviting a normie to a RAD-only meeting similar to having her snake hang out with Frankie's rats. The lights suddenly come back on and everyone runs out the window and back to their houses, with Melody contemplating where she fits in, if not with the normies or the RAD's.

Chapter 7: A Window of Opportunity

The next morning, Frankie wakes up after spending all night comforting her scared rats and contemplates the pros and cons to turning herself in. Viktor walks in while she is talking to her rats with the intent of building a family dog, which Viveka explains that building things helps relieve his stress. Frankie offers to help, but is turned down, and tries to have her parents look at her once and say something about her causing Viktor's stress. The two, however, remain silent and Frankie in a fit of fear and frustration that turns into rage, sweeps Viktor's tools onto the floor. Viveka finally affirms that they still love Frankie, and did the things they did because they love her, and wanted to protect her. Frankie reassures them that they will not have to worry anymore once she turns herself in. The decision is unwelcome by Viktor and Viveka, who point out that Frankie would be in grave danger, which would in turn worry and hurt them even more. While they are talking, Billy climbs in through the window again, not wanting the Steins to open the door to something invisible. Billy offers to take Frankie's place by dressing up as her and painting his limbs green, turning himself in, then washing off the paint and taking off the clothes and leaving behind bolts and stitches to make it seem that Frankie took herself apart while in custody. Billy assures Viktor and Viveka that though he'll ask his parents' permission (which he already had), they had no problem using Billy's invisible-ness to their advantage. Billy agrees to go through with the plan on the condition that Frankie is allowed to fight for the RAD's freedom, which Viktor and Viveka reluctantly agree to.

Chapter 8: Frenemy Territory

While sunbathing on the island in her room, Cleo contemplates last night's meeting, and the sight of Melody there amidst the RAD's. Cleo is distrustful due to Melody's connections with Bekka, and the way that Frankie and Jackson were not wary of her. After she deems her tan perfect, Cleo dresses and heads out her house while waiting for her phone to receive a signal, and the missing text messages. Deuce asks about her dad. Clawdeen asks about her jewels while also talking about barely making it back home before her dad woke up. Lala invites Cleo to Health is Wealth for iron supplements. Blue talks about managing to avoid punishment for sneaking out after feigning ignorance about the term curfew, and also expresses interest in her jewels. Cleo's latest text messages, however, have all three girls asking about going to Frankie's house. Annoyed, Cleo goes to Frankie's house, expressing displeasure toward her for having heard about the impromptu meeting from her friends, rather than Frankie herself. Frankie points out Cleo's opposition to the plan last night, and Cleo decides to feign interest. They tell her about the FrankiBilly plan, though Cleo is more upset that she still isn't able to tell her friends about Teen Vogue. After letting slip out that Melody was part of the plan, Cleo goes into a rant about Melody being a normie, and how they are not to be trusted. This argument, however, falls flat with the others, as Frankie gets a status update about the plan from Melody, which excites the girls. Cleo suggests one of the RAD's to go with Melody to make sure she is not a traitor, but this suggestion is also dismissed.

Chapter 9: Can Versus Man

Candace, Melody, and Billy are in the car driving to the hospital, with Melody texting her parents status updates on the plan. Melody had adopted the truth pact from Jackson and applied it to her parents, who promised to keep the RAD's existence a secret, so long as she kept them informed. Candace is having fun with Billy's invisibleness, with her daring Billy to shout things out an open window. When they arrive at the hospital's psych ward, and notice the even bigger crowd of reporters in front of the doors, they ask a nearby reporter what was happening, with Billy doing the talking and Candace remaining completely silent. The reporter answers that Brett was about to wake up, and Billy thanks her. The reporter becomes confused and affirms, when Candace asks, that she is hearing voices. Candace speeds away while telling her she came to the right place, which makes both Candace and Billy laugh. Melody condemns their pranks, reminding them that the goal of NUDI was to show normies they had nothing to fear from RAD's. Candace and Billy agree to stop. Candace parks in a reserved space and the three head to the doors, but are immediately stopped by two bouncers who will not let them through. Candace tries to flirt her way past, but the bouncers, after a pause to listen to their headsets, ask for her ID. After confirming that she is not a doctor, they threaten to remove her vehicle from the reserved space if she does not leave to do so. Candace leaves quickly, leaving Melody to try and get through, though she too is unsuccessful, until news is shouted from the third-floor window that Brett was waking up, causing the flood of reporters to rush toward the doors. Melody and Billy sneak past, and Billy gets ready in the bathroom. The two agree to not reveal FrankiBilly until the reporters start taping.

Chapter 10: Don't Hate Me Because I'm Boo-tiful

At Frankie's house, the girls are crowded around the TV, where the news is on and focused on Brett. They playfully tease each other while waiting for him to wake up, and comment nastily on the over-dramatization of Brett's condition and on Bekka's appearance. Brett eventually wakes up and tries to speak, saying, "Whashe," wanting to know where Bekka was. Bekka hurries to Brett's side, and he expresses relief at having not killed her. Believing that he is still experiencing hallucinations, a nurse rushes to administer aid, but it is rejected by both Brett and his mother. Brett recalls a memory of his tenth birthday party, which had a monster theme, and how when he blew out the candles, he wished to be a monster, and was afraid his wish was fulfilled when he tore off Frankie's head, whom he mistook for Bekka, during what he described as "the best kiss of his life." While Bekka tries to convince Brett that she wasn't the monster and her head never came off, FrankiBilly comes into the room, causing a commotion and shocking everyone. FrankiBilly promises Brett to never go near him or anyone else again, though Brett assures FrankiBilly that he wasn't afraid and wanted to know more. Bekka unsuccessfully tries to convince the others that the monster had taken over his brain when she is taken away by security guards. However, before she leaves the room, she offers proof that monsters exist, and calls in Haylee, who hands over the iPad, and presses play on the video of Jackson turning into D.J., going back on her promise. With this action, Cleo smugly repeats that normies could not be trusted.

Chapter 11: All's Fair in Love and Gore

Melody rushes to grab the iPad, but the video has already been seen. She angrily questions why Bekka went back on her word, and Bekka points to Brett and FrankiBilly, who were talking with each other, saying that their new friendship was not part of the plan. Haylee affirms that the contract proved Bekka was right. Bekka starts taking interviews with the reporters about Jackson, and the status of other monsters. Melody initially panics before trying to calm down and channel the decision-making that Candace would do in the same situation, and draws on the conclusion that she would make something else for the reporters to focus their attention on. She orders Billy, who had only painted the parts they could see green, to take off the clothes and distract the reporters. Billy eagerly complies, and everyone leaves the room to chase him, leaving Brett with Melody alone. Brett becomes confused at finding out that the person he had been talking to wasn't the same girl he kissed at the dance, then becomes frustrated when his questioning leads to Melody being unable to reveal too much. However, she agrees to asking Frankie to a meeting with Brett, and offers him membership to NUDI, which he happily accepts. After hearing a commotion outside, they turn on the TV to the news to discover that Billy had taken off the paint and left behind the mold of Frankie's face. Ross Healy, the reporter for Channel Two News, deems the whole episode an elaborate prank by students at Merston High. Ross goes back to Brett and gives him a business card, making Brett promise to call when something else happens at his school. Brett starts talking to Ross about a possible internship, and Melody takes the opportunity to leave. Outside the room, an officer questions Bekka about the prank, trying to get her to fess up to help her get a lighter sentence. Melody volunteers her information about the events by revealing that Bekka wasn't a liar, but rather, a very elaborate prankster, which she defines as different from telling an outright lie. Bekka once again tries to plead her case, but the officer still won't listen, and he reveals to Melody that Bekka will likely get a large dose of community service. Pleased with the outcome, Melody walks away.

Chapter 12: Eat, Drink, and Be Wary

Back at school on Monday, Cleo celebrates the return of her normal life with Hasina's pyramid-shaped, decadent chocolate cupcakes, which she usually reserves for the return of her TV programs after the Olympics are over. Clawdeen talks about her Sassy Sixteen party while Cleo scrolls through the pictures on her phone. This does not go unnoticed by the girls, and Lala prods for information. Cleo casually mentions not knowing which jewels to model for the Teen Vogue shoot, and when met with the confused faces of her friends, shows off the pictures she took of them. This has the girls in a delighted frenzy, wanting to know more about the shoot, the jewels, and the potential to try on the jewels themselves. Their conversation, however, is interrupted by Billy, who eats Cleo's cupcake, and Melody, Jackson, and Frankie who sit at their table. They all discuss the events of the weekend and how close they were to being exposed, much to Cleo's annoyance. Frankie announces Bekka having gotten kicked out of math class this morning, after getting frustrated by her classmates when no one believed her story about monsters living with them, prompting her to throw chalk at them, one of which had hit the teacher. Haylee, trying to stick up for Bekka, reveals that she is upset because Brett wants a break, though the break was because Brett would finally get to meet Frankie. Clawdeen, Lala and Blue offer to go with Frankie to meet him for moral support, but Cleo thwarts the plans by revealing her surprise to the girls about all of them being models for the Teen Vogue shoot, with Lala helping the stylists since she does not show up on film. The three girls change their plans and decide to go to Cleo's after school. Cleo, however, is slightly unnerved as she now has to convince the editors at Teen Vogue to the change in plan.

Lost Chapter (Whose Unlucky Number Shall Go Unmentioned)
Main article: Chapter 13: Snatch Me If You Can
Chapter 14: Vanishing Act

Told in Billy's perspective, he recalls the many questions asked by the other boys about how many times he had sneaked in the girls' locker room, Victoria's Secret's dressing room, and girls' sleepovers to peek on them, and even the Holy Oak High School, an all boys' school, to hear basketball plays. Billy pretends to laugh along with the boys, but also makes it clear that he does not want to be the invisible horndog that follows hot girls. However, he has his sights on one girl, whom he deems honest, innocent, fearlessly determined and captivating: Frankie Stein. Despite all he had done to prove his love -- buying her a new phone, throwing a meeting at her house, saving her life by pretending to be her -- Frankie was still in love with, and going to meet, Brett. Billy, realizing that even if he made himself visible and declared his feelings on bended knee, he would still be invisible to her, stops walking alongside Frankie, Melody and Jackson, while they head to the carousel to meet Brett.

Chapter 15: To Normie Is to Love Me

Jackson, Melody and Frankie arrive at the carousel to wait for Brett to arrive. Melody points out the bench where she and Jackson first met, and Frankie starts to have doubts about meeting Brett. Those thoughts quickly disappear, however, when she catches sight of him coming towards them, daisies in hand. The four exchange pleasantries, though Brett does not recognize Frankie as the girl at the dance, since she is wearing her normie getup, until she pulls down her scarf and shows him her neckbolts. Brett offers the daisies as an apology for ripping her head off and the four move away from the merry-go-round to sit and talk. Frankie recalls the moment when she first met Brett in the lunch line on the first day of school after overhearing a conversation about her between him and Bekka. Brett apologizes for the offensive comments Bekka had made, but when asked why Brett didn't defend her, he replies that he was afraid of setting her off. Brett confesses wanting to be like a monster because he believed monsters were not scared of anything, like Frankie. Frankie tells him that she is not afraid because, having only been alive for a few months, she is more curious than afraid. Their conversation is interrupted and they are forced to hide in the grass when Bekka, serving her community service sentence by picking up trash in the park, comes near them. Seeing only Melody and Jackson, she accuses them of being "boyfriend-stealing zombie helpers" and threatens that the fight is not over before being pulled away. The four quickly leave the park, and Brett offers to help the RAD community by creating a documentary about their lives and struggles, hoping that if normies see, they will have no reason to be afraid. Since Brett had the business card of Ross Healy from Channel Two News, the documentary could be broadcasted on TV, reaching a wider audience. Frankie agrees to the documentary on one condition: the faces for the interviews have to be blurred in order to protect the RADs' identities. Later on, Brett texts Frankie that Ross agreed to the documentary, and Frankie immediately sends a mass text to the RAD's and Melody to meet at her house that evening.

Chapter 16: Tears of a Crown

While in her economics class earlier, Cleo texts her servants to prepare the jewels, various snacks and other things for her friends for when they come over, demanding it all to be done before she got home. Once she and her friends arrive at her house, she guides them, blindfolded, to her room. The girls are delighted by the jewels, after taking off the blindfolds. Cleo decides to wear the crown, and her snake Hissette, for the photo shoot. Clawdeen decides on the hammered cuffs and the pear-shaped earrings. Blue decides on the glow-in-the dark moonstone ring. Their styles are recorded by Lala. While Clawdeen books a spa appointment for a wax for herself, a steam for Lala and a hydration treatment for Blue, Cleo texts Manu, ordering him to contact the editors at Teen Vogue to fit Clawdeen and Blue as models, and Lala as a stylist. The editors answer back, wanting to see modeling portfolios, but Cleo gives them an ultimatum: either they take the offer or she walks with the jewels. The editors reluctantly agree, but warn that the girls must be professional. Cleo's excitement over the confirmation is mistaken by the other girls as excitement over Frankie's text concerning the documentary. The girls get ready to leave, but Cleo stops them, believing that they still need to practice for the shoot, while also not wanting to indulge whatever Frankie had to say. Cleo knows her big break for being a world-class jewelry designer starts with the modelling shoot, but Blue points out that while she may get her big break, if things did not change between the normies and RAD's soon, she, Clawdeen, Lala, and the other RAD's would not get to live out their dreams. She tearfully explains how her parents sent her to America to live a better life, but she had not had the heart to tell them that nothing had changed and she was not living openly. With the three girls standing in solidarity and in favor of listening to Frankie, Cleo eventually concedes and goes with them, secretly vowing it will be the last.

Chapter 17: The Ghoul Next Door

While the RAD's slowly start arriving in Frankie's backyard, Melody introduces herself to a girl named Julia, while surveying everyone else. Jackson arrives and congratulates Melody on the idea for the documentary, which Melody humbly rejects. Jackson reveals that the documentary would be called 'The Ghoul Next Door.' As the two continue getting cozy, Cleo and her friends arrive, forcing Julia and three other RAD's off of their seats, so she and her friends could sit. Frankie soon arrives and begins the meeting, first, thanking Melody for the documentary idea. Once again, the RAD's express their displeasure toward having a normie there, but Melody stands up and speaks for herself, saying that no matter what happens she would be on their side, and she cared about the RAD community because she remembers how it felt to want to be normal, while hiding the qualities that make someone unique. The RAD's applaud her speech, accepting her a little, and the meeting continues with Brett arriving to discuss the documentary, which would be aired during Oregon Week. Several RAD's ask questions, such as the documentary airing date, the name, and the filming location, all of which he answers, placating the nervous RADs. The airing date, however, is on the same day as the Teen Vogue shoot, and Cleo urges her friends to leave with her, since they are already booked. Melody makes a plea for them to stay, saying that fashion was not nearly as important as securing a future where the RAD's are free. Cleo disagrees, however, but Clawdeen, Lala, and Blue decide to stay and be a part of the film. Cleo stalks off angrily, leaving Melody to wonder if her efforts to help the RADs were helping or tearing them further apart.

Chapter 18: Queen Takes Green

Three days later, Cleo leaves school with Deuce, whom she had become more attached to in the absence of her friends, though at the cost of constantly hearing about basketball plays, going sunglasses shopping and listening to gossip-free conversations during lunch. Cleo is still hung up on her friends' decision, while also being nervous that they will not come back; because she believed they would be back for the shoot, she had neglected to tell the editors that the three had bailed. She and Deuce start to head out to grab pizza when Cleo overhears two girls, dressed in stereotypical vampire costumes, nearby. Cleo talks with them and discovers that the girls are pretending to be monsters in order to get into Brett's documentary. They found out about the film from Haylee, who had given them a flyer. The flyer reads that zombies had taken over Brett's mind, forcing him to make a monster propaganda movie, and urges the humans to boycott the film and meet at the flagpole to strategize; the entire flyer having been distributed by an anti-monster group created by Bekka: HUNT (Humans Unite! No Tolerance). Cleo dismisses the flyer and continues on with Deuce, but soon ditches him after discovering that he would also be in the documentary, rather than at the photo shoot with her. Now filled with even more determination to take down the film, Cleo quickly passes by Bekka and Haylee near the flagpole, ordering them to meet her under the bleachers. When Cleo eventually joins them, after making sure Billy is not around, she asks how the two know about the movie. Bekka confides that Brett had put her down on his resume as a reference, and Ross had called to check, revealing the plans to make the movie. When asked her objectives, Bekka's first plan is to take down the movie to avoid spreading pro-monster propaganda, the second is to prove monsters live in Salem and bring them to justice, and the third is to get Brett back. Cleo agrees with the first objective, though plots to take down Bekka before she can go with her next two objectives. When asked what her plan is, Bekka becomes suspicious about Cleo's motives. Cleo, lying on the spot, says she is a spy, working against the RAD's. Bekka offers what she can give to the plan; she knows all of Brett's passwords and can erase the movie and knows he works in the AV room at school. Cleo offers her knowledge of when the movie would be done for Bekka to erase. Cleo agrees to work with them on two conditions: the first is that no one else could know she is a member of HUNT, and the second is for the deletion of the cell phone novel Bekka and Haylee had been making about Cleo. The two agree to the terms and Cleo leaves, promising to keep in touch.

Chapter 19: Third-Degree Burns

Frankie and Brett head to Brett's shed where they plan to film the movie. On the inside, Frankie is stunned to see so much monster memorabilia, including an entire wall filled with Frankenstein posters. Frankie offers to give Brett her grandma's wedding dress, the real bride of Frankenstein's dress, to hang up along the posters. Brett makes a move to kiss her, but Heath Burns suddenly appears, dissolving the moment, and explaining how he was late because monster wannabees had chased him, wanting to be in the movie. Heath and Brett set up the shed and film equipment, and soon after Jackson arrives, sans Melody who was forced into game night by her parents. The interview begins with Frankie asking the questions, such as what kind of monster was he, the things that made him special, what he liked or disliked and if he considered himself, or D.J., dangerous. At the end of the interview, Brett tells Jackson that in order for normies to see that even at his worst, he was still harmless, they would have to interview D.J. Jackson agrees on the condition that Frankie break up with him. They try to heat the shed up by turning the lights on and making Jackson do physical exercises, to no avail. Heath suddenly sneezes out fire while fanning himself, kicking up dust, and also revealing that he is a RAD, unbeknownst to him. The fire is enough to trigger Jackson's transformation into D.J. Frankie convinces D.J. to answer the interview questions for the movie, and D.J. complies under the condition that he would be able to ask his own. After the interview, D.J. requests that he and Frankie start seeing other people, since D.J. also believes that he suffers blackouts when transforming back into Jackson; thinking it is also not fair to Frankie. Frankie agrees, filled with relief, and sparks D.J. on his cheek as something for him to remember him by, before the shed door is opened to allow cool air to come in and transform D.J. back into Jackson.

Chapter 20: Stall Wars

Melody goes to the bathroom before her language arts class starts on Friday, slightly exhausted from the work she had been putting in to screen each of the RAD's interviews, with the full, rough cut of the movie expected to be done and sent to Ross on Monday. As Melody enters the bathroom, she smells amber, the signature scent of Cleo, who at that moment exits a stall to wash her hands. Melody tries to be friendly by complimenting Cleo's dress and her choice of her signature scent, though is ignored. She then lies and says her friends miss Cleo, to which Cleo becomes angry that Melody is sitting with them. Melody argues back, no longer attempting to be kind, and Cleo tries to silently point out to Melody Bekka's Ugg boots in a nearby stall. Melody does not take the hint and continues to speak, saying that she was sticking up for what she believed in and condemning Cleo for choosing a fashion shoot, to which Cleo responds, asking if Melody had also had her brain taken over by zombies. Melody becomes confused by the comment, then, knowing that she had been hanging out with Bekka, warns Cleo that Bekka cannot be trusted. Bekka soon emerges from the stall and Melody goes into a stall, embarrassed and angry that she did not see the signs that Bekka was listening. Cleo sarcastically thanks Melody for the warning, and she and Bekka both laugh, leaving Melody behind.

Chapter 21: It's a Wrap

On Sunday, the HUNT members are at school, where Bekka and Haylee are waiting for the AV and computer guys to leave, while Cleo waits in the basement bathroom for an 'all clear' text from Bekka. Thanks to her friends' Facebook pages, Cleo had learned a rough cut of the movie was expected by Ross the next day. Aside from status updates from Bekka, Cleo had not received many texts, since her friends were still avoiding her, and after giving an ultimatum to Deuce to choose between the movie or her, where he chose both, Cleo had stopped talking to him. Once the 'all clear' text is sent, Cleo heads to the AV room, where Haylee gives her a HUNT wristband and red mittens while Bekka hacks into Brett's email. Their mission comes to a halt when Haylee spots Brett and Frankie approaching the room, and the three hide. Cleo is confused as to why they are there, but the answer is quickly found when Brett calls Ross, telling him that the movie had been sent, a day early. The three girls are dejected, but their spirits quickly lift when Brett gets a call back from an angry Ross, not approving of the blurry faces and demanding a clean cut. This delights Bekka and Haylee, since it means the movie would be aired and the RADs would be revealed, thus fulfilling objectives one and two of Bekka's plan. Frankie, however, sticks up for the RADs, and Brett does as well, considering the RADs as friends and giving them his promise to protect their identities. The call ends and Frankie and Brett leave the room sadly, promising to tell the other RAD's the news together. Cleo happily takes off the mittens and HUNT bracelet, now that her objective is complete, and leaves Bekka and Haylee behind. Soon after, Frankie sends a mass text to all the RADs, scheduling another meeting to all involved in the movie.

Chapter 22: Mummy's Home

Cleo is the first to arrive at Frankie's house. She attempts to make friendly conversation, accepting Frankie a bit more after she stood up to Ross. When asked why she was there, Cleo lies and responds about wanting to be in the movie. Frankie does not respond, and the two wait in silence as the rest of the RADs arrive. Frankie starts the meeting and the RAD's applause, their excitement in contrast to Frankie and her parents solemn faces. They tell the RADs that the movie is not airing, and Brett tells them that Ross would only air it if their faces were unblurred. This piece of news is met with anger until Frankie placates them with her response, a hard 'no' to the demand for the unedited movie. This news is met with silence, before eventually, the RAD's start applauding her bravery, albeit, they too wore solemn expressions on their faces. Cleo makes her way to her friends, who continue to give her the cold shoulder. When asked why she had come, Cleo feeds them her lie, and when asked about the modelling shoot, she lies again, saying she cancelled it, believing the movie to be more important. Billy suddenly appears near the girls, his appearance made known by the smell of the lemon-scented Starburst he ate, and Cleo playfully threatens to spray tan him if he doesn't leave. Billy does so and Blue requests Cleo to ask if the modelling shoot can still go on. Cleo promises to "try;" Clawdeen brings up Bekka and Haylee, wondering if they had already been given the offer to model in their stead, to which Cleo responds that she was never their friend and would never ask them to model, criticizing their normal bone structure. Cleo also generously offers to lend her pear-shaped earrings to Clawdeen for her Sassy Sixteen, which Clawdeen happily accepts. The four forgive each other and hug it out. Later on, Cleo texts the other girls about the modelling shoot, still set to go on, and that a limo will pick them up to go to the shoot after class on Thursday. The other girls text back their excitement.

Chapter 23: RAD Rage

On Thursday, Frankie makes her way home after school, in mourning over the loss of the film, guilt over letting down the RADs once again in her quest to fight for their freedom, and slightly jealous of Clawdeen, Lala and Blue, the only RADs who are happy and on their way to the Teen Vogue shoot in a limo. Melody catches up with Frankie and excitedly tells her that the documentary would air. Candace, at home faking illness, had seen a commercial for 'The Ghoul Next Door,' and after calling the station, confirmed it would be airing. Frankie texts Brett the news, who also calls the station to confirm with Ross, wondering why he changed his mind. Ross does not pick up, but the three are so excited they pay it no mind. Brett organizes to have a viewing party in his monster-themed shed and Frankie rushes to tell the other RADs the good news. At Brett's shed, transformed into a screening room, the RADs wait in anticipation for it to air. They are slightly off-put by the odd introduction by Ross and the title screen set to background music from a horror film, but pay it no mind. However, they become even more suspicious when Bekka appears in the movie, wearing a wedding dress and sitting in a church pew. Bekka, in her mini-PSA, says that Brett had been forced to make the movie by the RADs, with the intent of gaining the humans' trust before sucking their brains out and stealing their souls. She urges the humans to rise up and take action against them, and pleads with Brett to return to her. The movie then starts with the first interview, Jackson, with his face unblurred. This stirs the RADs into a panic, with the horrifying realization that they would be completely exposed. D.J., having transformed from Jackson after a blast of heat from Heath's burp occurring earlier, finds out that Jackson was living inside him, a fact he did not know about, and in his confusion runs away, worrying Melody. Frankie's cell phone rings with Clawdeen on the line, who is also in a panic along with Lala and Blue in the limo, where they saw the movie airing on the TVs inside. The three are heading back home, no longer safe out in the open and mad at Cleo for believing that she already knew about it, and Clawdeen warns Frankie to run away as well and not trust Brett or Melody, whom she thinks both conspired with Bekka. Brett does not fight back, taking the things thrown at him and the accusations from the RADs, before the RADs run away, their sense of unity gone. Frankie, believing Clawdeen's accusations, accuses Melody of conspiring with Bekka, and runs away as well.

Chapter 24: Siren Says

Melody runs around the neighborhood, thirty minutes after leaving the shed, calling out for D.J. or Jackson. Melody, like the other RADs, believes that Brett really had been conspiring with Bekka the entire time, though she too is hurt that the RADs no longer trust her either, after she tried so hard to gain it. Melody eventually comes to the conclusion that she had to talk to someone else the RADs no longer wanted to talk to: Cleo. Melody calls Candace for a ride, and to her surprise, Candace readily agrees. While waiting, Melody tries calling Jackson and Frankie, but neither pick up. In the distance, she suddenly hears police sirens, and starts to panic, thinking that the police were rounding the monsters up. The siren, however, is not from a police car, but from Candace, who picks Melody up, and had downloaded the app, believing she might need it someday. Candace acquiesces to turning it off and the two head to the Teen Vogue shoot site.

Chapter 25: Saved by the Mel

Cleo impatiently waits for her friends at the set of the shoot in a waiting tent, surrounded by the bustle of activity, after being outfitted, made up, and given a foot spa treatment and mani-pedi. An intern comes in demanding to know where the other girls were, though Cleo still has no response, even though two hours had passed. The intern leaves in a huff, and Cleo goes to Manu, asking where the girls are. Manu happily responds that they are there. The accessories editor, Jaydra, gathers the team, and announces the girls' arrival, as well as the time crunch they are under, requiring the girls to go through hair and makeup quickly before they lose light. Someone calls for Cleo, and she is disappointed to see it is Melody. Melody immediately launches into her accusations against Cleo, which confuses her even more, on top of her confusion about Melody and Candace being there. A man named Joffree arrives to outfit the girls, and while Candace flirts, Melody fills Cleo in on 'The Ghoul Next Door' airing with the unblurred faces. Cleo responds her desire for the movie to never air in the first place, even with the blurred faces. The girls are about to be taken away to hair and makeup, but Melody puts a stop to it, refusing to model. Cleo begs both girls to do it, promising to reveal all she knew about the movie, and Melody reluctantly agrees. While the girls are changing, Cleo pieces together that after she had left, Bekka had gone into Brett's email and changed the movie, believing Brett to be too genuine to betray the RADs. After the girls are outfitted and made up, they are led to the set while Cleo comes clean about her involvement in getting rid of the movie, and offers her certainty about Bekka's hacking and changing the movie. Melody condemns Cleo for conspiring with her, but Cleo defends her actions, saying she needed her help to erase the movie. Melody identifies with Cleo's actions, having done much of the same as well, dissolving much of the hostility between the two girls. They are led to the set, described as being a beach-inside-a-bottle, with colored sand and live camels. The photographer, Kolin VanVerbeentengarden, comes to introduce himself, and is quickly smitten by Candace, who correctly guesses what he wanted his shoot to be about, and whom also starts to flirt with him. The girls are directed to go to their designated camels, but all three are disgusted by the unpleasant smell emanating from them. Cleo uses her amber perfume to make them smell better, but this upsets the camels, who run away, causing a stampede and ruining the set. The camel wrangler, Kora, comes in to get them, but her attempts are in vain. Eventually, Melody calls the camel's names, with a musical-like quality, and they calm down and return to the set. The shoot is a bust, but Candace is excited that Melody's voice is back and Cleo is awestruck. While Candace calls their parents to tell them the good news, and also ask for Kolin's number afterward, Cleo and Melody return to the waiting tent, where Manu asks if Melody's mother, Marina is there. Melody becomes confused, citing that her mother was Glory Carver, and Manu eventually agrees, also citing that Marina's daughter had an unfortunate nose. This stuns Melody, who remains completely silent when Cleo asks for Melody's forgiveness. Anxious to make up with her friends, Cleo merely leaves the shoot, rather than ask what was wrong.

Chapter 26: Mom Genes

Candace drives back home with Melody in tow, triumphant over their completed NUDI mission. Melody receives a text from her mother, congratulating her on having gotten her voice back. Melody does not text back and asks Candace if her nose really did look like a camel's, as Manu had said. Candace agrees that it did before launching into a monologue about her thoughts on the events that recently transpired. Melody does not respond and pretends to listen, while also wondering who Marina is and if Candace had ever heard of her, and starting to doubt, for the first time, if Glory Carver was really her mom. Candace then launches into another monologue about Jaydra, but Melody once again tunes her out. Melody wishes she had never met Manu, even though she is grateful that she earned Cleo's respect and believes that the RADs and NUDIs could join forces together. Melody ends by saying she had everything she was fighting for except the truth.


  1. Cleo de Nile
  2. Melody Carver
  3. Frankie Stein
  4. Viktor Stein
  5. Viveka Stein
  6. Beau Carver
  7. Glory Carver
  8. Ramses de Nile
  9. Hasina
  10. Beb
  11. Candace Carver
  12. Jackson Jekyll
  13. Bekka Madden
  14. Haylee
  15. Brett Redding
  16. Ross Healy
  17. Mrs. Redding
  18. Clawdeen Wolf
  19. Draculaura
  20. Lagoona Blue
  21. Deuce Gorgon
  22. D.J. Hyde
  23. Heath Burns
  24. Billy Phaidin
  25. Glitterati
  26. Hissette
  27. Akins
  28. Chisisi
  29. Bastet
  30. Ufa
  31. Usi
  32. Miu-Miu
  33. Ebonee
  34. Manu
  35. Kolin VanVerbeentengarden
  36. Anna Wintour
  37. Julia
  38. Jaydra
  39. Joffree
  40. Kora



  • Candace was described as having aqua blue eyes in Monster High, but in chapter 2 of The Ghoul Next Door, she is said to have green eyes.
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