Volume 2, Episode 30: Frankie seeks her ghoulfriends' advice about a monster dilemma and Cleo catches Deuce rocking out with Operetta.


Frankie Stein goes on a date with Holt Hyde and in the end finds he's more than meets the eye. Draculaura thinks Frankie Stein has a crush, but Frankie Stein denies it. Jackson Jekyll then shows up, who had been clear from her mind during all of this, and she is surprised that she forgot all about him and the fact that she was crushing on to two boys. Before she can dwell on this, Clawdeen Wolf shows up hyped about two zombie boys, Slo Mo and Don of the Dead fighting over Ghoulia Yelps. Frankie Stein soon realizes that the same thing might happen between Holt Hyde and Jackson Jekyll over her.

After consulting Teen Scream, she gets the advice to ask her friends, which turns disastrous. Lagoona Blue breaks out in tears over Gil; Clawdeen Wolf and Draculaura completely ignore her while favoring a conversation about when Clawd Wolf can go out with Draculaura, and Cleo de Nile is too preoccupied spying on Deuce Gorgon and Operetta, in which she finds "evidence" that Deuce Gorgon was legitimately cheating on her.

After this, Frankie Stein realizes just how complicated romantic relationships are, and realizing that dealing with just one boy is hard enough she decides that she has to make a choice: Holt Hyde or Jackson Jekyll.


  1. Frankie Stein
  2. Holt Hyde
  3. Draculaura
  4. Jackson Jekyll
  5. Clawdeen Wolf
  6. Scarah Screams
  7. Ghoulia Yelps
  8. Sloman Mortavitch
  9. Don of the Dead
  10. Iris Clops
  11. Lagoona Blue
  12. Clawd Wolf
  13. Cleo de Nile
  14. Deuce Gorgon
  15. Operetta



  • The title is a portmanteau of the Bermuda Triangle and a love triangle.
  • Draculaura has a Monster Beat magazine in her locker. Monster Beat is a play on Teen Beat.
  • The Teen Scream magazine Frankie seeks guidance from is a play on Teen Scene.


  • Lagoona still is devastated that Gil's parents sent him to another school prior to "Back-to-Ghoul". Fortunately for her, he will return next webisode.


  • Don of the Dead has his name mentioned for the first time, though only the "Don" part. The full name/pun won't be revealed until "Dodgeskull".
  • This webisode kicks off the friendship-love triangle of Ghoulia, Slo Mo, and Don.


  • Frankie's neck bolts are drawn in front of her earrings in the final shots.


  • Part of the song's lyrics Operetta helps Deuce write is the lines: "You make my life complete. Our love is stronger than concrete."
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