When Clawdeen performs in the school talon show, she accidentally shows her werewolf side. Will the crowd freak out or go wild?


At the 1361st Annual Charity Talon Show, Cleo finishes up her performance of a hieroglyph-inspired dance and receives loud approval from the audience. When she walks backstage, she is greeted by Deuce, who congratulates and kisses her. Clawdeen makes a snide remark about Cleo's success and is then notified by Ghoulia that she is next. Cleo wishes her good luck only to remind her rival of her own well-received performance just now. Clawdeen is not impressed and Cleo plans to sabotage her performance.

Clawdeen walks down the runway, but when she reaches the end, Cleo pulls a switch that causes a huge spotlight to turn on. Draculaura, who is among the audience along with Frankie and Lagoona, points out that the spotlight looks just like a full moon. As predicted by Cleo, Clawdeen is taken over by her werewolf instincts, but unlike Cleo predicted, Clawdeen's werewolf instincts bring her to perform a very impressive dance. As Cleo sees her plan backfire, Deuce comes up to her and notices someone turned on the spotlight. Cleo convincingly denies involvement.

When the song ends and the spotlight is turned off, Clawdeen returns to normal and realizes she was out of control. The audience is silent, worrying her, but then her friends start cheering for her, prompting the rest of the audience to express their enthusiasm about her stunning performance as well. Clawdeen proudly saunters backstage, where she asks Cleo if the audience requested an encure from her too. As Clawdeen walks away laughing, Cleo snarls at her reflection in the mirror and it breaks into pieces.


  1. Cleo de Nile
  2. Deuce Gorgon
  3. Clawdeen Wolf
  4. Ghoulia Yelps
  5. Frankie Stein
  6. Draculaura
  7. Lagoona Blue
  8. Iris Clops
  9. Scarah Screams



  • "Talon Show" is a pun on "talent show".


  • The sign mentions the Talon Show to be the "1361st Annual Charity Fashion Show", pointing at Monster High being a very old school. The school would later be implied to be approximately 2000 years old in "Totally Busted" and even later approximately 3000 years old in "Playing the Boos". As per 2014's TV special "Freaky Fusion", this canon has been overwritten in favor of Monster High being only 200 years old.



  • Even though it's supposed to be a talent show, the sign reads "Fashion Show".
  • When Draculaura says "She's awesome!", she has Frankie's voice.
  • Cleo's reflection depicts her cheek-gem on the wrong cheek.


  • This webisode features two unique backgrounders: a version of the dark circles boy with green hair and a version of the five-eyed aqua boy with tentacles on his head instead of a crest.