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Frankie takes a voltageous stand and fights for Zombie rights when she runs for Student Disembodied President.


Witnessing another instance of zombies being treated as lesser people, Frankie decides to run for Student Disembodied President in order to obtain the power to help them. Her friends are supportive of her, with Cleo assigning herself as Frankie's campaign manager. For the most part, Frankie enjoys her friends' aid, but she also finds that most of them expect her to use her future influence to spend energy on trivial matters for them. On top of that, Toralei decides to run too—solely so Frankie will lose.

To boost her place in the polls, Frankie and her team make a campaign video. Frankie uses the opportunity to point out that many people have problems and want her to do something about them, but that there are objectively much more significant issues and that it's those issues she wants to work on. The team is happy with the resulting video and leave their equipment alone for a bit. Toralei uses this time to rework her opponent's video into one that makes Frankie look like a horrible candidate.

Angered but not defeated, Frankie engages Toralei in a debate. Toralei tries to win votes by making outrageous promises, and Frankie knows she can't beat that. As such, she shifts the attention from her person onto one of the students she wants to help: Sloman Mortavitch. She lets him talk about his experiences as a zombie at Monster High, which move the entire student body. Frankie goes the extra mile by retreating from the election and announcing Slo Mo as the new candidate since he is a better voice for the zombies than she ever could be. Slo Mo gets twice the votes Toralei gets and thus becomes the new Student Disembodied President.


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