Portrait of Lord Stoker

Lord Stoker is a 2014 introduced and special-only character. He is a vampire lord who is the main antagonist of the TV special "Frights, Camera, Action!".



Stoker & Dracula

Stoker & Dracula

Lord Stoker has been charged with finding the new Vampire Queen. In Elissabat's diary, it is heavily hinted that his true ambition is to use the Queen as a proxy so he can rule the kingdom for himself.


He has a black cape and heavy black eye makeup. He has gray hair that is smoothed back. He has pointed ears as well.


Lord Stoker is voiced by James Horan.



Lord Stoker is the older brother of Elissabat's father, making her his niece. His younger brother disappeared on an expedition four hundred years ago, and Stoker has been Elissabat's guardian since. However, his abusive and controlling behavior made her decide to flee shortly after the disappearance of her father. She was missing until recently, and after accepting the title of Vampire Queen, Elissabat used her authority to forcefully retire Lord Stoker from his position.


  • Stoker's name could be derived from the name of the famous novelist, who wrote the book Dracula, known as Bram Stoker.