"He was the first thing I ever loved. The first thing I ever ruined."

-Deuce Gorgon in "Hiss-teria".

Smokey is a green dragon that came to be Deuce Gorgon's pet when he was just a little boy.

Physical Description

Smokey is a lank, winged, quadrupedal, green dragon with a dog-like demeanor. He has cat-like eyes, bat wing like ears, and a lime coloured tongue.


Volume 2


Years ago, Smokey was given to Deuce as his first pet. Deuce loved him dearly, but one day while playing, Smokey knocked Deuce's sunglasses off. As a result, Deuce's gaze turned him into a statue. Because Deuce had no control over his powers at that age, Smokey didn't return to normal after a day, but would only become flesh again at the anniversary of the petrification. However, which anniversary was unknown. One such anniversary and a chance for Deuce to be reunited with Smokey took place during "Hiss-teria".

In hopes of being able to greet Smokey, Deuce had put together a bouquet of snapdragons, which he hid in his locker. Embarrassed about what he had done as a child, he spoke with no one about it, causing Cleo to suspect Deuce was cheating on her. With the help of her friends, she confronted Deuce about his behavior, at which point he finally explained what was going on and apologized. Nonetheless, again Smokey did not change back.


  • In the Monster High website game Clawdeen's Cram Fest!, Deuce notes that "[not] all dragons breathe fire. Just the fun ones." Assuming the game and webisode are in continuity, this suggests Smokey is capable of breathing fire.
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