Don't Cheer the Reaper - Smogsnorts vampires think

Smogsnorts Academy students

Smogsnorts Vampyr Academy, sometimes called just Smogsnorts Academy, is an all-vampire high school. It has a very talented fearleading team.


It is hinted in "Don't Cheer the Reaper" and "Road to Monster Mashionals" that Draculaura has had some dealings with the student body of Smogsnorts in the past, which left her with a grudge towards the school.

During the annual Gloom Beach fearleading competition, Smogsnorts was Monster High's biggest competition. According to Cleo in "Don't Cheer the Reaper," the Smogsnorts' team had been the winner of the mashionals fearleading competition for the previous four years in a row. Seeing that Smogsnorts was keeping up a Spartan-like training regime whereas Monster High was forced by Scary Murphy to do all kinds of chores (like preparing meals for the other teams in "Witch Trials"), Cleo and Ghoulia teamed their creativity and brilliance to compose a routine that would win Monster High the competition. However, Toralei Stripe stole the instructions and handed them to the Smogsnorts team, who eagerly copied the routine.

Monster High didn't know about the theft until the competition. Smogsnorts performed their routine, leaving them with nothing. Thinking fast, Cleo realized the chores Scary Murphy had them do actually had familiarized them with movement that could very well be just for an improvised performance. Going with this, Monster High won the competition, prompting Smogsnorts to leave the arena angrily.

What may be a Smogsnorts Vampyr Academy student was among the audience attending Monster Mashionals in "Monster Mashionals Part 1". Since models were used rather haphazardly throughout that webisode, it is impossible to say whether she was meant as Smogsnorts student, perhaps cheering for a friend from another school, or if she was a student from another show arbitrarily given a Smogsnorts student model.


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