Volume 2, Episode 9: Their bags are packed and their spirits are high! When the Gloom Beach bus arrives, the ghouls embark on the scary-cool trip of a lifetime.


Clawdeen and Draculaura go through the contents of their Gloom Beach luggage together to assure themselves they've got all they need. Which is a lot, as Cleo dryly notes when they bring their bags and suitcases to the bus. She asks if they've not forgotten about their fearleader uniforms, to which they lightheartedly reply that Gloom Beach is about more than fearleading. Draculaura enthusiastically sums up all qualities of the north beach, but Cleo retorts they'll be spending all of their time on the south beach, where the Fearleading Academy is located. She elaborates that they'll be training hard to earn the academy's Spirit Staff, as every team that has won it subsequently won Monster Mashionals. Therefore, they need to win the staff.

Later, the Fear Squad and Lagoona are asleep on the bus, each of them dreaming about their own hopes and fears. Draculaura dreams of Clawd Wolf joining her at Gloom Beach. Frankie dreams of Cleo getting injured and entrusting the Fear Squad's victory at Gloom Beach to her. Lagoona dreams of rescuing Gil from suffocation by mouth-to-mouth rehydration. And Cleo suffers a nightmare in which shadows envelop her when she finally has the Spirit Staff. Fortunately for her, Frankie wakes her up before the nightmare can get worse with the news that they've arrived at Gloom Beach.

Once off the bus, the Fear Squad stares around in amazement at the academy, the luxurious cabins, and the beach itself. Cleo tells Mr. Hackington, the bus driver, to unload their luggage, but Hackington gleefully informs her that the 'Wild Card'-team's cabin is a little further away. He dumps them and their bags at an old and wrecked cabin, where Frankie tries to lift the soured mood by saying that it's not that bad. However, when she tries to open the door, its hinges break apart.


  1. Draculaura
  2. Clawdeen Wolf
  3. Frankie Stein
  4. Heath Burns
  5. Sloman Mortavitch
  6. Cleo de Nile
  7. Ghoulia Yelps
  8. Lagoona Blue
  9. Deuce Gorgon
  10. Iris Clops
  11. Mr. Hackington



  • Whether it's by the Spirit Staff's grace or not, the Fear Squad will win Monster Mashionals in "Monster Mashionals Part 2".
  • Slo Mo destroys Heath's guitar out of annoyance with his lack of musical talent. This same event will happen again in "Hyde and Shriek".
  • Clawd and Draculaura's reconciliation after the events of "Varsity Boos" is not shown in the cartoon, but must have happened between "Gloomsday" and this webisode.
  • Frankie previously responded to being hit by lightning with an exclamation of "Refreshing!" in "Freakout Friday".


Screech to the Beach - Frankie's dream
  • In Frankie's dream, Ghoulia is kneeling with her 'Basic' outfit on top and her Gloom Beach outfit on the bottom.
  • In Cleo's dream, the Cleo's not on top are momentarily animated as speaking along with the one on top, despite only that one being actually heard speaking.
  • Deuce and Ghoulia are not shown ever being on the bus.
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