The Scream Uniform line is a set of four Monster High sport uniforms. It is the first clothes-only line released, which happened in Early December, 2010. The uniforms match the following sports for the following characters: soccer for Clawdeen Wolf, surfing for Lagoona Blue, casketball for Deuce Gorgon and fearleading for Frankie Stein.


The name Scream Uniform comes from the back of the boxes.

The line is also known as 'School Spirit' or 'Ghoul Spirit' by some fans and seen as belonging with the Go Monster High Team!!! line, which also is fanonically known as 'School Spirit' or 'Ghoul Spirit'. The two are named so after the Scream Uniform line's Amazon listings and Draculaura's quote on the back of the first Go Monster High Team!!! 3-pack that reads: "These uniforms really bring out my school spirit!".

Assortment relations

The Scream Uniform line shares an assortment number with the School Clubs line and therefore the two could be interpreted as two halves of the same line.

Scream Uniform is generally seen as the thematical predecessor of the Go Monster High Team!!! series . The two lines together are sometimes called 'School Spirit' or 'Ghoul Spirit' by fans and considered to be one and the same. Scream Uniform has another thematical successor in the Skultimate Roller Maze line, which also centers around Monster High and sport.

Frankie's fearleading outfit has been reused for much of the outfits in the Go Monster High Team!!! series. All three non-werecat Go Monster High Team!!! girls wear a repainted version of Frankie's—and Lagoona's—earrings: Draculaura's are pink, Ghoulia's are white, and Cleo's are golden. Frankie's—and therefore Scream Uniform Clawdeen's and Lagoona's—sport bracelet has been repainted too; in gold and black and belongs to Go Monster High Team!!! Ghoulia. The megaphone and fearleader shoes have been included with the first 3-pack without alteration, the megaphone going to Cleo and Cleo and Draculaura getting a pair of shoes each. The second 3-pack has all three dolls wearing the same, unchanged shoes, but the three megaphones are all repaints: in pink, black, and white. Lastly, the Scream Uniform dress has been altered for the five characters wearing it: Cleo and the werecats have the dress with the blue stitches removed and Draculaura has the dress with the blue stitches removed and sleeves sewn on.


Each outfit comes with a card that has a picture of the respective character on one side and information about the character's team position and sport skills on the other.


Frankie Stein's fearleading activities are an important story element in "New Ghoul @ School" and throughout Volume 2, but the outfit she wears in the cartoon differs in a few ways from her Scream Uniform outfit. Deuce Gorgon wasn't even acknowledged as a member of the casketball team until the Volume 3 webisode "Super Fan" and, like Frankie's, his cartoon casketball outfit is not his Scream Uniform outfit. Clawdeen's and Lagoona's Scream Uniform outfits never appeared in the cartoon.

Deuce's and Clawdeen's respective casketball and soccer activities do receive a shout-out in Ghoulia's Physical Deaducation survival guide. Also, the Monster High website game Freaky Footwork focuses on the Scream Uniform line, with Clawdeen teaching Frankie and Lagoona soccer. There's also a small cameo of Lagoona in her uniform, though without the appropriate haircut, in the game Scary Sun.


  • Deuce Gorgon's stockphoto lacks the casketball ball that comes with the fashion pack.
  • Clawdeen Wolf's stockphoto misses half the earrings that comes with the fashion pack.


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