Franken-Styled - school photographer close-up

The school photographer is a 2013-introduced and cartoon-only character. He could be either a ghost or light-based creature and he is the regular photographer hired by Monster High to capture important school moments. He is a kind man who keeps to his appointments.


Volume 3

Franken-Styled - school photographer full

The school photographer came to Monster High for picture day in "Franken-Styled". When he thought he was done and left for the next school, a group of six students, who were late, approached and asked him to stay to take their picture too. He replied he'd take their pictures next week, when he'd return to take makeup photos, which the students seemed to be okay with.


  • The era of origin of the school photographer is ambiguous. His clothes and camera suggest him to be from about the 1860's, but the old movie-lines and voice suggest a 1930's identity.
  • Though not shown, the school photographer must've visited Monster High in "Photo Finish".
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