The School Clubs line is a set of four Monster High school club outfits. It was released in Mid August, 2011. The uniforms match the following clubs for the following characters: Comic Book Club for Ghoulia Yelps, Fashion Entrepreneur's Club for Clawdeen Wolf, Newspaper Club for Draculaura, and Snowboarding Club for Abbey Bominable.


The name School Clubs comes from the back of the boxes.

Assortment relations

The School Clubs line shares an assortment number with the Scream Uniform line and therefore the two could be interpreted as two halves of the same line.

A few accessories of the School Clubs are recolored and reused from previous lines, but mostly later lines have reused accessories from School Clubs.

School Clubs doll(s) Accessory Other doll(s)
Abbey Bominable Shoes 'School's Out' Abbey Bominable
Abbey Bominable Necklace I Heart Fashion Abbey Bominable
Clawdeen Wolf Shoes 'Campus Stroll' Clawdeen Wolf, I Heart Fashion Abbey Bominable, 'To Howl For' Abbey Bominable
Draculaura Shoes I Heart Fashion Abbey Bominable
Ghoulia Yelps Shoes Go Monster High Team!!! Ghoulia Yelps, Coffin Bean Clawdeen Wolf, I Heart Fashion Abbey Bominable
Ghoulia Yelps Dead Fast merchandise SDCCI 2011 Ghoulia Yelps
Ghoulia Yelps Headband 'Basic' Ghoulia Yelps
Ghoulia Yelps Glasses 'Basic' Ghoulia Yelps, Dead Tired Ghoulia Yelps, Scaris: City of Frights Ghoulia Yelps

Doll logs

Each outfit comes with a card that has a picture of the respective character on one side and information about the character's club on the other.


The only fiction to specifically acknowledge the School Clubs outfits as of yet is the Monster High website game Creepateria Food Fright. Otherwise, both Abbey's skill in snowboarding and Clawdeen's wish to run a fashion empire are traits originating in the characters' respective profiles. Draculaura's passion for journalism comes from her nature as a gossip in the cartoon and her profile-based love for creative writing. Ghoulia's enthusiasm for comic books is a piece of character development started in her 'Basic' diary.


Doll stockphotography - School Clubs Clawdeen Doll stockphotography - School Clubs Draculaura Doll stockphotography - School Clubs Abbey Doll stockphotography - School Clubs Ghoulia
Clawdeen Wolf Draculaura Abbey Bominable Ghoulia Yelps
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