Quotation1 So you're the wild card team. Not much to look at, are you? Quotation2
Scary Murphy in "Witch Trials".
Scary murphy



According to Cleo, Scary Murphy's a fearleading legend, although it's unknown whether that's as an ex-fearleader or as a fearleading coach (or both). Either way, Scary Murphy has a knack for noticing talent in a fearleading squad and bringing it out by challenging that squad.

During the Gloom Beach mashionals tournament, Scary Murphy singled out the Monster High fearleaders as her protegées and forced them to do seemingly pointless jobs with the secret intent to familiarize them with a large set of moves they could use in their routine (since they were the Wild Card team). However, her bossy and offensive attitude left almost the entire Monster High fearleading squad to resent her, with Cleo being the only one to keep faith in her.

After the MH-fear squad won the tournament with Scary Murphy's moves, Scary Murphy became much nicer, and friendlier to them, explaining why she had been so tough on them before. However, when they were in a funk during Rising From the Dead, Scary Murphy went back to her harsh attitude to force Cleo to take back her responsibility as the squad captain and fight her way back to the alpha fearleading position.


Scary Murphy wears a long dark purple cloak with a dark blue witches hat. Her head is in a glass bubble, possibly a Gazing Ball, better known as a Crystal Ball used by fortune tellers. She has no actually body but her cloak acts as her hands sometimes.


Road to Monster Mashionals - Scary Murphy smiles
Scary Murphy sends Cleo de Nile a text that the Fear Squad's invitation is still under review. Fear-A-Mid Power

Scary Murphy takes on the role of coach of the Fear Squad. Her first instruction is for them to do a number of chores. Witch Trials

At the Gloom Beach competition, the Fear Squad is forced to improvise and Cleo puts a routine together using the movements she used during the chores. The Fear Squad wins, prompting Scary Murphy to admit she acted like she did to bring out their best. Road to Monster Mashionals

Rising From the Dead Monster Mashionals Part 1 Monster Mashionals Part 2


  • Magic: As a witch she should know how to use magic, she has been shown to appear out of a staff as it was broken.
  • Flying: She hasn't been shown on a broomstick but she has been shown to float around.
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