Toralei discovers wishes can have scary consequences when she asks Gigi Grant for one wish too many.


Gigi is adapting well to a life as non-bound genie and has no trouble fitting in at Monster High. Though she is certain that she no longer has wish-granting powers, she is proven wrong when overhears by Clawd's locker just as he exclaims that he wishes he hadn't lost his homework. On instinct, Gigi makes his homework appear before him. She and her friends are shocked, but Ghoulia explains that sometimes when monsters are very powerful, they always retain some of their power. Unfortunately, Toralei overhears this and instantly decides she should be the prime beneficiary of Gigi's remaining powers.

Toralei's first wish that day is for a manicure, and many more, increasingly extravagant wishes follow in the hours after. She wishes for new boots, her homework completed, a perfect hair day, jewelry, first place in a competition, a large fish cake, a good grade, extra credits, being in front of a line, longer eyelashes, and a shinier coat. Gigi becomes exhausted from the chain of wishes and hides out at the school fountain. Her friends find her asking her what's wrong, and tell her to stop letting Toralei take advantage of her, but Gigi counters that it's Toralei who has to reconsider the course of events because wishes always come with consequences.

Back inside, Toralei pesters Gigi for another wish: she wants everyone to talk about her. Gigi warns her that she has to phrase her wish carefully, but Toralei impatiently demands that she gets her wish. Gigi grants it and people soon start talking about Toralei—however, Toralei realizes that she should've listened to Gigi, because their schoolmates aren't talking about Toralei for anything good: after Clawdeen hands her a compact-mirror, it turns out that the reason the students are talking about Toralei is because she now has a big red zit on her forehead. Toralei gets mad at Gigi, claiming that it's her fault, but Gigi's quick to point out that it's Toralei's own fault and elaborates further: Toralei simply said that she wanted people to talk about her without specifying why she wanted them to talk about her.

Knowing that she can't argue with that, Toralei stomps away from Gigi and the others. Heath then rushes up to ask Gigi if she can wish them up a date, which Gigi blushes over while the other girls say "Heeeaaath!" in exclamation to the thought of that wish.


  1. Don of the Dead
  2. Perfect Guy
  3. Quill Talyntino
  4. Holt Hyde
  5. Eyera
  6. Gigi Grant
  7. Heath Burns
  8. Jackson Jekyll
  9. Frankie Stein
  10. Clawdeen Wolf
  11. Lagoona Blue
  12. Clawd Wolf
  13. Draculaura
  14. Ghoulia Yelps
  15. Toralei Stripe
  16. Purrsephone
  17. Meowlody
  18. Romulus
  19. Iris Clops
  20. Deuce Gorgon
  21. Cleo de Nile
  22. Abbey Bominable



  • The webisode's title is a play on the phrase "Be careful what you wish for".


  • This webisode takes place shortly after "13 Wishes", as Gigi is new at Monster High and still getting used to her new life.
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