Skelita shares her family creeperific history and teaches her classmates that you can overcome any problem if you just find the good in it.


Hackington's class has to do presentations on their most precious possession in unlife. Skelita is very nervous about her presentation, but Frankie's encouragement helps her get started. Skelita's object of choice is her necklace, a gift from her grandmother, to her and has been in their family for ten generations, starting with the day that Bonempak, the Jefe de Brujeria, wanted to give her daughter the perfect gift. At this point in the presentation, Heath Burns complains it is going to be sappy, so Frankie shocks him to get him quiet again.

Skelita continues to tell of a volcano eruption during which, Bonempak found a gem that would be perfect for her daughter. However, a boulder smashed it before she could reach it. Undaunted, Bonempak collected the pieces and brought them to the metalsmith so they could be reworked into a necklace. She gave this necklace to her daughter a few years later. Skipping a few generations, Skelita follows the necklace's origins up with a story about her grandmother when she was little. She and her mother were traveling by carriage through the desert when they were robbed and the necklace taken away. Again Skelita is interrupted, this time by Manny Taur. He gripes that the story is boring, but Heath shuts him up because he wants to hear the end of it.

Skelita resumes, elaborating that her grandmother was in tears over the loss. However, she recalled Bonempak's intent for the necklace, which was for it to be a symbol of familial love. That love could not be stolen. Realizing this, the bond between Skelita's grandmother and great-grandmother made the necklace magically come back. And years later, Skelita's grandmother let go of it on her own so Skelita could have it. As this marks the end of the presentation, the class cheers because of the great story. Heath and Manny both even ask for another one, which makes Skelita chuckle.


  1. Manny Taur
  2. Heath Burns
  3. Lagoona Blue
  4. Frankie Stein
  5. Deuce Gorgon
  6. Rochelle Goyle
  7. Draculaura
  8. Cleo de Nile
  9. Mr. Hackington
  10. Skelita Calaveras
  11. Bonempak
  12. Skelita's ancestors
  13. Skelita's grandmother



  • Bonempak is named after Bonampak, an ancient Mayan site in Mexico.
  • The title of this webisode is a pun on the word "heritage".


  • Bonempak is called the Jefe de Brujeria, which means Chief of Witchcraft.
  • The shoe Cleo holds her presentation on is not of any known doll assortment.
  • Considering that Skelita's grandmother hands Skelita the necklace rather than her mother, it would seem that she is the mother of Skelita's father. In Skelita Calaveras's sketchbook, a picture is included of Skelita's family, including a grandmother. This grandmother looks different from the one depicted in "Scare-itage" and, based on looks, appears to be the mother of Skelita's mother. This is, however, speculation, and the two grandmothers may as well be the same.
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