Quotation1 They'll never learn their lesson if they don't pay the price. Quotation2
Principal Revenant in "Haunted"

Principal Revenant, also known as the Red Lady, is the main antagonist of the TV special, Haunted.


Long ago she used to be the most feared ghost in the Monster World, as she had a secret power that allowed her to move fast from place to place, the ability to open portals, allowing easy access between the Ghost and Monster Worlds. She called herself the Red Lady and nothing made her more happy than a good scare. She only stopped when she was captured by ghost authorities and imprisoned in a building, held by a enormous number of chains that prevented her from leaving the building as punishment for her crimes. The deal was that she had to work the chains off with good actions but Revenant didn't want to wait, so she invented a plan to make her get rid of her chains without much work. She turned her prison into a school, Haunted High, and created a key that allowed chains to be transferred from ghost to ghost. With the excuse that she was delivering detentions and aided by the Hall Moanitors, she started to transfer her chains to the students, making them work them off with impossible chores and homework assignments.

As time went by she started to lose her patience and the detentions got more frequent and unjustified. She eventually was able to get rid of the chains when they got stuck in River Styxx's boat, along with tying up the Hall Moanitors as well, but her bad deeds, unjustified detentions and rumours about the Monster World made her receive chains again which, with her original chains, she is currently trying to work off the way they're supposed to be worked off: with good deeds towards others.


Principal Revenant is voiced by Karen Strassman.



She has a skinny face with hollow cheeks, white skin and purple hair. She has big, pouty lips. She sports darker, red-themed clothing once she reveals herself to be the Red Lady, but sports more powder white, blue, and purple-themed clothing before her secret is exposed and after she reforms and repents for her actions.


Revenant is a controlling individual, with persuasive skills and big ideas. She is inpatient and while she might have been a little selfish through the years, she has redeemed herself and currently is a nice monster, prepared to listen to her students and take care of them, as their principal.


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