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Power Ghouls is the name for a line of four superheroine-themed dolls to be released in 2013. The dolls are announced as Target exclusives. Each doll dresses as a superheroine lightly reminiscent of famous comic book characters and comes with a comic booklet. The characters in this line are Monster High characters who have been transformed into superheroines to stop Cat Tastrophe's evil plans.


Power Ghouls was trademarked on August 27, 2012. Some fans call the line 'Super Ghouls' instead.

Assortment relations

Power Ghouls is comparable to the Scarily Ever After series in the way the series' story is fiction within the Monster High universe itself and the characters are promoted and sold under different names than in other lines.

Power Ghouls is also lightly attached to the SDCCI 2011 doll of Ghoulia Yelps, who is dressed as a superheroine from the Dead Fast series. This Ghoulia is featured in the comic stories that come with the Power Ghouls dolls.

Doll logs

Main article: Power Ghouls logs

Power Ghouls dolls come with a pack-in quote, a Gory Gazette news article on the back of the box, and a comic booklet. The comics together form their own continuity.


Power Ghouls has not been featured in any fiction.


  • Not part of the Power Ghouls series but linked to it is the 2011 Comic-Con exclusive release of Ghoulia Yelps as Ms. Dead Fast.
  • The 2013 Comic-Con exclusive of Wydowna Spider as Webarella was sold under the Power Ghouls name. The wiki only chooses not to list her on this page because she's already listed on the San Diego Comic-Con International dolls page.
  • Garrett Sander said during an Instagram Q&A that he wanted to make a Power Ghouls movie. The plot would "probably be about Wydowna and finding out she really is a superhero".


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