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Plant monsters in Monster High.

Profile art - Venus McFlytrap

Venus McFlytrap, a Plant monster.

Plant monsters are types of monsters that are made of plants. Various trees, shrubs, herbs, grains, flowers, and fruit appear in myths and legends as general symbols of rebirth, decay, and immortality. Some plants have acquired much more specific meaning in folklore. Plant monsters also show up in fantasy games, usually as generic first-level enemies. Plant like creatures are beasts that basically are plant like in origin but are not like normal plants, they often have some basic intelligence, and can be carnivorous.  

Monster high 

There are a few well known plant monsters such as Venus McFlytrap, CrabgrassAmanita Nightshade and Treesa Thornwillow who is also a nymph. Plant monsters can be very different from each other taking on traits from different kinds of plants. Like Venus who's based off of a venus fly trap, while Amanita is based off of a corpse flower.

In Monster High some plant monsters can also be more animal like, for example Chewlian Venus' pet, is a plant monster with animal like behaviour. But most other plant monsters aren't like this. Much like how dragons are in monster high some can be humanoid and other dragons can be more animal like.

In generation 2, Thorna Thornwillow and Treesa Thornwillow are introduced and, they are nymphs and they are types of plant monsters.      


Plant monsters usually have green skin and wear organic clothing. Some can also have brown skin looking similar to a tree trunk. Some plant monsters have more plant like traits rather than human like traits. Like Crabgrass who only has a lower body of vines rather then having legs. In a earlier webisode a plant monster named Thornton makes a appearance in Cleo's locker everyone thinking he's a normal rose, till he reveals himself to be a new student. Thornton has small fanged teeth, a risen nose, and is very small. He uses plant leaves as his hands and feet, while still being attached to a flowerpot.

Treesa and her sister also have a tree like appearance, having tree bark like skin, and branches on their arms.  

Known Plant monsters


  • Chlorokinesis: Some plant monsters can control plants and vegetation.
  • Pollen Persuasion: Some plant monsters can create pollen out of their mouths to control a persons thoughts and actions. Thou usually a plant monster can only control one person at a time.
  • Communication: As a sentient plant, plant monsters can communicate and understand emotions from other plant life that passes by other monsters. Venus can additionally summon and communicate with Mother Nature, which she does whenever she needs advice.  


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