Volume 1, Episode 10: The girls try to ditch Study Howl to get ready for picture day, but their scheme doesn't go exactly as planned...


Draculaura and Cleo are sitting in Study Howl and talk about picture day. Cleo compliments Draculaura on her looks when Frankie walks up with an armload of books and asks why they aren't studying. Clawdeen then bursts in, telling the girls that Coach Igor is monitoring Study Howl that day. Frankie asks what the big deal is and is told that Coach Igor always makes the students run laps. The sweat is sure to ruin their hair, fur, makeup, clothes, bandages, which isn't a good deal normally, but even worse on Picture Day.

Igor comes in, announcing that the students "won't be hitting the books", but before he can finish his sentence, he accidentally swallows his own whistle. The girls use the distraction to run out the door. They hide in a storage closet and plan to wait there until next period, but Igor shows up in the closet, still choking on his whistle. The girls again run away, out of the closet and up some stairs to the bell tower, out of breath. But even there they aren't safe from the coach; the bell rings, and Coach Igor arrives on the end of the bell pull. Coughing out his whistle finally, he lets the girls know that they'll be released from Study Howl to get ready for their fearbook photos. With that, he leaves.

Able to focus on their looks again, the girls find that the effort they put into escaping from Igor and Study Howl left them all looking frazzled and frizzed for their photos. Cleo desperately asks how she looks, but none of them are spared an embarrassing fearbook photo.


  1. Cleo de Nile
  2. Draculaura
  3. Scarah Screams
  4. Iris Clops
  5. Frankie Stein
  6. Clawdeen Wolf
  7. Mr. Igor



  • What parts of vampires actually can be captured on photo varies per fictional occurrence. This is the only time, though, that Draculaura's hair is captured but her face isn't.
  • Cleo tells Draculaura that she is beautiful enough to become Scream Queen of Monster High. The Scream Queen election takes place in "Rumor Run Wild", though Draculaura does not participate.
  • The next time picture day would occur was in "Franken-Styled".


  • Coach Igor makes his cartoon debut.


  • Cleo and Draculaura both have their cheek-marks on the wrong cheeks in the opening shot.
  • Cleo is badly afraid of the dark according to, among other fiction, her profile, yet she hides with the others in a pitch-black storage closet.
  • How can Draculaura have her hair shown if her body, which her hair is apart of her body, is meant to have no reflection?


  • The background layout of the intro shot in the creepateria was also used in "New Ghoul @ School" at the moment just before Frankie had her interview with Cleo.

    Hair and makeup fearbook fail

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