Phantom of the Opera is a 2010-introduced and fiction-only character. He is a phantom and both the father of Operetta and a teacher at Monster High. His class, Haunting Music, is nighttime-only. The rest of his time he devotes to private lessons and his musical career, as he still performs opera music and owns an independent record label called Music of the Night.



The Phantom is a man with an unwavering conviction as to what qualifies as good music and what not. In his defense, he has a long history of involvement with the music industry, going from opera in Scaris to artistic haunting on a riverboat opera house on the Mississippi River Facebook to private music lessons for upcoming talent Hickmayleeun to managing his own independent label, Music of the Night, Operetta Thrills MH with New Tune and moving to the catacombs with his family as his new performance area as well as to be close to Monster High for the sake of his job as teacher there. Operetta's Campus Stroll diary He does not approve of the music genres his daughter operates in, but he encourages her artistic pursuits and even publishes her work though his label.


No one will ever catch the Phantom outside in anything but formal wear.



The Phantom is married to another phantom, Operetta's Campus Stroll diary with whom he has one child: their daughter Operetta. Both the Phantom and his wife favor formal wear and surround themselves with an air of class and sophistication, while Operetta wants to know nothing about such pretentiousness. Occasionally this is cause for conflict within the family, but they usually work it out and emphasize where they match, like their shared dedication to music.


Crescenda von Hammerstone, who studied under the Phantom before her career took off, is a family friend.


The Phantom is happily married to a beautiful Phantom by the name of Christine Daae'.

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