I Know What You Did Last Fright - Ogrethor close-up

Ogrethor is a 2012-introduced and cartoon-only character. He is an ogre and the custodian at Monster High. He has a gruff demeanor, but is a helpful man just as long as people don't make noise. He has sensitive ears and loud sounds greatly hurt him.


Because Mr. Ogrethor has very sensitive ears, he gets irritable when ever someone plays loud music.

Classic Monster


Ogres are imaginary beings which are usually depicted as large, hideous, humanoid monsters. They are frequently featured in mythology, folklore, and other works of fiction. Ogres are most often described in fairy tales and folklore as feeding on human beings. Ogres have been featured in many classic fairy tales as well.


Volume 3

I Know What You Did Last Fright - Ogrethor full

Frankie and Jackson ask Ogrethor if he had seen Holt the other night. He answers that he saw him around carrying a few buckets of paint. What he forgets to mention is that Holt was listening to music at the time, which Ogrethor ended up turning off because it hurt his ears. I Know What You Did Last Fright

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