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Behind the Design of Monster High

Garrett Sander: "My name is Garrett Sander and I am the design manager of Monster High This is Ghoulia Yelps; she's the Daughter of the Zombie. She's also the smartest girl at Monster High. Even though she doesn't speak English, she speaks Zombie, but luckily all of her friends can understand her, because they've taken Zombie 101."

"This is, actually, my twin brother Darren. He helped a lot on the initial Monster High stuff. He actually was the one thinking up the tagline "Freaky Just Got Fabulous!" for the brand."

"We actually went shopping with girls to see what they purchase and what they're buying and some goth trend trickling down, some buying skulls and chains and black, and so we were really inspired by that for the brand. They're monsters, so they're a little bit scary, but they're also really funny. It's scary cool; it's fangtastic!"

Darren Sander: "Yeah, I think they have a little bit more freedom to do what they want, because they are monsters so they can do different things that normal kids can't do. It's been a lot of fun coming up with Monster High and seeing it grow and it's an honor to be his twin brother, 'cause he's done such an amazing job with this stuff."

Garrett Sander: "It is very exciting, as a designer, to see kids playing with your stuff. Even all the new YouTube stuff of girls reviewing their dolls, of the stories they are creating; it's really great to see them using their imaginations."

Darren Sander: "You guys are scary cool!"


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