The ghouls dig around to try and find what secrets the boys are keeping locked in the coffin.


Draculaura tries to arrange a date with Clawd for later that day, but Clawd says he can't make it because he will be studying with Romulus, though he can't specify for which class. Draculaura thinks he acts weird and mentions the rejected date to her friends. Cleo is not surprised, elaborating that Deuce told her he and Clawd had promised Hackington to help repair his hearse. This confuses Lagoona, who corrects that the boys are going to Gil's house to work on a rap album. As if the three differing stories weren't enough of a clue they'd been lied to, the 'rap album'-part convinces all present that something fishy is going on.

The girls, along with Frankie, confront the guys and are finally told they'd been planning their Guys' Night Out for tonight and that they don't want to cancel that. Cleo asks them what they are planning to do if they were so secretive about it, but Clawd replies a girl wouldn't understand. Just then, Jackson passes by and makes an intimidating gesture towards Clawd, which Clawd responds to just as intimidatingly. As the guys walk away, the girls decide that they need to find out what the guys are planning to do. To this result, all of them outright spy on their male friends throughout the day, noticing talk about battle strategies and more intimidating behavior. Their conclusion is unanimous: the boys are planning a fight. The girls thus decide they have to stop them.

They get Ghoulia involved to help them track the boys, which brings the group to the cemetery. Following the noise of tough talk, the girls find the boys... playing a board game and playing it pretty seriously no less. Perplexed but also relieved, Cleo proposes to leave them to their game, but Lagoona objects, saying that the spectacle is hilarious. As the boys continue with their play-battle, unaware they're being watched, the girls get themselves popcorn.


  1. Clawd Wolf
  2. Draculaura
  3. Romulus
  4. Gilda Goldstag
  5. Manny Taur
  6. Frankie Stein
  7. Lagoona Blue
  8. Cleo de Nile
  9. Gillington Webber
  10. Deuce Gorgon
  11. Jackson Jekyll
  12. Scarah Screams
  13. Frogs
  14. Ghoulia Yelps



  • Gil claims to be a terrible liar, despite having a history of successful lies. A better claim would be that he's an uncreative liar.


  • This is one of the three webisodes first released as an extra on the "Ghouls Rule" DVD on October 9, 2012. It received a place in the regular webisode lineup on May 2, 2013.
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