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The New Scaremester doll line is the sixth subline of the franchise-spanning 'Signature' line of dolls that features the characters in day-to-day, fit-for-school outfits. Its theme is the start of a new semester. It was released in two waves from Late 2013 to Mid 2014. Included in the line are Catrine DeMew, Jinafire Long, and Clawdeen Wolf, whom were released in Early November of 2013, and Catty Noir, Twyla, Gigi Grant, and Invisi Billy, whom were released in Late June of 2014.


New Scaremester was trademarked on July 08, 2013. it is the first 'Signature' subline to receive a trademark.

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New Scaremester continues the post-'Between Classes' N2851 split started by Picture Day within the 'Signature' series. No longer are the 'Signature' sublines unnamed or the primary line through which new characters are introduced. On the contrary, since Picture Day it is rare for a character to receive their doll debut as a 'Signature' doll. Other changes include the lack of pets and diary-type booklets.


Each doll comes with a booklet. The six girls of the line, all characters with a previous doll release, come with agendas, while Invisi Billy, who debuts doll-wise in New Scaremester, comes with a diary.


The early Volume 4 webisodes have the first three characters of the line-up wearing their New Scaremester outfits regularly. Though while Catrine wears her New Scaremester fashion, she wears her hair as she wears it in Scaris: City of Frights. Because New Scaremester features Invisi Billy in his standard outfit, nearly every piece of fiction to feature him has him wearing (or can be assumed to have him wearing) his New Scaremester fashion. The New Scaremester line received one commercial, centered around Clawdeen, Catrine, and Jinafire.


  • The characters' box art was revealed before the dolls' stockphotos in various editions of the Monster High magazine, though the first waves' art pieces were proto-box art. This means they were poorly edited art from previous lines, displaying the characters with errors like wrong hair or wrong shoes.


Doll stockphotography - New Scaremester Clawdeen.jpg Doll stockphotography - New Scaremester Catrine.jpg Doll stockphotography - New Scaremester Jinafire.jpg Doll stockphotography - New Scaremester Gigi.jpg
Clawdeen Wolf Catrine DeMew Jinafire Long Gigi Grant
Doll stockphotography - New Scaremester Invisi.jpg Doll stockphotography - New Scaremester Catty.jpg Doll stockphotography - New Scaremester Twyla.jpg
Invisi Billy Catty Noir Twyla