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New Salem High is one of the high schools in New Salem, the other being Monster High. Whereas Monster High is open primarily to monsters, New Salem High is exclusive to humans. Living in close proximity to 'vile' monsters, the humans of New Salem are highly suspicious of and hostile to monsters, and the students of New Salem High are no different.


There are five distinguishable students of New Salem High known:


Ghouls Rule - New Salem High sign

Led by Lilith Van Hellscream, New Salem High prepared for and made attacks on Monster High to celebrate Halloween. The students of Monster High were instructed not to retaliate because it would only get them in bigger trouble, but Cleo de Nile led a revenge squad to New Salem High anyway. This response still came too late for Lilith, who needed attacks on New Salem High to validate future attacks on Monster High and the rest of the monster community in New Salem. As such, she and her goons vandalised New Salem High themselves to frame the monsters. Cleo's squad arrived only just after the first act of self-vandalization, thus making themselves suspect the moment the cops arrived.

Ghouls Rule - New Salem High map

Most monsters got away, but Holt Hyde was caught. Because his headphones were confiscated, he changed back into Jackson Jekyll in his cell, which by a twist of fate wasn't seen by the cops. The next day, the sheriff was surprised to see the human boy in the cell and was easily convinced the monster boy had escaped and locked him up instead. As such, he apologized to Jackson for what happened and gave him a ride to school - New Salem High. At first Jackson was nervous, but he soon found out he as a human was accepted more easily there than at Monster High. He made friends with Chad and Clair, but was eventually recognized as a part-monster by Lilith, who intended to frame him for more acts of vandalism.

Lilith succeeded, but her sense of glory made a deep dive when she learned that the people of New Salem intended to execute Holt. She, her goons, Chad, and Clair teamed up with the Monster High and some New Salem students to save Holt and Jackson and bring an end to monster-human hostilities. Supposedly, New Salem High stopped being forbidden terrain for monsters.

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