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Nefera de Nile debuted in the cartoon series in the Volume 2 webisode "Hyde and Shriek", which premiered on June 23, 2011. She is voiced by Wendee Lee in the English version of the cartoon.

Volume 2


Hyde and Shriek - cruel gaze.jpg

Nefera is mentioned by Cleo de Nile when she comments on her broken cellphone, saying its just another thing her dad will use to compare the two sisters, but also expresses her contentment that Nefera is out of the country, revealing to Ghoulia Yelps that she has had a party all blamed on her by Nefera. Miss Infearmation

She's mentioned again for the same reasons by Lagoona Blue, at Cleo's party, when she worries it might be a bit too much. Just as they discuss the possibility of Cleo being caught, Nefera storms in and finds the party going on, immidietly threatening Cleo of telling off to their dad. Cleo gives in and claims she'll do anything Nefera wants for the rest of the summer, an outcome Nefera is pleased with. Hyde and Shriek

At the mall, Cleo, Lagoona, Draculaura, Clawdeen Wolf and Frankie Stein talk about how Cleo is still waiting on Nefera, who walks in on the girls talking behind her back, claiming she's glad they're talking about her, before taking all their Back to School shopping bags, threatening to tell her dad about the party if they don't let her. However, she notices it's time for her salon attendement, so she leaves. She's mentioned by Toralei Stripe as she acknoledges the Nefera is back in town and decides that she's going to follow her to catch on what she's wearing. Meanwhile, Nefera's back and notices the girls are all wearing random ridiculous items on them, but is told that they're the hottest trends. Having her fashion forward knowledge questioned, she immedietly sais she is aware of so and demands to have the items. She puts them on quickly and strots around the mall, showing off her new "fashions". Nefera Again

Dueling Personality - same queen.jpg
Neferamore - Nefera Kicked Out.jpg

Headmistress Bloodgood calls the Fearleading Squad for a meeting, with the goal of announcing that Nefera is their new coach (due to her previous successes) who storms into Bloodgood's office, dramatically. Dueling Personality

At the gym, Bloodgood gratulates Nefera as the new coach, who announces she doesn't intend to loose this Monster Mashionals, and that she'll have no mercy. Clawdeen questions why she is so interested in them when she is an international model, so Ghoulia shows that she has been kicked out of Fashion's Week due to her attitude, showing the tabloid news on the big screen. Later, Nefera presents a new routine to the Squad. When they perform a routine, Nefera is dissapointed and changes the routine, and does so several times, until she leaves, unable to cope with such incompetence. She comes back however, to make an announcement, claiming that she realized she couldn't just come there and lead them to victory, making the Squad believe that she'd be quitting. However, what she really meant is that she wasn't willing to lead them, dimoting them to the B Team, adding brand new members to the A Team: Toralei, Purrsephone and Meowlody. Neferamore

Rising From the Dead Nefera's guards block every possible practicing place at school and Cleo receives a text from Nefera that tells har she made it against the rules for the B Team to rehearse on school grounds. Finally, Monster Mashionals have arrived, and Nefera and her A Team are present, making it to the finale, which is against the B Team no less. She intimidates them showing them a bag full of her family's idols and amulets, which she plans on using to defeat them, sarcastically wishing them luck. Monster Mashionals Part 1

Toralei tells Nefera that they don't need to cheat to win, yet Nefera's confident that "only a De Nile can beat a De Nile". Nefera sneaks during the A Team's performance and uses the amulets to cheat, first attempting to shoot a ray at the squad, then shutting of the lighting of the stage, summoning a servant that throws a disk at the Team, unleashin a spirit and releasing a monster into the stage, all failed attempts since Cleo's friends keep protecting her. When it is revealed that Monster High's B Team has won, Nefera looses' it and claims her status as their coach back and stealing the trophy from Scary Murphy's hand, announcing she's the true winner and that she had more victories than anyone ever. However, Ghoulia reveals that she has recorded every of her failed attempts at cheating and plays them at the big screen, having Scary Murphy stripping Nefera of all her previous trophies, as well as this one, making her scream and leave crying, completely devastated. Monster Mashionals Part 2

Neferamore - in the shadows.jpg

Special webisodes

She is approaching Monster High when she meets Cleo at the stairs, and is suprised when she compliments her. Paying it forward, she allows the Kind representatives to exit the school before her. Kind: The Shockumentary

TV specials

TBA Fright On!

Volume 3


Nefera walks up to her sister and the current fear squad in the Maul and asks where they're going. Frankie explains that every year the fear squad works at the Coffin Bean for free, with Clawdeen adding that all the proceeds go to a children's charity. Nefera brags that she still holds the record for the most money earned, but Cleo jumps in and says, "until today." Draculaura, knowing what's going to happen, says, "Here we go."

The next scene shows Frankie and Cleo standing next to a device that Frankie explains will keep track of how much money they earn for the charity. It has a tag on it that shows Nefera's record, and Frankie says they need to get a little bit above her record, but Cleo says they should put their goal twice as high as Nefera's. Draculaura's then shown at the counter, getting excited about their first customers of the day, who are Lagoona, her boyfriend, Gil, and Ghoulia. Lagoona and Gil take their orders while Cleo and Frankie make the orders.

Later, Frankie says they've almost beaten Nefera's record, to which Cleo excitedly responds that her sister's record will be ancient history. With a line out the door showing a big chance of victory for Cleo, Nefera's shown spying on her sister's success until Toralei comes up to her. Toralei teases that Nefera's record will be broken, but then Nefera brings out an amulet that she calls "Cleo's bad luck charm." Nefera activates the amulet, and it does its job, causing much damage in the Coffin Bean, which ends up making the fear squad owe a bunch of money for the damages, and they're back to where they originally started.

Nefera then walks into the shop and says that her sister's attempt was an epic fail, laughing at their failure to break her record. Cleo then says it's over, and Lagoona asks her if she's really giving up. Frankie points out to Cleo and the others that to actually achieve Cleo's goal, they'd have to serve at least 500-customers within at least an hour––when Frankie laments that she doesn't even know 500-monsters, Lagoona assures her and the rest of the squad that together, they do. They all start texting their contacts, showing Spectra, Ghoulia, Slo Mo, and Clawd getting some texts.

The Coffin Bean is then shown again, full with customers and a line out the door. Nefera, not realizing what's going on first, sees what's happening now and is angered by her sister's success. Draculaura's then shown giving orders to some of the customers, and then Nefera's shown again when a mob of zombies comes by towards the Coffin Bean. At first, Nefera tries to prevent them from entering, but she gets trampled by them. Frankie goes to the device that's keeping track of all the money earned and excitedly shouts that they've actually exceeded way beyond Cleo's goal and made it way past the top of the device.

Everyone celebrates the fear squad's success. Nefera's then shown, the aftermath of getting trampled by the zombies, and Toralei walks up to her. Toralei then jokes that it seems that the amulet was actually her "bad luck charm" rather than Cleo's. Nefera accidentally drops the amulet and it breaks, and then Nefera's shown with a troubled expression, knowing what's going to happen now that the amulet's broken. Bean Scare, Done That

A fight between Nefera and Cleo is interrupted by a phone call from their grandmother, who announces she'll pay them a visit. The sisters are not eager to see her until she mentions that she has her most valuable treasure to give to the granddaughter who loves her the most. Rivalry kicks in immediately as each sister claims she loves their grandmother the most.

While Nefera buys their grandmother a cupcake, Cleo puts the servants on an elaborate meal to welcome her grandmother. When Nefera returns, she realizes her cupcake can't compete and uses an artifact to call upon a plague of locusts to devour Cleo's meal. Undeterred, Cleo has the garden redone in her grandmother's honor. In response, Nefera orders the servants to get rid of the garden and use the space for a new river to flow in front of the De Nile residence. Still confident, Cleo has a signed mural drawn on the front of the De Nile residence. Since the mural depicts their grandmother, Nefera easily ruins it by adding a mustache. Cleo's final plan is to set a few canopic jars ready since her grandmother collects them. Nefera stumbles her, making Cleo land inelegantly among numerous jar shards just as their grandmother arrives.

Observing the shards and the mural, the elder declares Nefera the winner without much consideration. The chest containing the valuable treasure is brought before her and Nefera eagerly opens it. The valuable treasure, however, turns out to a vicious dog: the Dog of the Dead. As it attacks Nefera, Cleo no longer minds the sabotage or loss. Inscare-itance

Special webisodes

TBA Super Fan

TV specials

Cleo intends to take some of Nefera's clothes with her to Skull Shores, but the suitcases containing them fall into a dark nothingness in the catacombs. Cleo doesn't care. Escape From Skull Shores

Nefera stands by her father, Ramses, with believing in Cleo leading the monsters in retaliation against New Salem High, but against Cleo with her relationship with Deuce and wants Cleo to dump him. When Cleo and Deuce get back together during the Halloween party, Ramses and Nefera hear everything via Cleo's iCoffin, but she leaves it on the table as she goes off to dance with Deuce, leaving Nefera to listen to Ramses as he yells at Cleo to come back at once after disobeying their requests. Ghouls Rule

Unable to remember Cleo, Deuce concludes her familiarity comes from her resemblance to her older sister. 13 Wishes

Volume 5


Amanita puts Draculaura's fearleading uniform near her body, to which Clawdeen responds that she could be a model. Amanita digs through "her" purse, saying she already is, and she carries a portfolio around, to which Cleo exclaims that's her purse. Amanita is delighted to play Truth or Scare and picks truth, to Clawdeen asks her how she and Cleo know each other. She then explains because she blooms every only thirteen hundred years, she's a pretty "big deal". She explains how she was gifted to the De Nile family.

Cleo explains then how her family was trapped in their own tomb, and how it was pretty boring until Amanita showed up. Cleo explains how Amanita tried borrowing everything, and how she escaped without coming for Cleo. Bad Tomb-mates

Gloom and Bloom, Part 2

TV specials

After performing ("Love is Like a Storm Tonight"), Catty runs out of ideas for writing a new song, so she sings ("Search Inside") to say that she should "search inside" of herself for ideas on a love song. Meanwhile, Ramses de Nile sees the crystal comet arriving, and he and Nefera prepare to head to Boo York. He also informs Cleo and allows her to take a friend or two with her. However, she invites Deuce (giving him a King Tut-like chin piece and gold glasses), Frankie, Clawdeen, Draculaura, Operetta, and Catty.

The De Niles meet Lux Ptolemy and her son Seth. She then is disgusted at Deuce's informality. Back at the catacombs, Abbey walks in to find Ghoulia attempting to stop the comet from arriving. Ramses and Nefera devise a plan to invade Boo York ("Empire"), while the latter herself plans to get rid of Deuce, who she believes is in the way of their plans.

The next morning, the De Niles, Ptolemys, and the other ghouls settle down at a banquet, only for Deuce to dress like going to the beach, embarrassing everyone. The guards then put him in a blazer which catches fire on a candle since it's too loose. The fire is extinguished, but everyone is affected. Nefera later convinces Deuce he doesn't belong with Cleo. At the same time, Ghoulia tracks down the comet only to find it will land in Boo York. Later that day, the ghouls run into Luna, who now works for a pizza parlor.

The ghouls, including Catty, later dress up for the crystal comet. Nefera convinces Cleo that Deuce isn't worth being with. Ghoulia, still trying to make the comet land safely now that she finds life inside it, is interrupted by Rotter, who joins Manny and Heath in witnessing the comet. Later that night, Catty parts ways with Pharaoh after writing a new song of her own.

The crystal comet party commences, with the ghouls, Ptolemys, and De Niles attending. Elle is their DJ. The ghouls then realize something's not right when they see Deuce hasn't been with Cleo. Luna also works there as a waitress. With more students witnessing the comet landing back at the catacombs, Ghoulia continues using the satellites to stop it. However, the radiation is deflected and triggers both the crystal comet shard and Elle.

Cleo looks at the hieroglyphics and sees herself and Deuce in it, realizing they still belong together. Luna also changes out of her uniform right before Cleo and Seth are to have a promise ceremony as the two of them are destined to summon the comet together. Halfway, Seth takes off his mask and reveals he is Pharaoh, then speaking up against Lux. He sings ("Boo York, Boo York") with Catty, and they escape after that.

At the rooftop, Nefera steals their voices (they can still speak but can't sing properly) using the crystal comet shard. Toralei then sneaks off with it and takes Catty's singing voice to perform at Bloodway. The ghouls then confront her musical style ("Steal the Show"). Luna not only returns Catty her voice but earns herself fame at Bloodway. Mouscedes then summons taxis for them to return to the promise ceremony. Deuce, who believes he still belongs to Cleo despite their differences, joins them.

Back at the tower, Toralei calls Nefera to inform her she lost the comet shard. An enraged Nefera uses an amulet that drains all the power in Boo York. The gang then end up in a traffic jam so they have to scale the roofs of Boo York, but during it Elle malfunctioned and Frankie and Draculaura called Ghoulia and Abbey for help. They arrive on time and Deuce reunites with Cleo. Seth/Pharaoh voices his following his own path after Catty brings back his voice, this time Lux lets him. Boo York, Boo York


Webisode gallery

TV special gallery


  • In the webisode lining, the original cartoon based appearance for Nefera has much lighter, peach-colored skin much in differ contrast to her much, much darker skin on the dolls and in the artwork. She also has slightly different-looking mummy wrapping bandages on her bottom legs, she has a different set of lipstick color as her 'Campus Stroll' based cartoon version outfit, as her upper lip is much darker than her the lip color on the doll, and the lower lip being far lighter to that of her artwork. She also has an orange bangle with spikes on it with gold around it, replacing her old, original doll look; she has a gold band with a big, dark blue gem on her left index finger instead of a clear-colored ring on her right middle finger; the dark hair coloring in her hair appears more light brown than black, and her violet eyes look lighter than in the artwork. Her light hair streaks in her blue hair are also pale almost-white blond instead of bright gold, and her blue hair is also a much lighter shade of Nile blue. Her triangle earring also looks to have a hole opening in it in the webisodes, while animation of the earring sometimes causes it to appear more filled in like her artwork and 'Signature', Campus Stroll-lined doll.
  • Nefera's appearance in the TV special lining, such as "Ghouls Rule", is meant to reflect more on the appearance of her doll and more accurate than the webisodes appearance of her.