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Where is a 2010-introduced and fiction-only character. He is an invisible man and a teacher at Monster High. His class is Dramarama.


Mr. Where is an intellectual, a man of culture and refinement. He keeps his composure in situations that might anger other teachers and is more inclined to hand his students advice than berate them for any mistakes. In return, he is well-liked by the students.

As an invisible man, Where needs to cloth himself all over so he can properly interact with others. He is, however, capable of turning even his clothes invisible at will.

Classic Monster

The invisible man

Claude Rains as the Invisible Man(1933)

Mr. Where is based on the titular scientist from the science fiction novella The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells, and the 1933 film adaption by Universal Studios.

In the story, the invisible man is called Dr. Griffin, and he used himself as guinea pig in an experiment to alter the refractive index of living bodies to that of air, so that light would no longer be absorbed or reflected and the subjects therefore would be invisible. It didn't take him long to abuse his power, eventually resulting in his demise. Upon death, his body became visible again.


  • Mr. Where appears in the Monster High website game Clawdeen's Cram Fest!, though he is peculiarly referred to as Mr. Verizhe.
  • Back when the Classroom dolls were announced, there was a mention of a Classroom edition of Draculaura. Her class was drama, and as such her survival guide would likely have contained details on Where's qualities as a teacher and background. The doll has yet to be released, provided it hasn't been cancelled outright, so the same goes for the survival guide.
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