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One of the arguable charms of Monster High is its use of puns to monsterfy the language of the characters. Common ways words are monsterfied is by the creation of portmaneaus with the words "claw", "scare", and "creep". Note that words aren't always monsterfied and that the same monsterfied words can be derived from multiple sources. For instance, "dodgeball" is just as likely to be used as "dodgeskull", and though "creature" is the monsterfied word of "teacher", when students go creature spotting in the catacombs, they are creature spotting, not teacher spotting.

Most of the characters' names themselves are monsterfied puns on regular names and words. In the Monster High book series, where monsters are discriminated by humans, this is a plot point, as the characters use adjusted versions of their monster names to keep their true identity hidden.


Monsterified names can be divided in two categories: names that are attached to characters who essentially are a monster counterpart to a real-life person and names that are attached to a character with no or incomplete connection to the real-life person the name comes from.

Real-life counterparts

Independent characters


Classes and skills





  • Eiffel Terror: Eiffel Tower (common)
  • Ogre Dame Cathedral: Notre Dame Cathedral (common)
  • Boovre: Louvre (common)



  • Bitealian: Italian (Ghoulfriends Forever)
  • Fanglish: English (Ghoulfriends Forever)
  • Goblinese: possibly either a language exclusively spoken by goblins; or Japanese (Ghoulfriends Forever)
  • Howlish: possibly an old werewolf language (Ghoulfriends Forever)
  • Scarisian: French (Ghoulfriends Forever, based on word Parisian)
  • Yetish: an in-universe-exclusive language for yetis (when in reference to Abbey Bominable's first language)
  • Zombese: Chinese (Ghoulfriends Forever)
  • Zombie: a language exclusive to zombies, a series of moans and groans (common)



  • 10 Things I Creep About You: 10 Things I Hate About You ("Weekend Movies to Scream About")
  • 1600 Candlesticks: Sixteen Candles ("Weekend Movies to Scream About")
  • Seventween: Seventeen (cartoon)
  • Alice's Adventures in Zombieland: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Ghoulfriends Forever)
  • The Breakfast Chamber: The Breakfast Club ("Weekend Movies to Scream About")
  • Clawless: Clueless ("Weekend Movies to Scream About")
  • Death of a Scalesman: Death of a Salesman ("Spirited Voters Form More than Flash Mob")
  • Dr. Ghoulittle: Dr. Dolittle (Ghoulfriends Forever)
  • Gargoyles to Gargoyles: Apples to Apples (common)
  • Hex Factor: X Factor (Ghoulfriends Just Want to Have Fun)
  • High Skull Musical: High School Musical ("Spirited Voters Form More than Flash Mob")
  • "Hit Me with Your Best Rot": "Hit Me with Your Best Shot" (Facebook)
  • "Hungry Like the Werewolf": "Hungry Like the Wolf" (Facebook)
  • A Midsummer Night Scream: A Midsummer Night's Dream (Ghoul Spirit & Ghoulfriends Forever)
  • Monster Beat Magazine: Teen Beat Magazine (cartoon)
  • Morgue Magazine: More Magazine ("Student Bodies Go Wild Over Scaremester Wish List")
  • Never Been Cursed: Never Been Kissed ("Weekend Movies to Scream About")
  • The Oddest Sea: The Odyssey (Ghoul Spirit)
  • Claw and Order: Law and Order (Ghoul Spirit)
  • Phantom on the Roof: Fiddler on the Roof ("Spirited Voters Form More than Flash Mob")
  • Romeo and Ghoulliet: Romeo and Juliet (Ghoul Spirit)
  • Scary Rotter: Harry Potter ("Sibling Rivalry")
  • Scream It On: The Musical: Bring It On: The Musical ("Spirited Voters Form More than Flash Mob")
  • She's All Sinister: She's All That ("Weekend Movies to Scream About")
  • Sisterhood of the Spirit Diary: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants ("Weekend Movies to Scream About")
  • The Three Monsketeers: The Three Musketeers (Who's That Ghoulfriend?)
  • Truth or Scare: Truth or Dare ("A Scare of a Dare" & "Bad Tomb-mates")
  • TwiHard: Twilight & Die Hard (cartoon)
  • West Side Gory: West Side Story ("Scream Building")
  • Wolfler on the Roof: Fiddler on the Roof (Ghoulfriends Forever)
  • The Wonderful Wizard of Clawz: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (Ghoulfriends Forever)
  • The Wizard of Ooze: The Wizard of Oz ("Clawbacks")
  • Boovie: movie (Frights, Camera, Action!)


  • Abnerzombie and Witch: Abercrombie & Fitch (Ghoulfriends Forever)
  • Alexander McScream: Alexander McQueen (Who's That Ghoulfriend?)
  • Bark Macobs: Marc Jacobs ("Nefera Again")
  • Boois Boobon: Louis Vuitton ("Nefera Again")
  • Cadaver: Gabbana ("Nefera Again" & "Mauled")
  • Croak-a-Cola: Coca Cola (Ghoulfriends Just Want to Have Fun)
  • Croako Chanel: Coco Chanel (Who's That Ghoulfriend?)
  • Dairy Scream: Dairy Queen (Facebook)
  • Fangever 13: Forever 21 ("Monsters Form Mobs for Fashion")
  • Fearasil: Clearasil ("Bad Zituation")
  • La Feardrera: La Perdrera (Viperine Gorgon's Frights, Camera, Action! - Hauntlywood diary)
  • Four Screamers: Four Seasons (common)
  • Furberry: Burberry ("Nefera Again")
  • Ghoulbana: Gabbana ("Nefera Again")
  • Ghoul Will: Good Will (Clawdeen Wolf's 'Basic' diary & Draculaura's 'Basic' diary)
  • Gloomingdale's: Bloomingdale's ("Monsters Form Mobs for Fashion")
  • Grislyland: Disneyland (Ghoulfriends Forever)
  • Jean Maul Ghostier: Jean Paul Gaultier ("Nefera Again")
  • Louis Creton: Louis Vuitton (Ghoulfriends Forever)
  • Morgue Magazine: More Magazine (Ghoulfriends Forever)
  • New Yuck Times: New York Times (Ghoulfriends Forever)
  • Scare-mart: Wal-mart ("Monsters Form Mobs for Fashion")
  • Scaremes: Hermes (Ghoulfriends Forever)
  • Transylvania's Secret: Victoria's Secret (Ghoulfriends Forever)
  • Werewolf Hairlines: Werewolf Airlines (Ghoulfriends Forever)



  • Bite-Centennial: Bicentennial (common)
  • Boo Year's Eve: New Year's Eve ("Boo Year's Eve")
  • Chainsgiving: Thanksgiving ("Happy Howlidays")
  • Fangsgiving: Thanksgiving (common)
  • Fraidy Hawkins Day: Sadie Hawkins Day (I Only Have Eye for You)
  • Minotaurial Day: Memorial Day ("Happy Howlidays")
  • New Tides Eve: New Year's Eve ("Happy Howlidays")
  • Slaybor Day: Labor Day (common)
  • Valentine's Day: (the same) Valentine's Day (common)



Adjectives & co.




  • ASOME - Ancient Society Of Monster Elites: organization that promotes monster hierarchy (Ghoulfriends)
  • NUDI - Normies Uncool with Discriminating Idiots: anti-discrimination of monsters movement (Monster High)
  • MALL - Monster Advancement League League: pro-monster after-school club (Ghoulfriends)
  • RAD - Regular Attribute Dodgers: monsters (Monster High)
  • R.I.P - RAD Intel Party: meeting of NUDI (Monster High)
  • SKRM - Skultimate Roller Maze: monster roller derby (common)
  • VAMP - Vampire's Against Meat Products: club run by Draculaura (Draculaura's 'Basic' diary)
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