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There are currently three members of the Monster High Wiki who possess management rights and duties, divided in one founder, two bureaucrats, and one sysop. The founder and bureaucrats have the highest power, followed closely by the sysops. Chat moderators, which there currently are none of, only have authority in regards to the Monster High Wiki's chat. The founder, bureacrat, and sysops together are called admins, short for administrators.




  • Parrotbeak - Parrotbeak is online at least once a day and ready to help with any problems. In case of a (first time) ban, leave a message on your talk page and she'll likely see it and be willing to negotiate the ban. Warning: She does not take well to anons and new users who act like they've got the authority of longterm contributors.
  • Lehall - Lehall has been largely inactive since February of 2012. If she'll resume wiki management duties at some point in the future is unclear. For concerns regarding the wiki, please don't contact her but either Parrotbeak or Strawberry Cupcake Kitten.

Chat moderators


Wikia management

As part of the larger Wikia community, the Monster High Wiki is dependent of Wikia Central's rules and decisions. Sometimes, members of Wikia Central management make edits on the Monster High Wiki. They are not members of Monster High Wiki management, but do have authority over it.


There are currently no management spots to be filled.