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In case of problems or conflict or suggestions, the person to contact is Parrotbeak.

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Even if the Monster High Wiki has grown a lot, there's still much to do. Listed here is all the work still to be done. Feel free to adopt a task and if you have any questions or if the task requires (re)organization plans, contact an admin.

  • Almost everything related to merchandise still needs coverage, such as photos and descriptions. There is also not yet a standard format for describing merchandise, so if anyone wants to suggest a format or template, please get into contact with an admin.
  • Much of both book series' content needs updating. Summaries are needed, notes are needed, book-exclusive character pages are needed, a number of the book character pages in existence need to be updated/improved, etc.
  • The wiki is always looking for profile artwork donations, either new or better ones. Note that the artwork needs to be of decent quality and a donation likely isn't needed if the current image is 800px high (standing figures) or 600px high (sitting/lying/crouching figures).
  • Most doll stockphotos are easy to find (on websites like Amazon), but there are rare ones too, like Create-A-Monster stockphotos or San Diego Comic-Con International dolls stockphotos. New rare stockphotos or better quality rare stockphotos are always appreciated. Doll stockphoto height guidelines are 750px.
  • If you have reports, articles, or transcripts of interviews, press coverage, and Mattel marketing, please upload them and add them to Category:Press coverage.
  • The Monster High Wiki is currently lacking international information. If you know of a non-English voice actor or something Monster High that is not featured in the USAmerican franchise, feel free to add the information.
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