The Monster High Wiki maintains three levels of affiliation to optimize its content and its position within the Monster High fanbase.


There is only one wiki the Monster High Wiki shares full interaction with, and that is the Ever After High Wiki. The Ever After High Wiki was established to cover everything related to the Ever After High franchise, a spin-off of the Monster High franchise. The two franchises share many characteristics and are set in the same universe, so the wikis' cooperation is essential for both wikis' ability to provide quality content.

To acquire this level of inter-wiki interaction, the following accommodations have been made:

  • Identical (as far as possible) design and layout choices.
  • A Wiki Map on the front page that links to the other wiki.
  • An own spot for the other wiki and its main pages in the Top Navigation.
  • A notification of the other wiki in the Community Corner.
  • Templates on both wikis to make inter-wiki linking easier.


Since April 16, 2011, the Monster High Wiki has been affiliated with the Monster High Fandom Wiki, which is a split-off of the Monster High Wiki following the decision to become canon-only. All of the pre-April 16 fanon material was moved to the Monster High Fandom Wiki, and new users who wish to share their Monster High Original Characters are advised to take them there.

The Monster High Fandom Wiki is promoted on the front page and incorporated in the advertisement area, which itself is promoted on both the front page and in the Community Corner. The Monster High Fandom Wiki is the only wiki to get this double advertisement treatment and would an admin of another high-traffic Monster High-related wiki be interested in the same approach, they have to contact the admins of the Monster High Wiki with such a request.

Since May 12, 2013, the Monster High Wiki hosts an advertisement area. It was created out of an older "Community Sites" page that could not be incorporated with the rest of the canon-only wiki and a need to regulate the userbase's wish to have an opportunity to promote their own wikis. (And though technically of a higher level, it includes mention of the Monster High Fandom Wiki.)

Anyone can add to the advertisement area as long as the advertisement fits the relevancy criteria, and it is highly recommended this is done rather than a blog post created. The advertisement area is promoted on both the front page and in the Community Corner, so advertisements stay easy to find (as opposed to when they'd be placed in a blog post).

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