Monster High is the first book in the Monster High series by Lisi Harrison. It was released on September 1, 2010, followed by its thirteenth chapter on May 13, 2011. Its focus-character is Frankie Stein, who is born at the start of the book, and Melody Carver, who's family moves to Salem from Beverly Hills.


Melody and her family left behind glamorous Beverly Hills for the fresh air of Salem, Oregon. After shedding her old camel-hump nose and constant asthma attacks, Melody finally gets to be "the pretty one" at Merston High. Too bad she feels like a fraud...until she meets Jackson. But her new romance gets tricky when Melody hears totally bizarre rumours sightings?!

Fellow new student Frankie has lived in Salem all her life - but then again, she's only been alive for fifteen days. She sets out to conquer high school, boys, and shopping, in that order. But if she wants to fit in, she's going to have to hide a monster of a secret. Instead, she risks it all for a stolen kiss - a mistake that could cost her everything.



Frankie is brought to life, much to the joy of her parents, but also the worry of her mother, who knows their precious child won't have it easy living in a world in which monsters are hated. Frankie is eager to ask her more about this and just in general get to meet her parents, but she is barely charged yet and can't stay awake.

Chapter 1: Newfound Fabulousness

The Carvers are on their way from Beverly Hills, California, to Salem, Oregon. The reason for their move is their youngest daughter, Melody, whose been suffering from asthma since she was eight. Though they tried to help in other ways, including a nose surgery, nothing worked and now they hope the fresh air of Oregon will have a good effect on her. Melody's older sister, Candace, is less than thrilled about the move, but tries to make the best of it.

Chapter 2: Life's a Stitch

As Frankie is enjoying her fifteenth day alive, her parents invite her for an important talk. Frankie fears they are angry at her for her online shopping behaviour, but this is not the case. Rather, summer is coming to an end and Viktor and Viveka need to return to their teacher jobs at the university. This means they can no longer home-school their daughter and will have to send her to a high school. They explain to Frankie a fact she has not yet been made aware of - that she is not 'normal'. Most of the world, including the school they'll send her to, is populated by so-called normies. Frankie does not fully understand the meaning of being different and is merely excited by the prospect of moving out from under her parents' wings.

Chapter 3: You've Got Male

The Carvers arrive at their new home at Radcliffe Way. Candace rushes inside to claim the best bedroom, followed by Melody who is simply curious as to what the place looks like. She is not disappointed and eventually joins her sister in her room. Candace spots a potentially handsome boy outside and shouts through the window to get his attention. He turns around, at which point Candace decides he looks too geeky and suggests that Melody bothers with him. Melody is not pleased with her sister's dismissive attitude, but agrees to explore the neighbourhood with her.

Chapter 4: Mint Condition

Frankie's parents are pleased that Frankie is excited for school, but have yet to inform her of one thing. When Frankie openly wonders what she'll wear on her first day, they show her an unflattering, full-body outfit, and give her a case of Fierce & Flawless stage makeup as well. They reveal that like their daughter, they too have green skin, but that they always cover it up with the stage make-up. Frankie asks why, and they explain that normies don't take kindly to creatures like them, RADs - Regular Attribute Dodgers. So they have to hide. Upon further questioning, Viktor explains that normie & RAD relations were good until the start of the 20th century, when horror movies started to cast RADs as vile and dangerous beings. The RADs became outcasts and ended up fleeing to Salem, Oregon together to build up their own community in secret. They can be themselves amongst themselves, but have to hide their true nature for normies. Frankie understands and accepts, but only for as long as her parents are in the room. Once they are gone, she checks her magazines and closet for more fashionable wear, deciding that as per the normies' own magazines' advice, she should be proud of and happy with herself.

Chapter 5: The Pickup Artist

Candace and Melody are out exploring Radcliffe Way and further to find the cool places in Salem. They pass by several houses visibly inhabited by people with peculiar quirks, such as a house "fenced in by an unsightly tangle of electrical wires and phone lines", and get superficially acquainted with some of the people of the neighbourhood, before they make their way to the stores and supposedly cool places. Candace is disappointed by nearly all of them and is ready to make a scene when she and Melody spot a boy their age sitting alone at a bench near a carousel. They recognize them as their nerdy neighbour and Candace forces Melody along as she strikes up a conversation. Though Candace is intimidating to the boy with her Beverly Hills ways, Melody's awkwardness helps break the ice between them and she eventually leaves with the boy's name, Jackson, and his phone number.

Chapter 6: Nothing Is As It Seams

Frankie's parents are everything but thrilled when their daughter joins them for breakfast, wearing neither the clothes nor the stage make-up they gave her. Frankie insists she can be herself publicly and her parents do not push the matter further, but make a point they have to leave now or they'll be late. After a two hour-drive, they arrive at Mount Hood High. Frankie eagerly steps outside, wishing her parents a good day as she prepares for her own. She notices the school seems to be rather deserted, but pays it little mind. After climbing the school's stairs, Frankie has the door smacked into her when four students suddenly come outside. Though the physical pain is unpleasant, the fact the four girls immediately swarm her with concern and apologies makes Frankie feel great and she introduces herself. The girls only then notice her green skin and stitches and realize they're dealing with a monster. They call the police and barricade the school doors, upon which Viktor rushes out of the car and grabs Frankie for an escape. The Steins can just leave the area before the police arrives. Frankie's parents explain that this was a set-up to make her believe them. It is Sunday and Frankie's real classes won't start until Tuesday at her real school, Merston High. Frankie accepts to wear a full-body outfit and stage make-up from now on.

Chapter 7: Friend-Free Zone

It's Melody's first day at school as well as lunch time, but Melody still isn't feeling the school spirit, mainly because Jackson never responded to her calls. Melody is worried that she's been tricked or will be tricked, setting the thoughts aside only to explore and memorize the cafeteria. In line, Melody overhears a couple behind her talking about a monster sighting at Mount Hood High and turns around to ask about it. The boy responds overly positive to the attention, upon which the girl drags him out of the line. Melody asks a demure-looking girl—Frankie Stein—what that was about, to which the girl answers she thinks the other girl was jealous. The two introduce themselves to each other and shake hands, which leads to Melody being lightly shocked. Frankie hurriedly apologizes and leaves. Melody barely has time to consider what has happened when suddenly a camera flashes at her, held by another girl, blinding her long enough to not see Jackson approach her. He greets her and the two leave the line together. Melody asks why he never responded to any of her calls, which leads to a revelation that he never got any calls because the last digit is a "1" and not a "7" as Melody had thought all that time. Relieved that Jackson's interest in her is sincere, they pick a table to have lunch together. In their attempt to pass by the two of them, Claudine makes it through, but Cleo trips partially due to Melody and sees her grapes lost to the floor. This causes an argument between the two in which Cleo is backed up by Claudine and Jackson does not dare to speak. Eventually, Cleo accepts to forget about it if Melody gives up her grapes as compensation, but Melody refuses, believing she should not give in to bullying. Melody expects a beating, but instead, Cleo remarks that she'll take something else and makes a beeline for Jackson to kiss him. Jackson does not refuse her. At first Melody tries to laugh it off, but soon grows desperate when Jackson keeps on not rejecting Cleo. When Cleo lets go, a round of applause from the cafeteria follows and Cleo and Claudine triumphantly go sit somewhere else. Jackson, intrigued, joins them, leaving Melody alone and humiliated. She is then approached by the jealous-girl and camera-girl she met in line, who introduce themselves as Bekka Madden and Haylee. Bekka offers Melody her friendship on account of them both hating Cleo, provided Melody is willing to sign a contract that she'll never try to get with, or pummel any girl who tries to get with, Brett Redding, the monster sighting-boy she saw in line earlier. Melody is okay with the conditions and signs the contract, after which Bekka shows her own brand of support by starting a food fight with Cleo.

Chapter 8: Sparks Fly

Frankie tries to get to her next class first to have the first pick of seats. Afraid she is on the verge of being discovered due to her contact with Melody in the cafeteria, she hopes for a seat in the back, but no such luck. All desks are arranged in a circle, leaving Frankie only the option to not sit directly in the sunlight coming in from the window. As she ponders her options, another student comes in, who immediately makes a pass at her. He introduces himself as D.J. when he sits down next to her and extends his hand for a shake. Frankie refuses, fearing to shock him and reveal her monster identity. In response, Holt taps her shoulder, causing him to get shocked anyway. Frankie is mortified, but D.J. responds by smiling and dubbing her "Firecracker". The situation is slightly diffused by the other students arriving at class too, with two notable ones taking seats next to Frankie. Another who enters is the handsome boy she'd been ogling in the cafeteria earlier: Brett. Lastly, Melody enters the classroom, who makes Frankie, fearing a repeat from Mount Hood High, nervous with her friendly demeanor. During class, Frankie has some positive contact with the girls, Lala and Blue, next to her, while she tries to ignore D.J.'s advances. Along with Melody's threatening and Brett's desirable presence, Frankie feels her charge rising with no way of escape. Once class is over, she runs for the bathroom to unload, where Lala and Blue follow her to. The girls invite Frankie to come to the spa with them next weekend and Frankie accepts, happy with the first good contact she's made.

Chapter 9: Lip Bomb

The first week of school is over and Bekka's support has done wonders for Melody's mood. As they move to leave the school, they discuss the week's events and particularly Jackson's and Cleo's place in it. That is, until they reach the school doors and find Cleo kissing with a boy other than Jackson. Bekka explains that his name is Deuce and that he and Cleo are steady when he is not with his family in Greece. Melody realizes that Cleo truly has no interest in Jackson and feels pity for the way he's been played. Bekka suggests that Melody kisses Deuce to get back at Cleo, which Melody doesn't want, causing a minor argument between them. This catches Cleo's attention, who saunters over to Melody and tells her she can have Jackson back. Just at that moment, Cleo notices Jackson coming down the hallway with ceramic flowers in his hand. She ridicules Jackson's affection for her in front of Melody to further hurt her through her remaining affection for Jackson, which causes Melody to snap and act on Bekka's earlier suggestion. She marches past Cleo to Deuce and kisses him, finding him about as compliant as Jackson a week ago with Cleo. Now, it's Melody who hurts Cleo, though Cleo keeps herself standing better and manages to compliment her enemy on her victory. Melody is mostly curious what Jackson thought of the show, in particular when she doesn't see him or his ceramic bouquet in Cleo's hands. Needing fresh air, she leaves the building with Bekka and Haylee, only to find the ceramic flowers smashed on the ground outside. To Melody's shock, one of the petals reads: "For Melody".

Chapter 10: Bolts and All

Frankie is picked up by Lala and Blue, and their friends Claudine and Cleo, for their day at the spa. Afraid her parents would forbid her to go if they knew she was going to the spa, Frankie told them their destination would be the library. Her parents are still wary to let her go until they see whom Frankie is going with, which Frankie interprets as her parents simply being familiar with the people from Radcliffe Way. Taking a seat in the SUV, Frankie is introduced to Claudine and Cleo and spends the trip observing the girls interact with each other more than she interacts with them. One topic that catches her attention is that Lala is hurt that Cleo has been kissing with her crush D.J.. Cleo defends herself by arguing that D.J. knows she's steady with Deuce and that the kiss means nothing to her. Also, Cleo claims she did it to keep him away from the new girl, Melody, who otherwise might've blocked Lala's chances with him. She also points out that Melody has already hurt her enough for anything she might have done wrong by kissing Deuce. Lala accepts to believe Cleo, and adds that the past week's events have ended her crush on D.J. anyway. When they arrive at the spa, Frankie finds that each of the girls will go for a different treatment, which is fine by her. She is, however, startled when the girls go to fetch their plush robes, which would expose her neck and too much of her legs if she would wear it too. Frankie manages to get her tanning bed-chamber without changing though, and alone in there she doesn't have to worry about her skin and neck bolts being seen. Choosing to enjoy the privacy and experience, Frankie lies down on the tanning bed and fantasizes away about Brett. She is rudely awoken not much later, when it turns out her seams do not stand the tanning bad very well and are smoldering. Panic-stricken, Frankie can't get out or turn off the bed and resorts to trying to pull the plug. Her own charge mixes with the system, causing a power outage. In the dark, she quickly gets dressed and sneaks out off the building, both embarrassed and scared to be discovered as a RAD. Standing alone in the rain, Frankie still tries to stay positive, but when a car drives by and splashes her, she starts crying.

Chapter 11: Eyes on the Prize, Especially With Guys

Candace is going out with one guy to make another jealous, which interests Melody only insofar that that means Candace will be gone and she can go into her room to spy on Jackson's house. Once Candace is gone, Melody proceeds to look at Jackson's house, but her thoughts are taken off of it and the boy inside when she receives a phone call from Bekka and Haylee. Melody is surprised that Bekka isn't to the movies with Brett, but she explains she isn't allowed to go out at night any more since the monster sighting at Mount Hood High. As the girls chat about that and the Melody/Jackson/Cleo/Deuce-matter, however, Jackson comes walking into Candace's room and Melody has to end the call. Jackson explains that Melody's parents let him in and that he wants to speak with her. Jackson warns Melody for Deuce, because he's 'dangerous'. Melody assumes that Jackson is jealous, but Jackson insists he isn't. The two move over to Melody's own room where she reveals she is not into Deuce and that she only kissed him because Jackson kissed Cleo. Jackson claims that he doesn't remember. He's been suffering blackouts all his life and the kissing must've happened during a blackout. Melody believes and forgives him, leading into a conversation that causes Jackson to tell her she's pretty. Melody, well aware her looks are the result of surgery, gives him a photo of her old self so that he won't find out another way. Melody insists she used to be ugly, but Jackson disagrees, saying she's always been pretty. Melody moves in to kiss him for that, but the couple is prematurely distracted by Glory's screaming. She claims to have seen a wolf outside and demands help from Beau and Melody. Jackson opts to go home while Melody goes to her mother to help look for any sign of a wolf.

Chapter 12: RIP

The Steins don't ask too many questions as to why their daughter comes home walking, without an umbrella, but with burned stitches, as Frankie is visibly distraught. Frankie goes to sleep early that evening, but is awoken just a few hours later by her mother, who claims they need to go somewhere fast. Frankie counters she can't apply her makeup fast, but her mother says she doesn't need it. Frankie is confused about the suddenness of it all and later the secrecy with which they leave their house. Viveka reveals that they are going to a RIP - a RAD Intel Party, where Frankie will have a chance to finally meet other RADs. Frankie is stoked about the idea, particularly because she hopes Brett secretly is a RAD too. The family gives their car to park elsewhere to man waiting for them and enters a secret tunnel below a grass field. Frankie is impressed and excited and runs ahead into the room at the end of the tunnel. The Steins are welcomed by Ms. Gorgon, who takes Viktor and Viveka with her while Frankie is left to mingle with the other children. She encounters Lala, Blue, Cleo, and Claudine there too, who tell her they suspected her to be a RAD too, but couldn't risk to ask her aboveground. They also guess that Frankie was the one responsible for the power outage, which all find amusing. Then Ms. Jekyll arrives, a science teacher at Merston High, whom Lala explains is a normie but has a son who is a RAD, though he doesn't know it. Therefore, she is accepted in the monster community. Ms. Jekyll calls for the children to gather around to speak about the extra risk the Mount Hood High sighting has caused for the monsters, and after that announces that Merston High this year will have a monster-themed September Semi. The children are outraged about the fact that those who hunt them will have a party about them, but Frankie does not agree with that logic, figuring that a party like that would actually raise sympathy for monsters. She speaks up about this, but finds only one ally in an invisible boy named Billy. The rest of the children as well as Ms. Jekyll choose to "hide with pride".

Lost Chapter (Whose Unlucky Number Shall Go Unmentioned)
Main article: Chapter 13: Slow and Tell
Chapter 14: Hide and Go Shriek

At school, in biology class, Frankie is the only one who willingly answers all of Ms. Jekyll's questions. Brett is sitting next to her, carving a zombie into his desk. When the question of what "anabiotic" is comes up, Frankie answers it is "something that is living in a state of suspended animation" and boldly asks if zombies qualify as anabiotic. Brett looks up in awe at another monster fan, both Ms. Jekyll and Frankie's RAD friends look up in shock, and Ms. Jekyll tries to package her anger as if it is caused by Frankie not taking her class seriously. Suddenly the siren sounds and Ms. Jekyll tells the children to climb onto their desks and pick up their chairs and poke them in the air. When questioned, Ms. Jekyll explains it's a drill in case another monster is spotted. To Brett, this makes the order more exciting, but Frankie puts down her chair, and upon seeing this mini rebellion, Melody does the same. Ms. Jekyll does not react and soon the drill ends. Over the intercom, the principal explains the reasons for the drill once more before making an announcement on the September Semi: a gift certificate for a dinner cruise on the Willamette Queen is waiting for the couple with the creepiest costume at the party. Brett announces he'll go as Frankenstein, to which Bekka replies she'll be the bride, making a point of taking Brett's attention off Frankie. Class comes to an end and Ms. Jekyll asks Frankie to stay. They have a minor argument about Frankie's decision to bring up zombies while the RAD community agreed to hide. Frankie challenges the need for her to hide and Ms. Jekyll agrees, but points out that RADs tried to make contact before and it made them lose everything. As the mother of a RAD, she does not want Frankie to stubbornly endanger the community. Frankie agrees to play the RAD game, but out of class declares she'll do it by her own rules only.

Chapter 15: Tender Loving Scare

Melody, Jackson, Haylee, and Bekka are huddled under thermo-blankets at the ravine behind the Jekyll residence. They are waiting for Brett and his pal Heath to start shooting a movie called The Monster Hunt Chronicles. Melody, snuggled against Jackson, is fine if they take their time, but Bekka is eager to be with Brett. The boys eventually show up with camera equipment. Haylee and Heath flirt, Bekka and Brett start kissing, and Melody is embarrassed by it all because she'd like to do the same with Jackson, but doesn't dare yet. Once Brett pulls away from Bekka, he tells Heath and Jackson to come with him to look for branches to create a tripod with. When they are properly gone, Bekka turns to Haylee and Melody and tells them that Brett lied. He doesn't need branches, but wishes to jump out of the bushes when the girls don't expect it to scare them for his movie. She asks that they pretend to be scared still. Melody asks why she told them if Brett needs genuine reactions, and Bekka explains she upholds her own code that friends come first. Melody is moved and ready to put on an act. Shortly after, they hear suspicious noise from the trees and Bekka begins her act. The other two soon join in and, as predicted, Brett jumps out, wearing a hockey mask and wielding a plastic machete. The girls scream and fake panic until Brett reveals himself, on which they switch their act to one of anger and incredulity. Heath reveals himself with the camera and flirts once more with Haylee, while Brett resumes kissing with Bekka. Melody asks where Jackson is and is told he went back to his house. Melody goes in search for him, worried he might have another blackout, and finds him elsewhere in the ravine. Jackson says that he's okay, but that he left because he didn't want to scare Melody. Melody is touched and moves the thermo-blanket she brought along over the both of him, finally obtaining her moment to kiss with Jackson.

Chapter 16: Kissaster

Getting hot under the thermo-blanket, Melody pulls away from Jackson to catch a breath of fresh air before she triggers an asthma attack. Melody notices that Jackson has taken of his glasses. His behaviour is also different and everything comes to a screeching halt when he asks one peculiar question: who she is. Melody hopes that he's joking and refers to him by his name, upon which 'Jackson' says that his name isn't Jackson and asks if perhaps she's role playing. He tries to kiss her again, but Melody pulls away, disgusted. 'Jackson' doesn't push it and even casually states he's actually into another girl at school whom he calls a "real firecracker". Melody fights back her tears and makes a run for home. On her way, she texts Bekka that guys are the only real monsters, then lets her tears flow.

Chapter 17: Put the Boy in Boycott

The Steins have the Mathises over for dinner. Mr. Mathis is the dean of the university the Steins are employed at and they hope to get more research money for their work. Frankie hates the dinner, and also hates that she has to dress up as a normie in her own house, that the research will benefit normies primarily, that her father has to pretend he's doing research into things he long ago discovered and invented, and the attitude of the Mathises. Mrs. Mathis points at the door suddenly, or rather the paper slipping inside through the mail slot. Viktor opens the door, startling Lala and Blue on the other side. Recognizing her friends, Frankie joins the conversation and finds out that they're collecting signatures for a petition against the Monster Mash theme of September Semi from fellow students. Keeping to the secrecy code, they assure Victor that their argument is not that Monster Mash is offensive but that it is too scary. Frankie exclaims that she doesn't agree with the boycott because she wants to impress Brett at the dance. Viktor cuts off the conversation and takes Frankie aside for a stern talking-to. Since Frankie keeps up her defiance, Viktor tells her her opinion of the boycott doesn't matter because she is not allowed to go to the party. He does not believe he can trust her not to reveal the RADs to the normies. Frankie is furious and goes to her room, where she soothes her emotions with a fantasy of Brett, September Semi, and winning the gift certificate. As with Ms. Jekyll before, Frankie vows not to obey the rules of others.

Chapter 18: Too Hot to Handle

Melody, Bekka, and Haylee are at a costume store looking for a wedding dress for Bekka, so she can be the Bride of Frankenstein at the September Semi. Bekka asks Melody what costume she's interested in, but Melody answers that she's not interested in going now that Jackson turned out to be untrustworthy. Bekka counters that if Melody won't go, she won't go, as she is loyal to her friends. Melody says she can't do that, to which Bekka replies that Melody is going. As Bekka chooses a shiny dress to match Haylee's shiny flower girl costume, Deuce enters the store. Melody tries to ignore him because of all the things that have happened, but Bekka happily starts chatting with the boy. Deuce had come for a Mad Hatter costume and will be going to the party alone, as Cleo's friends won't go and Cleo sticks with them. Melody can't stop Bekka as she suggests that Deuce and Melody go together as friends, since neither of them have a date. Deuce likes the idea and receives Melody's phone number from Bekka and soon leave the store. Melody is upset by what Bekka has done, despite Bekka's promises that she just wants Melody to have a good time at the party. At Radcliffe Way, Melody parts ways on friendly terms, but as soon as she can she makes a speedrun for her bedroom. Ignoring the signs they are going to have guests, Melody falls down on her bed and begins crying when she gets a text from Deuce asking what her costume idea is. Melody ignores it, choosing to wallow some more when suddenly she hears Jackson's voice. He is in her room without her permission again, but rather than send him away, Melody tries to ignore him. He asks her what's wrong and insists another blackout happened, but Melody accuses him of lying to have an excuse to date multiple girls. Melody's bedroom, much as the rest of the Carver residence, is very hot, and soon Jackson removes his glasses and, to Melody's shock, unbuttons his shirt. Melody quickly grabs her iPhone in case she needs evidence. Curiously, when Jackson looks up, he acts as if he's surprised to see Melody. Melody tells him to quit it, referring to him by his name once more. Again, 'Jackson' denies that that is his name and claims he is D.J. Hyde, the great-grandson of Dr. Jekyll. Before Melody can reply, D.J. makes a beeline for the docking station on Melody's desk and turns up the music. Candace enters the room, curious about the noise, and D.J. immediately hits on her. Candace is impressed and lets D.J. guide her onto a makeshift dance floor. On her mother's insistence, Melody eventually stops the music, and the fan that Candace brought along cools down the room considerably. Candace compliments D.J. on his attitude, but 'D.J.', putting his glasses back on, asks her what she is talking about. Melody puts forth that he had another 'blackout' and shows him her recording of D.J. on her iPhone. Jackson, embarrassed to bits, runs off, despite Melody's order for him to stop. Candace tells Melody to go after Jackson, because even if the boy is apparently unpredictable, he's a good match for at least half the time, which Candace considers better than what most girls get. Melody follows her sister's advise and runs out of the door, straight past the guests - the Steins. The door to the Jekyll residence happens to be open and Melody invites herself in. Taking note of the cold inside, Melody searches for Jackson until she hears him arguing with his mother upstairs. Melody overhears the whole thing: how Jackson's father and grandfather turned mad, how Jackson carries a mutation that will spare him such a fate, how Jackson didn't use to turn into D.J. this often previously, how the change is triggered by temperature - cold for Jackson and warm for Holt, how D.J. is as much his parents' child as he, how their mother kept their heritage quiet from both to protect them, how D.J. doesn't know about Jackson still despite having read up on their great-grandfather, and how Jackson has to promise to not tell anyone about his true nature ever. Melody leaves, aware she's heard too much.

Chapter 19: Gotta Bolt

Frankie plays the part of the perfect daughter for her parents all week until the day of the September Semi approaches. Frankie approaches her parents, while they are relaxing in the living room, and points out her good behaviour, requesting that she be allowed to go to the dance still. Her parents refuse, a possibility Frankie is ready for. Playing sweet, she says she understands her punishment needs to be completed for her to learn anything and announces that she'll go to sleep. Her parents believe her, allowing Frankie to initiate Plan B. She texts her party-boycotting friends at Lala's house and casually mentions that her parents were at the Carver residence a week ago and that they heard Melody Carver is going to the dance with Deuce Gorgon. As Frankie hoped for, Cleo responds. Frankie suggests that they'll all go to the party to bust them. They don't have to prepare, as they have the monster look down naturally. The girls agree and schedule to meet at the top of Radcliffe in five minutes. Frankie is satisfied with Plan B's progress, feeling only limited guilt about manipulating her friends, but after evaluating her own reasoning, concludes she's doing it for them. She quickly paints her black hair to sport white stripes similar to her grandmother's hair, then leaves her room through the window.

Chapter 20: Is This Freak Taken?

Bekka's father has brought Bekka, Melody, and Haylee to the dance and drives off with the promise to pick them up at 10:00. Melody has been in a bad mood ever since she overheard Jackson and his mother. She's tried to talk with Jackson, but he has distanced herself from her. If it hadn't been for Bekka, she would not have come to the party. Eager to see Brett, Bekka pulls hers friends along to the building, where Melody is horrified to find a fog machine waiting for them. She had left her inhaler in her purse, which she left in Mr. Madden's car. Without it, her asthma makes it impossible for her to get into the school. Bekka tells her to toughen up, but hands her her inhaler, saying she knew the fog machine would be used and that Melody would need it. Melody is impressed, but Bekka assures she just wants her to have a good time. Deuce approaches, and Bekka and Haylee leave them with the announcement that they are going to look for Brett and Heath. Trying to make the best of it, Melody attempts to act flirty and takes Deuce's signature sunglasses off, wondering how he can see at all in them. Deuce's reaction is immediate, as he shuts his eyes closed and looks away from her while he grasps for his sunglasses. Melody hands them back and apologizes, though Deuce says he's not mad. Nonetheless, he does wish to give Cleo a call, who is with her friends, and asks if Melody will excuse him for a minute. Melody is fine with it, though only because she wants to look for Candace and get cab fare to go home. Unexpectedly, she encounters Jackson, who even starts speaking and flirting with her. He explains that he has no intention of ruining her date, but did want to make sure that Deuce was treating her right. Melody is flattered and takes the opportunity to confess that she knows Jackson's secret. Rather than being shocked, Jackson shows Melody a mini-fan he now carries with him. He explains that he knows she overheard because he left the door open for her on purpose and saw her running back to her house. He did not talk to her about it before because he wanted to make sure that she was willing to carry his secret with him. Melody is elated and during the next slow song dances with Jackson, who can now keep his cool thanks to the mini-fan.

Chapter 21: Head Over Heels

Frankie and her friends are standing outside Merston High in full monster-view. Waiting for the courage to enter the dance to hit them, the group is spotted by Deuce, leaving the dance. At first, he denies dating Melody, then takes a moment to realize his friends are showing themselves off as RADs. Deuce panics and tries to get them to hide, but this only serves as the extra push the girls need to dare to step into the school building. They leave Deuce behind and make a big entrance for themselves, made easier by their impressive "costumes." The only one not pleased is Bekka, who approaches Frankie to deride the quality of her costume and confront her about her attempt to take Brett away from her. Frankie mocks her in return and goes looking for Brett. She meets Billy at the party, who compliments her courage and gives her a rose. This, and the realization of how much fun her friends are having, temporarily distracts Frankie, so that when Brett suddenly starts talking to her, she is caught completely off-guard. Nonetheless, she eagerly indulges her fantasy, taking the compliments Brett gives her and allowing him to kiss her. The fantasy is broken, though, when Frankie's head is ripped off during the kiss and she is exposed as a genuine monster. Brett ends up in shock while Billy and the other RADs present bring Frankie's head and body to safety, covered by the chaos erupting from in the school. Frankie cannot process everything that is happening and goes unconscious.

Chapter 22: Monster High

Melody's and Jackson's idyllic time together is rudely interrupted by the chaos of the discovery that Frankie is a monster. Melody hears screaming from Bekka and goes to investigate with Jackson, whose mini-fan is knocked away by a fleeing student in the process. Before even getting near Bekka, panic catches up with Jackson and he begins begging Melody to leave with him, scared that he'll be exposed himself. Aside from Melody's doubts about whether or not Jackson qualifies as a monster, she does not want to leave her friend unaided and ignores his wish. Armed police officers and paramedics enter the school, the latter of whom go to attend Brett. Bekka is relieved that help has arrived and, making sure Brett is attended to, tells the sergeant what has happened and insists he finds and neutralizes the threat. Bekka requests Haylee to interview witnesses and Melody to go out and find the monster, then goes with the paramedics to Salem Hospital where Brett is to be treated. Melody still does not believe the monster is not an elaborate hoax and is therefore not thrilled to be sent out to find it. Jackson keeps urging her to leave with him, but Haylee reminds Melody she has a duty towards Bekka. Unable to decide between her two obligations, Melody lets the situation fry until Jackson's transformation into D.J. occurs. D.J. is disappointed to see Melody again, but Melody gives him the go-ahead to leave the place. She also leaves not long after. She is picked up and given a ride home by Candace, whom Melody asks whether she should pick the side of her best friend or the side of her boyfriend. Candace answers that she should not look at the matter from their point of views, but from her own, and that Melody already knows who to pick but is afraid to go through with. At Radcliffe Way, Melody stays alone in the car to figure out her decision and eventually settles on one.

Chapter 23: Freak Out

Frankie has been delivered home safely and her father has patched her up already, but she's kept mostly unconscious in her room. With what little awareness Frankie still has, she overhears an internet conversation between the various RAD adults of the Salem community, many of whom are parents of her friends. All are angry at the Steins for endangering their community and some even demand that they leave Salem. The Steins promise they'll home school Frankie from now on and will keep her indoors and point out that right now only their daughter is in any danger. Viveka shuts down the debate for the night, believing the current emotions detrimental to sound judgement, which is agreed with by the community. As Frankie loses consciousness again, she regrets the damage she's caused.

Chapter 24: Bek and Call

Melody visits the Jekyll residence in search of Jackson, but only his mother is home. She is initially happy with the visit because she hopes Melody has news of her son, but is disappointed when it turns out to not be the case. Her mood drops even further when Melody reveals that she knows about Jackson's alter ego, but Melody manages to convince her to trust her. Melody swears she will find Jackson and bring him home safely, then rushes back to her house to get a flashlight and start her search. She reasons that Bekka, if friendship is as important to her as she claims, will understand that she prioritizes Jackson's safety over getting back at a "boyfriend-stealing monster." When she leaves the house again, though, Bekka is right in front of her door. Melody is shocked and lies that she went home to get equipment to search for Bekka's monster and asks if everything is alright. Bekka confirms it is, given the circumstances, and hands Melody her purse, which she had left in the Maddens' car. Melody thanks her but realizes something is off about Bekka. Then Bekka adds that Melody also forgot her iPhone, but instead of giving it back, she opens the file containing the recording of Jackson's transformation into D.J. Questioning her loyalty, Haylee has looked through Melody's possessions and found the video, which she told Bekka of. Bekka is convinced that Melody knows more about the monster community and is protecting the "boyfriend-stealing monster." She sends herself the recording, then hands Melody the iPhone back. Bekka also shows Melody the friendship contract she signed a few weeks ago and rips it apart, then brings up a new contract for Melody to sign: unless she brings Bekka the "boyfriend-stealing monster" within 48 hours, Bekka will show everyone the recording of Jackson's transformation and D.J.'s confession. Melody signs it, but only because otherwise the recording will be leaked immediately.

Chapter 25: Shock It to Me

Frankie has a bad dream of her being on trial for all that she's done wrong in the past few weeks. She is awoken from it by D.J., who's been hiding out in the Stein residence since she's been brought in. Frankie is confused, asking where her friends and possessions are. D.J. explains that her friends aren't allowed outside anymore by their parents and that the Steins confiscated most of Frankie's belongings because they believe they've been spoiling her. Frankie starts talking about how sorry she is, but D.J. cuts her off, saying that at least she's got spirit, which is more than can be said from most people around. Frankie is flattered and accepts D.J.'s invitation to a dance. Frankie calms down considerably, but the two have to interrupt the dance when Viktor approaches. Frankie fakes being asleep and D.J. hides, just in time for Viktor to blame his own imagination for the noise. He does note the room is rather hot and turns on the vents. When he's gone again, Frankie waits a few minutes to be sure her father is gone before she speaks to D.J., but D.J. doesn't reply. Instead, when she looks at the spot where he was hiding, 'D.J.' shows up wearing glasses and looking a whole lot less confident. He asks her who she is and, upon realizing, asks if he's her prisoner. Confused and hurt, Frankie tells him he can leave at any time. Jackson vaguely apologizes and makes a run for it, leaving Frankie alone and devastated.

Chapter 26: A Hot Mess

Thinking of ways to save Jackson and herself from Bekka's grip, Melody is surprised when Jackson suddenly shows up. Elatedly, she hugs him in the middle of Radcliffe Way, where they are spotted by Ms. Jekyll. She asks the children to come inside where it's safe, but Jackson wishes for a little more alone-time with Melody. When Ms. Jekyll is gone, Melody tells Jackson about Bekka's ultimatum. To her surprise, Jackson replies that not only does he know the monster girl is real, he also knows where she is. And to her even greater surprise, he does not want to exchange her for his own safety, because D.J. likes her and D.J. is something of a brother to him. Melody is moved and tries to think of an alternative method to save Jackson. She says she has an idea and invites Jackson to her room to get some notes. He comes along, but the room is warm and Melody takes her time looking for the notes. As the heat is getting to him, Jackson understands it's a trap and is forced into transforming by Melody. D.J. is confused to see Melody for the umpteenth time after a blackout, but is calmed when she suggests they go visit "Firecracker."

Chapter 27: Charged Up

Frankie is awoken once more, this time by pebbles being thrown at her window. She goes to look and finds D.J. calling for her. She lets him in with only minor hesitation as she still has need for company, but is put off severely when someone else—a girl, the one from the cafeteria—comes in with him. To make matters worse, the girl makes herself at home, commenting in a mix of mocking and fascination on Frankie's room. When Frankie finally threatens to shock her like she did weeks ago, Melody stops and returns to properly re-introduce herself to Frankie. As D.J. tries to get the girls to focus on him again, upsetting Frankie again because she still doesn't know why he suddenly left, Melody explains the whole story to Frankie, including the part where D.J. and Jackson are the same person. Afterwards, Frankie asks if Melody will turn her in, but Melody says she won't, because she believes she understands how the RADs must feel. The girls and D.J. agree to an alliance to solve the mess without any more victims.


  1. Frankie Stein
  2. Viktor Stein
  3. Viveka Stein
  4. Melody Carver
  5. Candace Carver
  6. Beau Carver
  7. Glory Carver
  8. Glitterati
  9. Jackson Jekyll
  10. Brett Redding
  11. Bekka Madden
  12. Haylee
  13. Clawdeen Wolf
  14. Cleo de Nile
  15. D.J. Hyde
  16. Draculaura
  17. Lagoona Blue
  18. Deuce Gorgon
  19. Maddy Gorgon
  20. Clawd Wolf
  21. Sydney Jekyll
  22. Billy Phaidin
  23. Mr. Weeks
  24. Heath Burns
  25. Cora Mathis
  26. Charles Mathis
  27. Mr. Madden
  28. Garrett
  29. Dracula
  30. Mr. Wolf
  31. Mrs. Wolf



  • Draculaura can drive in Monster High, meaning she has either already had her Sweet 1600 or doesn't interpret her age as actually being fifteen still.


  • In chapter 5, there are said to be "no fewer than ten boys" playing outside the Wolf residence, all heavily implied to be siblings. In Where There's a Wolf, There's a Way, the Wolf family is said to only contain five sons.
  • In chapter 17, Mrs. Mathis can at first see the door from the dining room as she points out the Steins are getting mail. But once Mr. Stein closes the door, the described scene makes it obvious that the door is out of view from the dining room.
  • In chapter 20, the text reads: "Bekka handed her an inhaler. Melody took a big puff. "Ahhhhhhh!" She delighted in the steady exhale. "Where did you get that?" "I took it from your purse before we left the car." She handed it to Melody." The only way the last sentence works with the first is if the "it" is Melody's purse. However, Melody confirmed earlier that there's money for a ride home in her purse, while later she states that she can't leave because she has no money.


  • Draculaura's problem keeping herself warm is due to the fact she has no blood circulation anymore. This Monster High vampiric trait is exclusive to the Monster High books.
  • In every continuity that features Jackson's and Holt/D.J.'s discovery of their other half, a degree of suspension of disbelief is required. But the Monster High book continuity really makes it hard to not disbelieve. The case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is well-known in the Monster High book continuity and while Jackson may only go by the last name "J", D.J. eagerly calls himself "Hyde". They also switch between each other openly at school, making it hard to believe no one else figures out the boys' deal earlier.
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