When the Ghoul Squad tracks down Catty Noir in an old abandoned theater, they discover she has lost her confidence to go back on stage. The ghouls make it their mission to help Catty get over her stage fright by performing in the upcoming Monster High talent show.


Monster High is holding a talent show, and the students are all rehearsing various stunts and talents for the event. Draculaura chats with Clawdeen and Cleo about how Operetta is planning to perform a Catty Noir song. This causes them to reminisce about Catty Noir, who hasn't performed in a long time. When Cleo asks why, they show her a video of Catty's last performance, where Catty was swatted off stage by a falling prop while singing. Draculaura suggests that they use the Monster Mapalogue to find Catty and convince her to perform again.

Meanwhile, Frankie and Lagoona are trying to come up with acts for the talent show, with no success. Lagoona suggest that if they combine their skills, they could come up with a spectacular act together.

Draculaura, Cleo and Clawdeen teleport into an abandoned theater, where they discover Catty singing to herself. After introducing themselves, they ask if Catty would be interested in performing again. Catty admits that ever since her accident, she's nervous about performing in front of a large crowd. Draculaura suggests that she could perform at Monster High's talent show, in order to get her confidence back. Catty agrees, and the group teleport back to Monster High.

Back at school, Frankie has built a large skateboard ramp, which Lagoona performs some stunts on. They feel confident about winning, but when they see Gob break some blocks with his stomach after swallowing them, they decide they need to improve their act.

The other ghouls try to give Catty more confidence about performing. First, they give her a makeover, going through several ridiculous outfits. They then bring in Operetta to teach Catty some new dance moves. Catty is unable to keep up though, and ends up tripping on her high heeled boots. They then decide Catty's act needs for spectacle, and call in a special effects team. Unfortunately, all they get are Deuce and Raythe, whose idea of special effects are just lots of fireworks, lasers and a fog machine.

Meanwhile, Frankie and Lagoona have built a gigantic stunt ramp. But they discover it's too big to push toward the stage, leaving them with no act to perform.

The talent show finally begins, and Dracula calls Catty to the stage. But she fails to show up. The ghouls teleport to Catty's location, and find her singing beautifully to herself. They record a video of her singing and show it to her, reminding her that she doesn't need a flashy makeover to impress her fans, her voice is all she needs to shine.

Frankie and Lagoona are desperate for something to perform. Frankie then spots some spare fireworks left by Deuce and Raythe and gets an idea. She ties some rockets to Lagoona's shoes, sending her flying into the air. Dracula is about to wrap the show up, but suddenly, Catty teleports onto the stage, and begins singing. The crowd goes wild, while Lagoona continues flying above them.


  1. Dracula
  2. Raythe
  3. Deuce Gorgon
  4. Draculaura
  5. Clawdeen Wolf
  6. Cleo de Nile
  7. Frankie Stein
  8. Lagoona Blue
  9. Catty Noir
  10. Gob
  11. Operetta
  12. Fangelica VanBat
  13. Gillington "Gil" Webber
  14. Skelly
  15. Bonesy
  16. Toralei Stripe
  17. Abbey Bominable


  • Catty Noir makes her first animated appearance in Generation 2
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